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S*x Scenes – a REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary:  It all started over an argument about socks.
Rating:  T (3, 125 words)

Sacred Ground (by DebbieB)

Summary:  Warned on numerous occasions to stay off the Indian’s sacred ground, Little Joe makes a daring attempt to keep a group of young curiosity seekers from making a fatal mistake…will his attempt came too late to prevent a tragedy?
Rated PG  WC 16,000

Sacred Promises / Malicious Games (by Miss Judy)

Summary: A “What might have happened” story for the Crucible, this story tells of Adam’s experience as a 12-year-old with a madman who played games with his mind.
WC 30,000.  Rating: T  Word Count: 30,186
Warning: This story tackles some serious topics, and Adam goes through a lot. However, he is left better for the experience, and as a result of what he endures, he and his father reconnect in a loving way after their year apart..

Sacrificial Lamb – Book 1 (by Kenda)

Summary: Although Ben Cartwright knew his brother Daniel was not easy to get along with, the passing years had brought with them a nostalgic longing to reconnect with the family he’d left behind in Ohio. When word reaches Ben that Daniel has recently suffered difficult heartaches, he invites the man to spend the summer on the Ponderosa, never imagining the trouble Daniel’s presence would bring. In addition to Daniel’s visit that soon has Ben recalling why he’d never been close to his eldest sibling, is trouble from a neighbor bent on revenge. A summer Ben had been looking forward to, quickly changes to one that contains nothing but challenges, disagreements, and worries for his youngest son’s safety.
Rated: T (57,115 words)

Sacrificial Lamb – Book 2 (by Kenda)

Summary: Although Ben Cartwright knew his brother Daniel was not easy to get along with, the passing years had brought with them a nostalgic longing to reconnect with the family he’d left behind in Ohio. When word reaches Ben that Daniel has recently suffered difficult heartaches, he invites the man to spend the summer on the Ponderosa, never imagining the trouble Daniel’s presence would bring. In addition to Daniel’s visit that soon has Ben recalling why he’d never been close to his eldest sibling, is trouble from a neighbor bent on revenge. A summer Ben had been looking forward to, quickly changes to one that contains nothing but challenges, disagreements, and worries for his youngest son’s safety.
Rated: T (53,675 words)

Safe Harbor (by karilyn)

Summary:  Adam joins the Nevada Rangers to protect Nevada Territory against violent drifters fleeing the dying Southern Confederacy during the Civil War.
Rated: T (17,325 words)

Safeguard (by lminzer)

Summary:  Look in the dictionary and you’ll probably see a picture of Hoss right next to the word – Safeguard.  Will Little Joe ever learn to think before he acts?
Rating:  K+  (3,000 words)

Sage Advice (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: Joe should have remembered his older brother’s advice, when he learns a lesson on how easy it is for women to be his downfall.
Rating:  K  (950 words)

Saints Preserve Us (by patina)

Summary: WHN for The Auld Sod. How did Nellie Lynch get Hoss out of the well?
Rating: K  Word Count=1851

Sally Lynn #1 – Sally Lynn, Swimming and Sweet Revenge (by DJK)

Summary:  A young Little Joe finds out about feminine revenge.
Rated: K+  Word count: 1212

Sally Lynn #2 – Sippin’ Whiskey and Sally Lynn (by DJK)

Summary:  Not all parents measure up to Ben Cartwright, and not all children measure up to Little Joe.  It could have been so much worse, but the consequences put three families at odds until things are set right.
Rating:  T (27,895 words)

Same Differences (by Sue)

Summary: I have referred to some Bonanza episodes in this story particularly The Avenger but also A Rose for Lotta, Mr Henry Comstock and The Hanging Posse. The story should make sense if you haven’t watched those episodes though.
Rated: T  WC 60,500

Same Pines Different Wind (by McFair)

Summary: This story is a sequel or WHN for the wonderful episode ‘Different Pines Same Wind’.  As Joe Cartwright helps the old woman Carrie Pickett prepare for winter, the arrival of a beautiful young woman at the Ponderosa spells disaster. Her appearance serves as a catalyst for an unexpected series of events that culminate in a showdown in the Piney Woods in which not only Joe, but Hoss and Ben, must face and overcome Marks deep seated need for revenge.
Rated PG-13   Word Count: 50,528

San Francisco (by SusanG)

Summary:  After delivering herd of cattle to San Fransisco, the Cartwrights plan to enjoy a little of what the city has to offer, not realizing what all that includes.
Rating:  T  (28,560 words)

San Francisco Adventure (by KateP)

Summary: Ten-year-old Little Joe is lost in the Big City
Rated: K+ (9,620 words)

San Francisco Lady (by debpet)

Summary:  Adam finds himself becoming interested in the daughter of a business acquaintance.
Rated: K+ WC 10,200

San Francisco Surprise (by Terri)

