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QiXi:  Seventh Night of the Seventh Moon (by freyakendra)

Summary:  A Chinese fairy-tale, an all-too-human Hop Sing and a carefree moment of make-believe usher the Cartwrights into a nightmare involving Chinese assassins and a beautiful, young woman two men will do anything to possess.
Rated: T

Quarantine (by JoanS)

Summary: Little Joe is quarantined with some of the townsfolk when travelers bring a mysterious disease to town.
Rated: K (11,420 words)

Quarantine (by Miss Judy)

Summary: Adam is running the ranch alone while his family takes a spring trip to San Francisco. All has gone well, but a change in the weather heralds an unexpected chain of events that Adam must deal with. When Ben, Hoss, and Joe return, they find an empty ranch…and a mystery.
Rating: K  WC:  30,700

Quelques temps apres (by ViveAdam)

Summary:  What has happened a few minutes, hours, days, months or years after episodes
Rated: K + WC 3600

Quest for the Mine of Lost Souls; or, The Treasure of the Unitas Mountains (by patina)

Summary:  Gold, a curse, and the legend of a lost mine spark a quest for riches. Camp in the Pines Dime Novel challenge.
Rating: T  Word Count=9731

Questioning Mercy (by pjb)

Summary:  A missing scene for “The Quality of Mercy.”  A father’s beliefs collide with a son’s questions.
Rated: K+   4250

Questions and Answers (by DebbieB)

Summary:  Through the eyes of a six-year old this story is dedicated to those of us who have raised little boys and who know the questions they can come up with in regard to their growing bodies. Thank you Ben Cartwright for giving us your sons to use as examples. No harsh language, no correct terms, just funny stuff.
Rated:  PG (9,125 words)

Questions and Answers (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary:  A simple little mystery.
Rating:  K  (17,450)

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