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Half a Man (by HazelMom)

Summary:  Hoss fights his family while they fight for his life.
Rating:  K+  (15,371 words)

Half Brothers (by No1ButJoe)

Summary:  Joe asks Adam the meaning of the words “half brother”. Can Adam explain it correctly so a ten-year old Joe can understand?
Rating:  G    Word count: 1250

Half of Nothing, All of Everything (by DebbieB)

Summary:  Dan, Bobby and Cody have decided that they don’t want Joe’s kind at school any more.  But just what is Joe’s kind?  And what did they mean when they told him that he was half of nothing?  Can he find the courage to prove to everyone, including himself, that he’s much more than that to those who love him most?
Rated:  PG13 for fight scenes. (8,700 words)

Half-Brothers, Half-Truths, and Whole Hearts (by Miss Judy)

Summary: Adam has been home from school for a short time when he witnesses 11 year-old Joe “stealing” from a store in town.  After finding out that his brother had been pressured into doing this by two brothers who are new to the area, he tries to help.  His assistance is met by Joe’s anger, resentment, and profession that Adam means nothing to him anymore.  Adam still promises that he will protect Joe from these boys…or die trying. His words prove prophetic.
Rated: K+   Word Count: 21,463

Hallow’s Eve (by DebbieB & JennieA)

Summary:  Just when you think it’s safe to go to a Harvest Barn Dance.
Rated:  PG  (10,080 words)

Hallow’s Eve (by JennieA & DebbieB)

Summary:  Just when you think it’s safe to go to a Harvest Barn Dance.
Rated:  PG  (10,080 words)

Halloween Campfire Stories (by BettyHT)

Summary:  What is there to do on a dark and rainy evening on a fall cattle drive than to tell spooky stories to entertain each other.  Some have humor, some have mystery, and some have a bit of a fright factor.
rating = T  WC = 11,760

Hanging Around (by the Giggly Sisters)

Summary: The weather is getting colder and the Cartwrights discuss their winter jackets, under the watchful gaze of the Giggly Sisters and Pa.
Rated: K+ WC 1900

Happy Birthday, Big Brother (by DebbieB)

Summary:  Joe is away on Adam’s special day, but still manages to send his respects.
Rated:  G  (1,200 words)

Happy Birthday, Hoss! (by DJK)

Summary: It’s Hoss’ first birthday, and Adam’s determined it will be special.
Rated: K+  Word count: 4765

Happy Birthday, Pa (by DebbieB)

Summary:   Joe’s down in Texas on Pa’s birthday…but he hasn’t forgotten his father’s special day.  He has written a letter home to wish Ben a Happy Birthday.
Rated:  G  (780 words)

Happy Father’s Day, Pa (by DebbieB)

Summay:  Away on business once again, Joe writes a letter home, accusing his father of purposely sending him away on every holiday.
Rating:  G  (1,900 words)

Happy Mother’s Day, Pa (by DebbieB)

Summary:  Little Joe pays homage to his father, on Mother’s Day
Rating:  G  (1,225 words)

Hard Headed Woman (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: Marie would do anything to protect her sons, anything…including this.
Rating: K+ Word Count: 737

Harvest Dance #1 (By Belle)

Summary: The annual Harvest Dance turns into a harrowing experience for Little Joe. (outlaws, kidnapping, SJS, JAM JPM)
Rating K+ (7,895 words)

Harvest Dance #2 – Repercussions (by Belle)

Summary: Returning the outlaws to Virginia City to face justice initiates a chain of violent events.
(8,634 words) Rating: K+

Harvest Festival (by ljlover2001)

Summary:  Joe soon begins to regret a hasty decision
Rated: K (1,835 words)

Hate and Fear (by Rona)

Summary:  A local man marries an Indian girl, and stirs up a racial backlash, which encompasses the Cartwrights, who offer friendship.
(10,500 words)  Rated:  T

Haunted (by freyakendra)

Summary:  After Little Joe’s testimony helps put a noose around the neck of a murderer, his nightmares are nothing compared to the reality that comes to haunt him.
Rated: T (word count: 25,450)

Hauntings and Nightmares (by BettyHT)

