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Maims and Mayhem
(by the Giggly Sisters)
Summary: Yet again, Joe has suffered a potentially life-threatening maim. Can the Giggly Sisters pull him through?
Rated: K+ WC 2600
Mais où est mon cheval
(by ViveAdam)
Summary: Daisy Lovecraft, une adolescente mal élevée, en fait voir de toutes les couleurs aux Cartwrights
Rated: K WC 2100
Making an Effort
(by Dodo)
Summary: A Joe story for Valentine’s Day
Rated: K+  Word Count: 1797
(by Rona)
Summary:  Two characters from Adam’s past return to the city and they have only one thing on their mind. Paying the Cartwright’s back for what happened years ago.
(8,890 words)  Rated: T
Mama Died Today
(by southplains)
Summary:  A Cartwright son’s short life story.
Rated: K  WC 774
Mama Inger
(by Sibylle)
Summary:  Five-year-old Hoss makes a dangerous decision that affects his parents, and especially his older brother.
Adam isn’t adjusted to Marie yet, and the danger Hoss is in makes his problems worse.
A prequel set around 1842 (shortly before Joe’s birth)
Rated: K+  WC 10,000
Mama Inger (Deutsche Fassung)
(by Sibylle)
Summary:  Was kann den fünfjährigen Hoss dazu getrieben haben, von zu Hause wegzulaufen? Seine Familie macht sich große Sorgen und sucht ihn verzweifelt, doch er bleibt spurlos verschwunden ….
Rückmeldungen würden mich sehr, sehr  freuen!
Rated: K+   WC 10,000
Mama’s Angel
(by Ellie248)
Summary: A Cartwright Christmas Past. A tradition begun.
Rating K  (1,407 words)
Man in Black
(by BnzaGal)
Summary: Pernell Robert’s 2013 birthday writing challenge: Explaining why Adam became the Man in Black.
Rated: K (715 words)
Man with My Face
(by JennyG)
Summary:  Adam picks another dubious friend, and the Cartwrights find themselves held in thrall by a being that brings out the dark sides of their natures. A Halloween story.
Rating:  T (18,650 words)
Many Heads Make Light Work
(by the Giggly Sisters)
Summary: Spotting regular guest stars can tax even the most ardent Bonanza fan. The Giggly Sisters set things straight.
Rated: T WC 1600
Many Shades of Guilt
(by Sibylle)
Summary:  Guilt and mistakes – nobody is free of them. It’s not only the big guilt following bad deeds that can affect your life, but also mistakes and misinterpretations. There are many shades of guilt, as even the Cartwrights had to learn.
Rated: K+  Word count: 10354
March 21st
(by JoanS)
Summary: Excerpts from Adam’s diary on the same day for fifteen years.
Rated: K (17,825 words)
(by Tauna Petit-Strawn)
Summary:  A ‘what if’ I got off the episode “Three Brides for Hoss”.
Rated: T (8,950 words)
(by Tauna Petit-Strawn)
Summary: Adam has been in a wheelchair for two years when a woman dressed in ‘men’s clothing’ approaches Ben for a job. Upon Adam’s recommendation, he agrees. Now’s ranchers are having a problem with rustlers; is their new hand a friend or foe?
Rating:  T (7,375 words)
Marie’s Boys
(by Dodo)
Summary: (A WHN for The Storm) Joe finds that to heal a broken heart he needs help from his family.
Rated: K+ Word Count: 9460
Mark of the Beast
(by Inca)
Summary:  A lonely young woman in need of a husband; two brothers caught in a trap.  One finds love, and the other that the tree of self knowledge bears costly fruit.
NB: Contains scenes of a sexually explicit nature.
Rated:  MA
Mark of the Devil
(by A_Starry_Night)
Summary:  The struggle to be left-handed is a very real one, but Little Joe Cartwright is going to meet his greatest adversity against it when an old mountain man crosses his path.
Rating: T Word Count: 18,617
Marriage Customs
(by Terri)
Summary: Joe has to get married…….or does he??
Rated: K+ WC 1300
Marrying Off Laura
(by JennyG)
Summary:  It’s just like the title says.
Rating:  T  (3,515 words)
(by pkmoonshine)
Summary:  Joe’s never met a gal quite like Martha. Question is, will he survive the experience.
