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Kama… WHAT? (by Heike)

Summary:  Little Joe has a question and there is only one person to ask. For sure Hoss doesn’t know the answer and to ask Pa is completely impossible.
WC 2200   Rated: T

Kane’s Bidet – A REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary:  An investigational report of epic (too much information) proportions.
Rating:  T  (1,150 words)

Kane’s Legacy (by Krystyna)

Summary: It’s been two years since Eastgate, Salt Flats, and Kane. Business for the Ponderosa continues and life goes on.  What happens when life takes Adam back to Eastgate and his memories? Could the truth have prevented his ordeal?
Rating:  K+ (28,925 words)

Kate (by BettyHT)

Summary:  Story by story, Kate becomes more and more involved in Adam’s life first acting as his nurse several times when he is injured as he faces troubles, and then as his love interest.  She has an unhappy past though which Adam has to unravel to win her heart, and then they face heartache as well as joy together.  Each chapter is a story that can stand by itself.
WC = 98,813  Rating — T

Keeper of My Heart (by Tauna Petit-Strawn)

Summary:  Thrown from his horse, Adam is injured in more ways than one. Question is… will he ever return home?
Rating T (23,120 word)

Keeping Things Going (by JoanS)

Summary: The Cartwrights try to keep things going around the house when Hop Sing leaves for a while.
Rated: K (10,000 words)

Kicks Like a Mule (by Gwynne)

Summary:  A seriously injured Adam must deal with the urgent need to get the ranch ready for winter, and try to solve a domestic mystery while coping with insistent pain that immobilizes and distracts him.
Rating:  T  (21,700 words)

Kidnapping the Brothers (by the Giggly Sisters)

Summary: In their 50th outing, the Giggly Sisters join forces with their friends from the BonanzainAussie board.
Rated: K+ WC 2400

Killing Cartwrights (by freyakendra)

Summary:  Total, inane, silliness, prompted by Inca challenging writers to do what no one–or mostly no one, anyway–wants to do: actually kill a Cartwright! Subsequent discussion bordered on the macabre, with congratulations bestowed upon writers meeting the challenge. These 2 parodies resulted….
Rated: K+  WC 550

Kilt While Traveling – A REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary:  What happens when a Scotsman arrives in Virginia City after months of traveling.
Rating:  T  (2,460 words)

Kin (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary: The return of an old face on the Ponderosa.
Rated: T   Word Count: 10436

Kings Over Aces (by freyakendra)

Summary:  A businessman is tired of playing by the rules and uses Ben’s sons to manipulate Ben, himself. It falls to Sheriff Roy Coffee, Deputy Clem Foster and a very determined Hop Sing to prevent the Cartwright family from falling like a house of cards. What results is a high stakes game in which Ben must gamble his full house against his rival’s hidden aces.

Kiss and Tell (by DJK)

Summary: A dance, a kiss in the moonlight, and once more his brothers are tasked with saving Little Joe.
Rating: mature for references to adult themes and corporal punishment.  word count: 4,454

Kittens in the Hayloft (by Cinderella)

Summary: Joe finds a litter of kittens who, unbeknownst to them, help him understand Marie’s death.
Rated: K+ (1,120 words)

Know Your Target (by DestinyAdams)

Summary:  WHN for My Brother’s Keeper.  Two brothers’ guilt. Two brothers’ love.  Formerly titled “A Brother’s Guilt.”
Rated: K+ (4,595 words)

Knowing (by pjb)

Summary:  A WHN for “Bullet for a Bride.”  The Cartwrights struggle with the consequences of Ben’s decision not to tell Joe before the wedding that Tessa had regained her sight.
Rated: K. WC 15,000

Knowing isn’t Everything –a REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary:  The ‘Brain Game’ Bonanza style.
Rating:  T  (1,480 words)

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