Summary:  This is a prequel in which Adam returns from college, and Little Joe has bad dreams and bad friends which turn out to be a terrible combination. Trouble on the Ponderosa combines with that to cause a combustible situation and Little Joe is the key to resolving the complex web as he learns some important lessons.  It is the key to resolving a problem years later as well.
Rating = T  (21,071)

Have a Civil New Year (by Michele)

Summary: Aaron and Rebekah Kaufmann have a New Year’s Day that starts out badly.
Rated:  K+ (605 words)

Have a Nice Day (by Milesky1)

Summary:  What’s wrong with being ‘a good friend’?  Nothing, unless…
Rating:  T  (1,650 words)

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother (by freyakendra)

Summary:  When Hoss’s life is hanging in the balance, Joe gives no thought to the limits of his own strength.
Rated: K+   WC 2800

He Had a Bad Day (by Ffeyakendra)

Summary:  No bad day could ever compare to Joe’s bad day. Next time you have a bad day, read this and suddenly it won’t seem so bad after all!
Rated: K+   WC  6400

He Just Wanted to Help (by Lima)

Summary:   Ben is away on business, leaving 22-year-old Adam in charge of the ranch and his brothers.  However, a bank robbery in Carson City and Little Joe’s stubborn insistence on helping is more than enough trouble for him. After Adam forbids Joe from helping, the 10-year-old decides to take matters into his own hands and ends up in the hands of the robbers.  Now the only chance Adam has of seeing his youngest brother again is to track down the robbers, and hope he finds them in time.
Rated: K+ (35,170 words)

He Said Not To Tell (by DebbieB)

The author requests those who wish to read this series contact her via eMail:

Summary:  Fifteen year old Little Joe tells his father that he wants to get married. Ben isn’t at a loss for words; he has plenty to say on the subject. When the truth is revealed, hearts are broken. Find out why.

Rated: R…deals with incest and rape, but no graphic details. (16,550 words)

He was Brave that Day (by Robin)

Summary:  It all started with Hoss saving the life of a neighbor.
Rating:  T  (6,800 words)

He Was Laughing (by Calim11)

Summary:  What Happened Next for the episode “Triangle”
Rating:  K+  (7,100 words)

He Would Have (by DJK)

Summary: A short WHN for Hoss’ loss of Margie.
Rating: K+ Word Count: 694

He’s My Father Too (by Miss Judy)

Summary:  Farmer Perkins and Sam Bryant are dead and Ben is safe, yet his sons are at odds. Little Joe and Adam’s argument tears them apart, and Hoss realizes that while his father survived, the bond between his other brothers died at dawn. Ben wants to solve things but must step back to let his sons find their way back to each other.
Rating  K  (20,920 words)

Head Examining on the High Sierra! – A REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary:  The aftermath of Tirza.
Rating:  T  (2,570 words)

Head, Heart, and Gut (by freyakendra)

Summary:  Joe postpones a tough decision—and learns about the power of “3.”
Rated: K+  WC  2000

Heart Afire #2 – Choices (by Christy)

Summary:  Just before Adam goes away to college, an unexpected near tragedy teaches him how choices in his life may or may not change how his family feels about him…no matter where he is. Rating:  G  (5,200 words)

Heart of Clay (by DebbieB)

Summary: While being held prisoner by a gang of bank robbers, Joe makes contact with a man from his past.  Confused by why this certain person is associated with the bandits, Joe struggles to put the pieces of the puzzle into one.  Not until much heartache later is the truth revealed to him, and then it is up to Joe to learn to forgive.
Rated: G  (13,425 words)

Heart of the Ponderosa (by J7339)

Summary:  A sad time for all at the Ponderosa
Rated: K+ (900 words)

Hearts Afire #1 (by Christy)

Summary:  As the first anniversary of Marie’s death approaches, Ben takes the boys to San Francisco in an attempt to divert them from sad memories. Instead the family is faced with their worst nightmares. Can the fire in their hearts keep them going long enough to survive one more tragic event? Rating:  PG  (14,680 words)

Hearts Afire #3 – Consequences (by Christy)