Rating K+  WC 2800
Martha Stewart on Bonanza – A REALLY Lost Episode
(by Robin)
Summary:  A look at a visit by Martha Stewart.
Rating:  T   (1,185 words)
Mary Knox’s Christmas
(by JennyG)
Summary:  Christmas finds Adam far from home. He takes shelter with a family who needs his help, and learns that the spirit of Christmas can manifest in different and sometimes mysterious ways.
Rating:  T  (10,000 words)
Matter of the Heart
(by MonicaSJ)
Summary:  A Trapper John MD story – Modernizing the way Trapper does things turns out to be a real chore for the woman who’s installing the new computer system at the hospital. Trapper finds she has a turbulent past, emotionally and physically, and digs in to find what makes her tick.
Rated: T (161,6570 words)
May the Thunder Roll…
(by BluewindFarm)
Summary: A story in three parts.
Part One – A Brother: One pleads for rescue.
Part Two – The Other Brother: Is in the same predicatment.
Part Three – The Final Brother:  It all began.
Rating: K+ (4,840 words)
(by Nanuk)
Summary: A character takes a look within one’s own self and why he behaves as he does.  Will he find forgiveness?
Rating:  K  (1,860 words)
Mea Culpa
(by Krystyna)
Summary: Evil comes in many different guises, and Adam discovers that some things are not quite as they seem. When the evil stretches out and harms Joe, Adam realises he has a lot to do to protect himself and his family from even greater harm.
Rating ‘G’ (26,485 words)
Measure of a Man
(by Inca)
Summary:  When fifteen-year-old Joe tries to impress a new friend on the Ponderosa, it leads to dangerous repercussions for both Joe and Adam.
Rating T  (22,275)
Measure of a Man
(by Rona)
Summary: How do you measure a man?
(8,870 words)  Rated: T
Measuring Up
(by JoanS)
Summary: Joe is tired of being ‘Little Joe’.
Rated: K (11,365 words)
Measuring Up!
(by DebbieB)
Summary:  With Little Joe feeling as if he doesn’t measure up to his two older brothers or his father’s expectations, Joe’s attitude turns nasty, until he hears what Pa has to say on the matter.
Rated:  PG (6,960 words)
Meat in the Middle
(by HelenA)
Summary: To the victor go the spoils.
Rating:  K  (500 word)
(by Sibylle)
Summary:  A teen-aged Adam’s prank causes not only him alone to think things over.
Rated: K+   WC 3800
(by storm)
Summary:  Here is the second story I mentioned for the October Chaps and Spurs challenge. Again I hope you like it.
Rated: K+  1700
Memories for Christmas
(by Juanita)
Summary:  Written for the 2016 Bonanza Brand Advent Calendar
Rating:  K  (1,850 w0rds)
Memories of Love #1
(by DianaG)
Summary: Adam meets the love of his life.
Rating:  T  (14, 095 words)
Memories of Love #2 – The Future of Love
(by DianaG)
SummaryA continuation of Adam and Becky.
Rating  T   (9,150 words)
Memories of Love #3 – Love’s Reward
(by DianaG)
Summary:  A continuation of Adam and Becky.
Rating:  T   (14,400 words)
Memories of Love #4 – A Time to Heal
(by DianaG)
SummaryAdam takes Becky away to help her recover from her illness. As Becky regains her health, they both find renewal. But then Adam is forced to accept that some wounds are so deep that they can never be truly healed.
Rating:  T  (21,265 word)
Memories of Love #5 – The Unlooked for Saviour
(by DianaG)
SummaryHoss and Joe are full of good intentions when they try to help Adam out of his desolate mood, but it is wisely said that ‘the road to Hell is paved with good intentions’.
Rating:  T  (1;9,870 words)
Memories of Love #6- To Rage in Heaven
(by DianaG)
SummaryAdam has to return to his wife with a secret that may destroy their marriage. How will Becky react when he tells her?
Rating  T  (36,900 words)
Memories Within
(by pbeaking)
Summary: Joe decides to play a trick on Adam out on a cattle drive; Little does he realize his actions will trigger a horrendous memory for Adam from his youth.
