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Je T’aime, Ma
(by Pulitzer2016)
Summary:  Eleven-year-old Adam never wanted another step Mother, but now that Marie is on the Ponderosa – and six months’ pregnant – there’s little he can do but be polite and try not to think of the beloved step Mother he lost. But when Ben goes away on a business trip and Marie is injured, Adam must ride alone for help. Along the way, he realizes that things have a way of becoming precious, even when we don’t intend them to.
Rating: K  Word Count: 12,446
(by Rona)
Summary: A mysterious young woman rescues Joe from the Truckee River. But who is she really?
(9,015 words)  Rated: T
Jenny and David Series #1 – Love is Blind
(by Cinderella)
Summary:  Jennifer Cartwright, Ben’s adopted daughter, is a rough-ridin’ tomboyish kind of girl, that is, until Pa sends her to check up on David Williams, who had been blinded a few months earlier. Romance, Drama, and Goodbyes all rolled into one.
CAUTION: Introduces two non-canon characters!
Rated: K+ (5,600 words)
Jenny and David Series #2 – Love Me Tender
(by Cinderella)
Summary:  Jenny gets her first teaching job, and she and David build a house. Short but sweet–more of a happy story, doesn’t really have any action. All reviews are very appreciated!! Sequel to Love is Blind
Rated: K+ (6,050 words)
Jenny and David Series #3 – Bleeding Love
(by Cinderella)
Summary:  David has come home and everything seems to be going well…that is, until Jenny is kidnapped! Can the Cartwrights find her before something horrible happens? Part 3 in the ‘Jenny & David’.
Rated: K+ (8,320 words)
(by DJK)
Summary: Jewels can be found many places; one just has to learn to appreciate them.
Rated: K+ Word count: 535
Jingle Bells
(by DebbieB)
Summary: Hoss Cartwright has found an untraditional meaning to Jingle Bells. (Not a Christmas story, just a lesson in love.)
Rated:  G (2,260 words)
(by jfclover)
Summary. A story of love a loss. Anyone who dares read, bear with me.
Rated R WC 99,500
Joe Cartwright – Magician!
(by Questfan)
SUMMARY: My entry for the Michael Landon Birthday Challenge. Michael was well known as a practical joker and the challenge was to write a Bonanza story celebrating that fun side of Michael in his role as Joe Cartwright. Make it scary, funny, or dramatic . . . or all three!
Rating: K Word Count: 659
Joe Cartwright – Seven Up
(by JoanS)
Summary: A woman finds an old diary in an antique store.
Rated: K (15,220 words)
Joe Cartwright RIP
(by KateP)
Summary:  Ben gets word to say his youngest son is dead.
Rated: K+ (7,440 words)
Joe’s Dilemma
(by ChristyG)
Summary:  It’s love at first sight… again.
Rating:  K+ (4,060 words)
Joe’s Journal
(by Frasrgrl)
Summary:  Joe decides to take Adam’s advice and turns to a journal to work through something that is weighing on his soul.
Word Count: 14,277  Rated: K+
Joe’s Journal
(by No1ButJoe)
Summary:  Joe was tossed off of a horse and hurt badly. With Hoss and Ben away on business, Adam is left with the responsibility of taking care of Joe. What he doesn’t expect is the book he finds in Joe’s nightstand drawer.
Rating:  G   Word count: 2727
Joe’s Way
(by DonnaM)
Summary:  A What Happened Later for A Time to Step Down.
Rating:  K+  (2,350 words)
Journey Through the Valley of the Dead
(by ViveAdam)
Summary:  Cindy arrives in Virginia City, in search of a father left for three years, looking for a gold mine.
Rated:  K + WC 30,600
Journey Worth Remembering
(by JoanS)
Summary: A trip for Ben and ten year old Little Joe takes an unexpected turn.
Rated: K (21,260 words)
Joy Cometh in the Morning
(by DebbieB)
Summary:  After their father’s death, Adam and Hoss are forced to put aside their own grief in an effort to save the life of their grieving youngest brother. Ben’s death has devastated Joe, turning his world upside down. No longer able to face the future without the man he loved and respected and more often than not, needed, Joe gives in to his despair and takes to his bed waiting for death to claim him.  Adam and Hoss know that only a miracle can save their brother now, will it come in time and who is this man that claims to be the real Ben Cartwright?