Summary:  Adam made choices when he left for college.  Now eight years later, there is an empty spot in the hearts of Ben, Hoss and most especially Little Joe.  What will the final consequences of Adam’s choices be and how will those consequences affect Little Joe and the Cartwright’s?
Rated: PG for some violence  (12,650 words)

Heat (by dbird)

Summary: Ben blames himself for the condition of his two desperately wounded sons.
Rated: K+ (6,590 words)

Heat Wave #1 (by BettyHT)

Summary:  Hot weather and no rain create serious problems for the Ponderosa, but a renegade band on the run brings the worst trouble of all for a member of the family.
rating = T  WC = 20,237

Heat Wave #2 – Second Chances (by BettyHT)

Summary:  The story follows the Heat Wave story and includes a flashback segment as well as taking the story forward as Adam deals with regrets he has in his life.  He goes to meet a woman he had known about ten years earlier, and their first meeting is the subject of that flashback.
Rating = T  WC = 21,833  (Nicknames BJ and Beej used with permission)

Heat Wave (by HelenA)

Summary: There’s more than one way to cool down during a heat wave, or did things just get steamier?
Rating:  T  (2,525 words)

Held (by gaerwn)

Summary:  Joe makes a promise. An October Chaps & Spurs challenge response.
Rated: K+ (2,375 words)

Hell or High Water… The Day Will Come (by DebbieB)

Summary:  Both Ben and Little Joe become the target for revenge when a neighbor’s son dies in an accident that might have been prevented if only….
Rated:  PG contains some violence (22, 050 words)

Hellbent (by Wrangler)

Summary: Ben and Joe have a layover in the town of Hellbent. That’s where the highly logical patriarch of the Ponderosa, and his highly illogical son, Joe, get a good dose of what a ghost town is all about. Some screams and laughs in this comedy/horror story.
Rated: K  WC 14,000

Hello Darkness — or, The Sound of Silence (by PSW)

Summary: Written for the Missing Man Challenge — Add Adam into any Season 7-14 episode as if he never left.  My story is a WHI for ‘To Die In Darkness’ — Season 9.
Rating: K+  Word Count: 14,737

Help Wanted (by the Giggly Sisters)

Summary:  Running the Ponderosa is a full-time job, as we all know. But who takes care of all the little tasks that make a house a home? Rated: K+ WC 2000

Helping Hands (by HelenA)

Summary: Joe is ambushed and left to die on a lonely road.
Rated: T (20,900 words)

Her First Born (by pjb)

Summary:  A WHI for “The First Born.” Ben recounts the arrival of Clay Stafford, Marie’s first-born son.
Rated: K+  WC  16,600

Heritage Companion – Centennial! A Journey of Discovery (by Puchi Ann)

Summary: When Adam receives his father’s permission to take one brother with him on an extended trip east to visit the Centennial Exposition, even he is surprised at which brother he chooses and at the critical turn the grand adventure takes.
Rating: K+   Word Count: 277, 566

Heritage Companion  – Never Alone (by Puchi Ann)

Summary: The first weeks after the death of Inger Cartwright, as seen through the eyes of young Adam. The time and location of her death correspond to the Heritage of  series, which differs to a minor degree from the series.
Word Count: 2680   Rating:  K+

Heritage of Honor, Book 1 – A Dream Deferred (by Puchi Ann)

Summary:  Ben Cartwright meets and marries Inger Borgstrom. With young Adam, they journey west, meeting new people along the way, developing friendships that will last a lifetime, and adding one more member to the family before Inger’s death and Ben’s settlement in what will become Nevada.
Word Count: 211, 512   Rating: K

Heritage of Honor, Book 2 – A Dream’s First Bud (by Puchi Ann)

Summary:    As he deals with problems in a sparsely settled land, Ben fights his own loneliness after Inger’s death.  Another death takes him to New Orleans, where he meets Marie, and they return to struggles at home and the birth of a third son.
Word Count: 200,442  Rating: T

Heritage of Honor, Book 3 – A Dream Imperiled (by Puchi Ann)