Summary: On a visit to San Francisco the three brothers are out on the town when Little Joe has a surprise experience and gloats about his fortune, but it’s his brothers who have the last laugh.
Rated: MA WC 1800
WARNING this story is sexually explicit

Sanctuary (by HelenA)

Summary:  Taking refuge in an abandoned barn, Ben and Joe encounter something not of this world.  A story to be read around a campfire on Halloween.
Rating T  (7,350 words)

Sanctuary (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary: A short tale of fear and wishing for it all to be over… But then there was that voice.
Rated: K – Word Count: 626

Santa’s Helpers (by HelenA)

Summary:  Stranded in the middle of nowhere two days before Christmas, will the brothers make it home in time?
Rating T (13,875 words)

Santa’s Helpers (by patina)

Summary:  An intruder takes advantage of an innocent little boy in order to rob the Ponderosa.
Rated K+   WC=2328

Santa’s Little Helper (by Puchi Ann)

Summary:  With eighteen-year-old Little Joe the only Cartwright not confined to bed, the prospects for a merry Christmas appear bleak. Ben has even ordered the cancellation of the annual Christmas Eve party, but in a burst of Yuletide enthusiasm, Joe decides to host the party by himself. After all, how hard could it be? And then his carefully laid plans begin to unravel.
Rated: K  WC 15,000

Sarah (by rita)

Summary:   Joe has been shot and needs to find shelter
Rated: T  WC  2100

Saturday at Noon (by jfclover)

Summary: When Joe’s life takes an unexpected turn, Adam Cartwright – detective – searches for answers.
Rated: M  Word Count:  12,100

Saved by the Kind Mate (by Heike)

Summary: When a dream becomes a nightmare – a “pre-prequel”
928 words,         Rating: G

Say Something – Lessons of the Heart (by Miss Judy)

Summary: This is a grouping of short stories that show Adam in situations where he is left speechless when it comes to matters of the heart. It begins with a story of youthful naivete, and each progressions shows another episode where he learns something new about love. loss, mistakes and finding a the right person.
Word Count: 22,056  Rating: T (One section has an adult theme)

Saying Goodbye (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: Marie visits Ben one fateful night and he must say goodbye to someone he loves.  My ML Birthday Challenge story.
Rated: K+ (1,440 words)

Saying Goodbye (by pjb)

Summary: Epilogue to “Her First Born.” Eight years after Clay Stafford’s departure from the Ponderosa, the truth is revealed.  Rated:  K   WC  3700

Scars (by pbeaking)

Summary:  When young little Joe is injured, his family tries to ease his fears by revealing some of their own scars.
Rating:  G (2,590 words)

Scars on the Inside (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary:  In memory of the beloved episode My Brother’s Keeper. It’s been five years since the accident and Adam still hasn’t forgiven himself for shooting Joe.  Chaps and Spurs Challenge story for September.
Rated: K+ (935 words)

Scenes from our Next Life #1 – Like You Were (by PSW)

Summary: Ben reflects.  Written for the July 2017 Pinecone Challenge, and expanded (very slightly) for inclusion here.  Prompt/lyrics: Old man, look at my life, I’m a lot like you were. (Neil Young)
Rating: K      Word Count: 530

Scenes from our Next Life #2 – Younger (by PSW)

Summary:  A quiet, light moment among family.
Rating: K   Word Count: 519

Scenes from our Next Life #3 – A Good Life (by PSW)

Summary:   An afternoon lull with new family.
Rating: K     Word Count: 563

Scenes from our Next Life #4 – Time and Change (by PSW)

Summary: Adam reflects.  Written for the December 15th Pinecone Challenge
Rating: K   Word count: 754

Scenes from our Next Life #5 – Home (by PSW)

Summary: Candy realizes that some things do change.
Rating: K   Word count: 640

Scenes form our Next Life #6 – Warm Milk & Memories (by PSW)

Summary:  In some ways, Adam and Jamie really aren’t so different.
Rating: K   Word Count: 2845

Schöne Bescherung (by Adam4Ever)

Summary:  Um nicht zu viel vor weg zu nehmen, es geht um die vorweihnachtliche Zeit auf der Ponderosa.
Rated: K+ (2,575 words)

School in A Hundred Years (by DanceDiva)

Summary:  A new teacher is in for Ms. Jones and he is strict. Wanting to make a good impression Joe tries to think of what it may be like in school a hundred years from now.
Rated: K+

School of the Dancing Dolphin (by Puchi Ann)

Summary:  Joe reflects on his first solo excursion to the Barbary Coast.
Word Count: 1,519  Rating: K

School Project (by Silver Sven)

Summary:  It was just a school project, something in which Hoss wanted to excel.
Rating:  K  (1,900 words)

Schoolhouse Siege (by JoanS)

Summary:  Trouble invades Virginia City, and with the law on their tails, they unwitting head straight for the schoolhouse.
Rating:  K+ (6,550 words)

Scottish Diary (by Nanuk)

Summary: A diary stirs up ghosts long buried.
Rated: K (6,520 words)