Rating: G   (12, 575 words)
(by patina)
Summary:  Virginia City’s Annual Independence Day Festival, as reported by Sam Clemens. Written for Round 1 of the Ponderosa Paddlewheel Poker Tournament. My words were: Roy Coffee, Dr. Martin, politician, engagement, and ledger.
Rating: K  Word Count=2049
Judge Not
(by pjb)
Summary: A WHN for “The Hunter” and “The Crucible.” Twelve years ago, there was Kane; this time, it’s Tanner. Once more, the Cartwrights grapple with the repercussions when one of their own is tortured by a madman.
Rated PG13  WC 20,300
Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged
(by Rona)
Summary: Ever been accused of jumping to the wrong conclusion?
(4,205 words) Rated: T
(by the Tahoe Ladies)
Summary: A story of struggle, suffering, and triumph for the Cartwrights.
Rated: T – Word Count: 59500
(by Hart4Ben)
Summary:  A prequel to “The Julia Bulette Story”. It attempts to explain the apparent connection between Ben and Julia.
Rating: T  Word Count: 2480
(by Inca)
Summary:  A missing scene from The Julia Bulette Story.  My response to the September 2016 R-forum story challenge.
MA-rated for graphic sexual content.   Word count:3790
(by pjb
Summary:  A ‘What Happened Instead’ for the Julia Bulette Story, seen from Julia’s point of view.  Mild sexual content.
Rated:  MA  WC 26,000
July 1898
(by the Tahoe Ladies)
Summary: Ben writes down his thoughts… Warning character death.
Rated T Word Count: 1640
(by bahj)
Summary: Hoss exhibits, once again, his ability to find friends in the strangest places. A WHB for “The Tall Stranger”
Rated: Family Friendly / Word count: 1973
Just a Quick Trip
(by DJK)
Summary:  It really was a misunderstanding.  It could have happened to anyone, only it didn’t.
Rating:  G  (1,020 words)
Just a Taste of Vengeance
(by Little Jo Cartwright)
Summary:  After Adam Cartwright is shot down by an old enemy of Ben Cartwright’s, Joe swears to get even with the man who seriously injured his brother. Joe travels to Carson City in pursuit of Jed Clemens, his brother’s would-be murderer. But after Joe manages to locate Clemens, things start to go wrong…
Rating  T  (7,050 words)
Just a…
(by freyakendra)
SummaryJust a Little Disagreement: Adam comes home with a black eye and a poor excuse for how he got it, so his family helps him produce a better plot.***For the results of their efforts, see the dramatic story, “The Dawson Gang.
Just a Poker Game: Joe comes home late from a poker game without a story worth telling, so Adam helps him concoct a plot intense enough to satisfy SJS fans everywhere.***For the results, see the dramatic story, “Loser Take All.
Just Another Friday
(by Lily of the West)
Summary: Everybody needs a bucket. When a new hardware shipment containing identical-looking buckets arrives in Virginia City, a day full of fun and adventure ensues..
Rated: T (35,750 words)
Just Another Unfortunate Accident
(by the Giggly Sisters)
Summary:  The Giggly Sisters turn their discerning eye on the accidents that befall a certain member of the Cartwright family.
Rated: T WC 1900
Just at Checkers
(by DJK)
Summary: Little Joe Cartwright would never cheat, well, not at anything but checkers.
Rated: K   Word count: 2918
Just One More Cookie
(by Alley May)
Summary: “Little Joe loves to eat cookies, but how far will he go to get them?”
Rated: K (1,480 words)
Just the Thing
(by PSW)
Summary: Hoss finds an old abandoned well on the Ponderosa … the hard way.
Rating: K     Word count: 8,648
Just the Two of Them
(by Alley May)
Summary:  When little Joe and Marie are home alone for the day, little Joe helps her realize one very important fact.
Rated: K (1,930 words)
Just the Way They Are
(by BettyHT)
Summary:  Prequel. After Adam returns to the Ponderosa from college, Joe harbors a lot of jealousy of Adam and it colors all of his interactions with his oldest brother.  The trip home from a cattle drive and a series of unfortunate events will begin healing the rift between the brothers.
WC = 8613  Rating: T
Just What You Always Wanted
(by the Giggly Sisters)
Summary: Ever wondered why you never see more than one bare-chested Cartwright at a time? Or why the boys bare feet are taboo? The Giggly Sisters investigate.
Rated: K+ WC 2300
Justice for Abigail
(by Tauna Petit-Strawn)
Summary:  A companion story to You Can Always Check In by BettyHT.
Rating:  T  (17,700 words)

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