Summary:   The Cartwrights are caught up in ever-increasing conflict between Indians and white settlers, culminating in the greatest peril of all, the Pyramid Lake Indian War.
Rating: T   Word Count: 222,074

Heritage of Honor, Book 4 – A Dream’s Darkest Hour (by Puchi Ann)

Summary:  Ben Cartwright begins to see his boldest dreams take root and blossom, but dark clouds loom on the horizon.  The long-dreaded storm of the Civil War breaks, and the death of Marie plunges the Cartwrights into the darkest hour of their lives.
Rating: T  Word Count:  196,262

Heritage of Honor, Book 5–A Dream Divided (by Puchi Ann)

Summary:  Following the death of his wife Marie and his son Adam’s departure for college, Ben Cartwright and his two younger sons struggle to deal with both losses while meeting the challenges of a growing community and the crises in the lives of their friends.
Word Count:  161850  Rated: T

Hero (by faust)

Summary:  All Joe wanted was some blackberry pie; was that too much to ask for?
Rating: T (mild violence and a mention of blood)
Word Count:  2659

Hero (by SusanG)

Summary:  Living up to the responsibility of being a Cartwright, places Joe’s life in jeopardy, more than once.
Rating:  T   (22,430 words)

Heroes (by southplains)

Summary:  What makes a hero? Sometimes the answer isn’t what you’d expect. A bank robbery goes bad; in the midst of the chaos Joe and Adam are badly injured, and the Cartwrights struggle to find a way out.
Rated: T  WC 16,200

Hidden Wings (by DJK)

Summary: Hoss decides to sweeten one family’s day.
Rated: K+ Word count: 1256

Hide and Seek (by bahj)

Summary: Be careful what games you play!
Rated: Family Friendly / Word count: 1074

Hiding in Fear (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: An unenviable situation finds the brothers in hiding and praying they won’t be found.
(650 words) Rating: K

High Finance (or, How to Keep your Mutton-Headed Sons from Getting Robbed) (by PJB)

SUMMARY:  Oh, the lengths a father must go to in order to protect his sons. . . .
Rating:  K          Word count:  1,100

High Stakes (by Cheaux)

Summary:  A WHN for “The Gamble.” As events unfold subsequent to their being exonerated of robbery and murder charges, it becomes apparent that more was at stake in Alkalai than the Cartwrights knew.
(3,570 words)  Rated:

Hindsight (by Dodo)

Summary: Written for the November ‘missing scene’ challenge. Taken from The Legacy. What happens after Joe leaves Ben to chase after the poacher?
Rated: K+ Word Count: 4418

His Choice (by Tauna Petit-Strawn)

Summary:  Adam finds himself having to choose between his family and a woman he falls in love with. There’s only one problem…he’s in a coma, and she’s in the twentieth century. (Guess that makes this Sci-Fi).
Rated: T (18,088 words)

His Father (by faust)

Summary: He was special, even among the special men: his father. If only….
1,600 words, rated T

His Father’s Son (by Inca)

Summary:  A murder on a cattle drive; Joe vanishes and Ben is forced to face the ghosts of the past, bringing his family into terrible danger. Only Hoss’ stoic perseverance and Adam’s selfless heroism can save the life of the youngest Cartwright. My response to an SJS challenge.
WC 26,000  Rated: T

His First Time & Return to Boston (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: The first story is about Adam at the beginning of his third year at college and his introduction to an extra-curricular activity. The second story follows Adam back to Boston, six years after graduating.
Rating: Mature audience (16,950 words)

His Legacy (by Tauna Petit-Strawn)

Summary:  Hoss surprises the family by coming home with a wife. Only one problem…her brother wants her inheritance bad enough to kill.
Rating:  K+  (22,200 words)

His Place (by DJK)

Summary: A slice-of-life from Hop Sing’s point of view.
Rated: K Word count: 736

His Prey (by Rona)

Summary: A WHN for the episode The Hunter. What did happen to Joe after those closing credits rolled? (9,360 words)
Rated: T

His Wild Irish Rose (by Tauna Petit-Strawn)

Summary:  Adam is shot and left for dead.
Rated: K+ (16,625 words)

Hitting the Barn Door (by Krystyna)