Rating: K+  WC 4200
Memory Lane
(by Rona)
Summary:  Injured in a fall, Joe finds himself in a most unexpected place.
(1,725 words)  Rated:  T
Men of Steel
(by Inca)
Summary: Joe and Hoss answer an advertisement in the Territorial Enterprise that leads to the job of their dreams – or so they hope!MA rated for sexual content     2780 words
My response to the 2017 Bonanza Brand Anniversary  “R” rated challenge
(by the Tahoe Ladies)
Summary: There’s a shooting, someone loses their temper, and the judge’s ruling all seem right. But are they?
Rated: T Word Count: 38300
Mercy or Murder
(by HelenB & JennyD)
Summary:  WHN for the episode The Quality of Mercy
Rating:  T  (21, 110 words)
Mercy or Murder
(by JennyD & HelenB)
Summary:  WHN for the episode The Quality of Mercy
Rating:  T  (21, 110 words)
(by BettyHT)
Summary:  Prequel stories set in the time shortly after the family has lost Marie and in the pre-Christmas season.  Little Joe is sad and there are a couple of ways that Adam finds to bring him out of that sorrow.  One his father isn’t entirely pleased to see but the other is amazing.
Rating:  K+  (1,620 words)
Michael Landon AKA Joe Cartwright
(by DebbieB)
Summary:   Caught between two worlds, Michael Landon AKA Joe Cartwright must choose.  Which will it be…a life of extreme wealth, glamor and notoriety, or a life of  warm understanding, peaceful living and contentment within himself?
Rated: PG 13 Contains several cuss words. This story is meant only in fun, not to offend! (12, 360 words)
Middle Child Syndrome
(by patina)
Summary:  At six years old, Hoss finds himself to be the middle child instead of the baby. Not quite old enough to be responsible but not quite young enough to be thought of as a baby anymore.
Rating: K  Word Count=2666
(by Rona)
Summary:  Life never quite takes us where we think.
(4,455 words)  Rated: T
Mind Games
(by Rona)
Summary:  On the way home from Placerville, Joe and Ben are held up. Ben is kidnapped. When Adam and Hoss get the ransom demand, they assume Joe is with their father. But is he?
(10,770 words)  Rated: T
Mirror Image
(by J7339)
Summary:  Joe’s cousin Philippe, from Louisana, turns up unexpectedly and together they cause some mischief.  But someone from the past soon turns up to take out some revenge on Philippe.  Can he be sure that he has the right cousin?
Rated: K+ (43,895 words)
Mirror Mirror
(by the Giggly Sisters)
Summary: Miscellaneous musings as the Cartwrights prepare for an evening out, keenly observed by the Giggly Sisters.
Rated: T WC 2000
Miss Millie
(by Krystyna)
Summary: Millicent Browne leaves her family in order to travel and discover more about herself and the world, but then she meets Hoss Cartwright and realises HE is her world.
Rated: K (30,585 words)
Missed Chance
(by pjb)
Summary:  A quiet night on the trail and a flask of whiskey lead to contemplation of chances and choices.  A WHN for “False Witness.”
Rated: K+   WC 1800
Missing #1
(by Annie K Cowgirl)
Summary:  Ben receives a telegram about his eldest son that brings despair to the whole Cartwright family. Written for November’s C & S Challenge.
Rated: K+ (1,600 words)
Missing #2 – Father’s Gift
(by Annie K Cowgirl)
Summary: Ben’s thoughts as one of his sons lies in an Army hospital.
For June Chaps and Spurs. An SAS (Suffering Adam Syndrome) Posse story.
Rated: K+ (1,515 words)
Missing #3 – A Well Deserved Comeuppance
(by Annie K Cowgirl)
Summary: The Jessup Gang get a little more than they bargained for when they pick a fight with a certain stranger. A slight AU story that could tie in with “Missing” and “A Father’s Gift”, but you don’t have to read them first to understand what’s going on.  A Chaps and Spurs tale.
(1,890 words)  Rating:  K+ for a bit of violence.
Missing Adam — a REALLY Lost Episode
(by Robin)
Summary:  Ponderosa is the place to be.  Ranch living is the life for me. Land spreadin’ out so far and wide. Keep Ole Boston, just give me that countryside.