Summary: A hot day and a lot of frayed tempers so Adam suggests going into town for a cool beer… only to be challenged to a duel.
Rated: K (3,040 words)

Ho… Ho… Ho… (by bahj)

Summary: When Little Joe comes up with another one of his infamous “bright ideas”; The Cartwright brothers find themselves in yet another “jam” in this fun-filled Christmas story.
Rated: K (4,410 words)

Hoedown Showdown (by patina)

Summary: The best laid plan often doesn’t play out as we’d imagined. WHN for Any Friend of Walter’s.
Rating: K Word Count=1893

Hold On (by freyakendra)

Summary: When Joe is trapped and facing what they believe will mean certain death, Adam’s heroic refusal to let go sets him on a heart-wrenching and soul-searching journey it takes Hoss to sort out. Excerpt: “And if the measure of a man’s worth in this life was in how much he refused to let go, then both Pa and Adam were worth more than Hoss could count”.
Rated: T WC 11,300

Holdin’ the Cut (by Harper)

Summary: Adam returns from college and struggles to renew his relationship with Joe.
Rated: K+ (16,545 words)

Hollow (by freyakendra)

Summary: Some people have devils on their heels, chasing them every step of the way. Others invite the devil to walk with them, right in their shoes. When Joe meets a man in chains for doing exactly that, he soon becomes devil’s bait in a deadly endgame for the man’s hollow soul. Can good overcome evil when the devil holds all the cards?
Rated: T Word Count: 19,600

Home (by MaryS)

Summary:  Adam returns home after a long absence and find things quite different than he left them.
Rated: G  (25, 300 words)

Home (by patina)

Summary:  Where we love is home. A short WHIB for Forever.
Rating: K  Word Count=1701

Home Alone (by Sibylle)

Summary:  Hoss and Joe alone at home. A prequel
Rated: K  WC 600

Home at Last (by Christy)

Summary: Ben has waited anxiously for Adam and Joe to return from the war. Adam comes home carrying a secret that has virtually destroyed him and Joe at the same time. How will the family go on?
Rated: PG (19,150 words)

Home at Last (by JennieA)

Summary: Wanting to go home after missing, a little boy suddenly has a change of heart.
Rated: PG  (5,475 words)

Home Invasion (by ChristyG)

Summary:  A broke-down stage plus a hotel filled to capacity equals visitors at the Ponderosa.  Just another day at the ranch.  Oh, was it mentioned that Ben was away and the visitors were of the female persuasion?
Rating:  K+ (3,087 words)

Home is Never Far Away (by Hart4Ben)

Summary:  Ben and Adam’s summertime musings following Kenny and Susan Clarke’s stay at the Ponderosa. WHN Blessed Are They.
Rating: K  Word Count: 654

Home is the Sailor #1 (by Krystyna)

Summary:  The Commodore’s letter of resignation has long been accepted.  Will the mundane life of a rancher be enough?  A story where old foes and new, as well as the past and the present entwine to continue the lives created in the World of Captain Cartwright.
Rating:  K+  (214,200)

Home is the Sailor #2 – The Iron Horsemen (by Krystyna)

Summary :  It is the winter of 1877 and two of Adam and Olivia’s children are lost during the blizzards. This story is about the iron like qualities the Cartwrights need in order to find a child.
Rating:  K+  (182,450)

Home is the Sailor #3 – There Will Always be Rainbows (by Krystyna)

Summary:  Events from the past come back to haunt Adam and his family.
Rating  T   WC 140,975

Home is the Sailor #4 – The Pledge (by Krystyna)

Summary:  Adam and Joe go on a cattle drive while Reuben joins a gang, as life continues on the Ponderosa.
Rating:  T  (240,110 words)

Home is the Sailor #5 – No Greater Love (by Krystyna)

Summary:  Murder and an accused, and trouble in town.  But is all as it appears.  Fifth in the Home is the Sailor Series. Rating:  T  (201,700 words)

Home is the Sailor #6 – Kismet (by Krystyna)

Summary:  Emancipation for Women and the Vote become a big issue when Peggy Dayton visits the Ponderosa. The result of her visit has long lasting repercussions in Virgiina City and the Cartwright families.
Rating:  T   WC:  219,977

Home is Where Love Dwells (by DebbieB)

Summary:  Joe’s private search to find himself, leads him to learn one very important lesson, home is where love dwells, be it back at the ranch or in a far distant cabin surrounded by those he loves.
Rated:  G  (9,200 Words)

Home is Where the Heart Is (by Terri)

Summary: Ben finally returns home after the death of Marie.
Rated: K+ WC 2900

Home Thoughts (by the Giggly Sisters)

Summary: The Giggly Sisters cast their inimitable eye over some morning thoughts.
Rated: K+ WC 1500

Home! (by No1ButJoe)

Summary:  A misunderstood tragedy brings a man home for the first time in years.
Rated: K  (1,750 words)

Homecoming (by Rona)

Summary: After many years, Adam returns home. How will his return affect him and his family? This is set roughly about season 12 of the show.
(9,380 words)  Rated: T

Homewards (by faust)

Summary:  After so many years, Adam is coming home.
540 words, rated T

Homing Pigeon — a REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary:  When it’s only men, they become slightly distracted on the risque’ side when discussing pigeons, or was it horses?
Rating:  T  (2,500 words)

Honor # 1 – Changes (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary:  Part 1 of the Season 15 Series as envisaged by Tahoe Ladies. (Better known as the Honor Series)
Rated T Word Count: 27727

Honor # 2 – Steps Forward and Back (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary:   Part of the Joe and Honor series. The 15th Season
Rated: T Word Count: 15354

Honor # 3 – The Most Important Job in the World (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary: Season 15 – Episode 4.  A continuation of The Honor Series
Rated: T Word Count: 1734

Honor # 4 – Broken Promise (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary: Following Changes and Steps Forward and Back we arrive at the third story from Season 15 as envisaged by Tahoe Ladies
Rated: T Word Count: 53000

Honor # 5 – Reclaimed Love (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary: Season 15 continues – episode 5.  A continuation of the Honor Series
Rated: T Word Count: 45300

Honor # 6 – Whisper My Name (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary:  Season 15 continues…episode number 6.  A continuation of the Honor Series
Rated: T Word Count: 10700

Honor # 7 – I do, I do (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary:  Season 15 – Episode 7.  A continuation of the Honor Series
Rated: T  Word Count: 6746

Honor # 8 – When Little Boys Grow Up (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary:  Season 15 – Episode 8.  A continuation of the Honor Series
Rated: K  Word Count: 8663

Honor # 9 – Romantic Interlude (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary: Season 15 – Episode 9.  A continuation of the Honor Series
Rated: T Word Count: 2797

Honor #10 – Twenty Years Means Nothing to the Pines (by theTahoe Ladies)

Summary: Season 15 – Episode 10 (A What Happened Later story) A continuation of the Honor Series
Rated: K  Word Count: 1994

Honor #11 – Old Shadows (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary: Season 15 – Episode 11 (Finale to the Honor Series)
Rated: K Word Count: 14200

Honor Among Thieves (by slaine89)

Summary:  A stranger finds Joe near death and decides to help him but things are complicated by Joe’s inability to remember who he is and by the man’s own dark past.
Rated: T (18,985 words)

Hope (by faust)

Summary: Hope is the thing with feathers…it falls into your lap, but is blown away so easily.
1,650 words, rated T

Hope Springs Eternal (by Doolittle)

Summary:  WHN/Missing Scene for The Hopefuls.  My first ever Bonanza Fanfiction story.

Rating:  G    (3,900 words)

Hopeful (by BettyHT)

Summary:  In The Hopefuls, Adam and Regina had been in love, but circumstances drove them apart. She kept a secret, and five years later, it will cause dramatic changes in Adam’s life. First part of the story is based in part on the episode The Hopefuls.
40,282 words.  Rating: Teen.