Rating:  T  (3,070 words)
Mistaken Identity
(by ljlover2001)
Summary:  A Valentine’s Day Story.
Rated: K+ (5,115 words)
Mistaken Identity
(by Rona)
Summary: Helping a friend of Joe’s almost costs the Cartwrights more than they are willing to pay.
(11,400 words)  Rated: T
Moby Duck
(by bahj)
Summary: Hoss’s plans end up backfiring when he plots revenge against a “fowl” adversary.
Rated: Family Friendly / Word count: 4900
Molly – Books 1 & 2
(by jfclover)
Summary: This is a story of a young girl who lives with her grandfather on the southernmost border of the Ponderosa in an old line shack the Cartwrights abandoned years ago. After Joe has an unfortunate accident, he meets the girl and her grandfather and the story takes off from there.
Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people, and this story was definitely written for a mature audience only.
Rated M Sexual content. WC 61,000
Available via e:mail only
(by dbird)
Summary: Between brothers, one moment can change everything.
Rated: K+ (1,320 words)
Momma Liked The Roses
(by BluewindFarm)
Summary: When the pain and the hurt are still fresh, can a memory shine bright?
Rating:  K  (1,125 words)
Mona Lisa
(by deansgirl)
Summary:  A famous painting, a beautiful girl, and a lost memory reunite a man with his family.
Rated: K+ (5,810 words)
Monday Morning
(by Sibylle)
Summary:  A short vignette about a morning on the ranch
Rated:  K+    WC: 570
Monsters and Maps
(by Alley May)
Summary:  A young little Joe struggles to sleep as he fears there may be monsters around. Will Ben and the family be able to help him get past his fears?
Rated: K (1,930 words)
Moon Blind
(by patina)
Summary:  A short What Happened in Between for The Dowry. Joe, a beautiful woman, and moonlight should have been the perfect recipe for romance.
Rating: K  Word Count=1696
More than a Friend
(by Dodo)
Summary: A Tale for Halloween. Joe has an eerie experience while alone on the mountain that has far reaching implications for Ben.
Rated: T Word Count: 9153
More Than
a Memory
(by JC)
Summary:   Adam re-assesses his life in the aftermath of his broken engagement to Laura Dayton. (WHN for “Triangle”)
Rating:  T    Word Count:  4,184
More Than Money
(by Diana G)
Summary  Adam is determined to protect the payroll, but loses something more precious.
Rating:  T  (33,500 words)
(by Frasrgrl)
Summary: Hmm… What’s it about? I have no idea to put here. Like the title I’m just loss. You’ll have to read it to find out.
Word Count: 3,634 Rated: K+
Mountain Eagle
(by Becky S)
Summary:  Hoss and Joe work to figure out what’s troubling Adam.
Rating:  G  (2,000 words)
Moving On
(by Rona)
Summary: A What Happened In Between for the episode A Time To Step Down. This is what I think happened between Joe and Dan leaving the cave and the final scene.
(8,055 words)  Rated: T
Much Too Soon…
(by BluewindFarm)
Summary: News of his father’s death brings a son home.
Rating: K (6,710 words)
Muffins and Mustaches in the Morning
(by the Giggly Sisters)
Summary: Over breakfast, Joe rues his inability to cultivate convincing facial hair.
Rated: T WC 1800
Mule’s Crossing – Book 1
(by jfclover)
Summary: A story in two voices: Joe and Adam Cartwright. A simple horse buying trip leads to unexpected events. Can two brothers find the strength to survive an unbalanced man in a desolate land when hope for a future is lost?
Rated T – Word Count 20,000.
Mule’s Crossing – Book 2
(by jfclover)
Summary: The conclusion to Mule’s Crossing – Book 1 –
Word Count 12,500. Rated T
Murder in Brosnan Flats
(by debpet)
Summary:  When Adam is falsely accused of murder, a formidable team unites to discover the truth.
Rated: K+  WC 20,700
Murder, He Wrote
(by Heike)
Summary:   Deputy Clem Foster is trying to solve a crime. Little Joe is eager to help until his father becomes the main suspect.
WC 3100
Musical Chairs
(by the Giggly Sisters)
Summary: A visit from Doc Martin causes Joe to question life on the Ponderosa.
Rated: K+ WC 2000
Mutual Trust
(by Devonshire)
Summary: An afternoon swim takes an unexpected turn, and Joe is forced to test his survival instincts.
Rated K+ (9,995 words)
My Bonanza Poems
(by ViveAdam)
Summary: I gathered here a few poems that Bonanza inspired to me
Rated: K  WC 1300
My Brother, My Enemy
(by JoanS)
Summary: The Civil War causes a rift in the Cartwright family.
Rated: T (29,535 words)
My Brother’s Keeper – WHI
(by Puchi Ann)
Summary:  Ever wished that the Reardons had not been part of “My Brother’s Keeper”?  This story is a rewrite of the episode, with some added scenes, that provides an alternative to them with greater focus on the Cartwrights and the addition of one, hopefully more likeable, character, a young ranch hand.
Rated: K+ WC 31,500
My Brother’s Keeper
(by the Tahoe Ladies)
Summary: The brothers’ perspective of the Season 4 episode.
Rated: K – Word Count: 7340
My Brother’s Shadow
(by pbeaking)
Summary: Adam is leaving and Hoss finds an interesting way to express his feelings and fears about his departure
Rating: K+  WC 1150
My Dearest Husband
(by Annie K Cowgirl)
Summary: The year is 1848, and Marie Cartwright writes a letter to her husband for Valentine’s Day. (Written for the Valentine’s Day challenge 2017 on Bonanza Boomers.)
Rating: K     Word Count: 649
My Dearest Mother
(by Annie K Cowgirl)
Summary:  Adam writes a letter to his mother during his last year of college.
Rated: K (585 words)
My Father’s Heartbeat
(by Cheaux)
Summary:  After a cattle drive Joe receives a heartbreaking telegram from the Ponderosa…
WC  6800  Rated: T
My Favorite Son
(by karilyn)
Summary:   In a rare moment of solitude, Ben reflects on the characters of his sons.
Rated K+ (1,180 words)
My Journal by Mary Coffee, Seventh Book
(by JoeC)
Summary:  A look in Mary Coffee’s Journal.  A brief look at why the Cartwrights are such staunch allies for Sheriff Roy Coffee, especially when it came to the episode, No Less a Man.
My Life to Live
(by JoanS)
Summary: A woman in Ben’s life comes between Joe and his father.
Rated: K (13,015 words)
My Little Boy Who Never Was
(by Puchi Ann)
Summary:  Ben reflects on the son he should have had.
WC 768  Rating: K
My Lucky Day
(by Cheaux)
Summary: Joe has some explaining to do . . .
WC 600 Rated: K
My Name is Dorcas
(by Krystyna)
Summary: Young love can be so real that it hurts, and it can grow stronger as years go by. When Dorcas returned to Virginia City her love for Joe Cartwright was as strong as the day she rode away from him at aged 6. But can he love her in return?
Rated: K+ (29,890 words)
My Place
(by JennyG)
Summary:  A submission of poetry.
Rating:  K  (285 words)
My Son, My Son
(by Claire)
Summary: Late at night, Ben reflects on what is really important in life.
Rated: K (3,345 words)
My Son, My Son, My Canceled Wedding — a REALLY Lost Episode
(by Robin)
Summary:  Even my own stories aren’t safe from a REALLY Lost Episode story.  Inspired by A Modern Cartwrights Story 4 – Remnants of the Past.
Rating:  T  (2,625 words)
My Sons, My Sons, My Sons — a REALLY Lost Episode
(by Robin)
Summary:  And a Partridge on the Ponderosa.
Rating:  T  (2,900 words)
My Sweet Stranger
(by iceangelmkx)
Summary:  While visiting a saloon in Arizona, Joe meets a saloon girl.  *Warning!: Contains explicit scenes of a sexual nature.  Please be advised before reading!
Rated: MA  WC  1800
(by McFair)
Summary: 12 year old Little Joe Cartwright loves black horses, especially the new black mare his brothers found and brought home. Though their father disapproves, Little Joe knows she’s the one for him and sets out to prove it. What do an apparition, a burned out ranch, a stolen fortune, a group of desperate outlaws, and Little Joe Cartwright have in common besides trouble? Mystery.
Rated PG for frightening images and western violence  (25,100 words)

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