Horace Greely Comes to the Ponderosa (by Frasrgrl)

Summary: An old friend of Bens, from his younger, wilder days comes to visit.
Word Count: 1,037  Rated: K

Hoss and the Fairies (by Frasrgrl)

Summary:  I think the title says it all.
Word Count: 1,102 Rated: K

Hoss and the Saloon Girl (by ChristyG)

Summary:  He swears he hasn’t had a drink, but his vision has to been seen to be believed.  And you won’t believe it.
Rating:  K+ (2,100 words)

Hoss Defined (by bahj)

Summary: You’ll find it under “H” in the dictionary
Rated: Family Friendly / Word count: 1140

Hoss In Charge (by BettyHT)

Summary:  The story focuses on Hoss when one of his brothers is badly wounded. Hoss has to care for him to save his life and then sets out to apprehend those who did it. Which brother is it?  Not saying as the story is a Hoss centric.
WC = 6034 Rating = T mostly for violence and language.

Hoss, North and South (by Writing Woman)

Summary:  Written for the April Chaps and Spurs Challenge. While on a cattle drive headed east, Hoss becomes involved in the war between the North and South.
Rated: K  WC  625

Hoss’ Journal (by Sibylle)

Summary:  Hoss’s Journal (1849-1853) A “Camp in the Pines” story
During the four and a half years when Adam’s away at college, Hoss grows from a boy into a young man. In the process he learns a lot about big brothers, girls, love, and especially himself, but Joe and Adam are seldom far from his thoughts. A prequel.
Rated: K+   WC 25,500

Hostage (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary: a story of captivity, survival and compassion.
Rated: T – Word Count: 40500

Housekeeping (by dbird)

Summary: The aftermath of bloodshed from a different perspective…the one who has to clean it up.
Rated: K+ (3,540 words)

Houston, We have a Problem on the Ponderosa — a REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary:  There’s a problem, and only Houston can help the Cartwrights.
Rating:  T  (1,100 words)

How Do I Love Thee (by DebbieB)

Summary:  Little Joe, battling his conscience, refuses to tell his father why he was beaten up, until a neighbor’s barn is burnt and the Cartwright’s barn almost meets the same fate, with more than just their horses trapped inside.
Rated:  G (15,000 words)

How Do you Say Goodbye (by DebbieB)

Summary: For most of us, saying goodbye to someone you love is often difficult. Joe tells us in his own words how and why it was so hard for him.
Rated:  G  (15,750 words)

How Simple Can You Get? (by Laura Brodie)

Summary: comedy with Hoss and Joe showing just how risky it is to team up together to get a reward. Getting rich was never supposed to be simple!
Rated: K (9,780 words)

How to Say Goodbye (by JoeC)

Summary:  There comes a time when we need to say goodbye to a beloved person
WC 1300  Warnings: Character death

Howling at the Moon (by pbeaking)

Summary:  Joe becomes concerned that his brother may be something other than human after reading a book about the behaviorisms of non-human beings. When Adam gets wind of Joe’s beliefs, he decides to have a little fun with younger brother.
Rating: K+  WC  5300

Huckleberry Friends (by Sue)

Summary: This is my take on what might have happened if Mark Twain had revisited the Ponderosa seeking inspiration. It is meant as a purely affectionate look at my favourite tv family. It mainly features Hoss and Joe although the whole family appears.
Rated: K+  WC 670

Humble Pie (by Terri)

Summary: As Adam and Joe lock horns, Adam finds ‘humble pie’ is on the menu again and again.
Rated: K+ WC 19,000

Hunting for Hidden Gold (by Rona)

Summary: Joe falls foul of a group of young men who are hunting for something on the Ponderosa.
(8,555 words)  Rated: T

Hunting for Memories (by Miss Judy)

Summary: Ben is enjoying a hunting trip with Adam when it takes an unexpected turn and forces a detour to the cabin in the woods where the Cartwrights first lived and trapped on the Ponderosa. Adam has not been there since he was a child, and Ben is filled with trepidation over how his son might remember those days. All seems well, even though a few of Ben’s memories leave him wondering what his son is thinking. Then a vivid dream about a incident from Adam’s childhood leaves him thoroughly shaken, and he finally finds out just what Adam thought of his early years on the Ponderosa. This story occurs a year after Adam got back from school in Boston.
Rating: K  Word Count: 20,876

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