Scrumptious (by bahj)

Summary: A little tale about helping a friend in need and making wishes . . .
Rated: Family Friendly / Word count: 1108

Seafarer Blood (by Sibylle)

Summary:  It´s a brief glimpse at a time Joe needs his oldest brother to prevent him from a big mistake.
Rated: K  WC 600

Seance (by Belle)

Summary:  Ben is away, and the boys decide to enjoy a night on the town. An evening of harmless entertainment turns into a race to save Joe’s life.
(10,292 words)  Rating: T

Searching for Joseph (by Barbara)

Summary:  After a horrible accident, Joe is riddled with guilt and questions his brother’s love for him.
Rated: T (5,065 words)

Searching for Life (by AC1830)

Summary:  When Ben and Inger left her brother Gunnar in Illinois (Inger, My Love), he was searching for his purpose in life, heading to the Canadian gold fields.  The Last Viking showed he maintained his wild side.  But how would his life have turned out if he had listened to his sister’s words? A WHI for The Last Viking. Rating – K+, WC – 5547

Seasons (by Cheaux)

Summary:   Ben’s worried and sends new hand Candy Canaday on a mission.
Rating:  K    Word Count:  1779

Seasons (by Dodo)

Summary: A Year of tragedy for Joe Cartwright.
Rated: K+ Word Count: 18259

Second Chances (by Questfan)

Summary:  An alternative version of the episode, The Trap. Joe accidentally shoots and kills Burk Shannon, but all is not what it seems.
Rating:  T  Word Count: 8079

Second Chances (by Starlite)

Summary: Ben brings Marie to the Ponderosa, and causes a rift between him and his young son. Will Adam ever forgive him?
Rated:  G  (12,150 words)

Second Chances (by SusanG)

Summary:  A WHN for the episode, Second Chance.
Rating:  T   (14,400 words)

Secrets (by MonicaSJ)

Summary: Ben extends a business trip in San Francisco when he meets a mature, polished younger woman who comes from a well-known, well-to-do family.  Joe, Hoss and Adam believe they have each met this same young woman before under questionable circumstances and each kept those meetings to himself, but are all disturbed when their father introduces her as his fiancé.
Reader Alert:  Adult themes Rated:T WC 22,000

Secrets and Lies (by Inca)

Summary:  When Joe is reacquainted with a childhood friend, tragedy follows. Struggling to recover from serious injury, he finds himself on trial for murder.
Rated: T WC 18,000

Secrets of the Heart (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary:  A story to raise your eyebrows and cause the casual observer to go ‘ahem’.
Rating:  MA  (5,360 words)

See You in the Morning (by lminzer)

Summary:  Joe reflects upon his father’s anxious vigil at his bedside.
Rated: K  WC   1600

Seeds of Doubt (by patina)

Summary: WHN for The Lawmaker. Asa Moran was riding high as acting sheriff after killing those two would-be robbers at the Express Office. When Adam investigates, Moran is determined to bring the high-and-mighty Cartwrights down. This story includes several scenes that were “missing” from the episode.
Rating: T   Word Count=6537

Seeing a Man (by DJK)

Summary:  Two confrontations between Ben Cartwright and his eldest son.
Rated: K+ Word count: 1219

Seeing an Angel (by DJK)

Summary:  A girl from Marie’s past has something for Little Joe.
Rated: T   Word count: 1351

Seeing Old Friends (by EPM)

Summary: When I read that Mr. Roberts watches Bonanza to “see old friends”, I couldn’t get the phrase out of my head. Hence, the inspiration for this story.
WC 1850 Rating: K

Seeing Sta*s (by Lily of the West)

Summary:  A silly little follow-up to Enter Mark Twain.
Rated: K+ (845 words)

Sense of Smell can be so Evocative (by mumu74)

Summary: Have you ever experimented that sensation that one special smell could bring so many memories ?
Rating:  K+ (2,915 words)

Sensible Rules (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY: A prequel with Joe at fifteen, this started as a pinecone and has been expanded. Little Joe faces a crisis when an important rule is ignored. He needs his family to face the results of that sad decision. There are lessons to be learned but the whole family works together, and all will learn from one tragic mistake.
rating = T word count = 1290

September Ride (by meixel)

Summary:  Joe and Candy talk about Joe’s decision around college one lazy September day.  Short one-shot story.
Rated: K+  (1,690 words)

Setting the Course (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: At the end of “A House Divided”, have you ever wondered why Adam wasn’t farther along to join the cause before Little Joe caught up with him? Adam had emotionally left the night before Ben‘s encounter with Frederick Kyle and Joe in town. Me… I don’t think it had anything to do with Adam’s response to Joe during the closing scene, “That lake really gets under your skin.”
(800 words) Rating: K+

Settling the Accounts (by JoanS)

Summary:  It’s the end of the month and settling the accounts nearly spells an apoplexy for Ben.
Rating:  K+  (10,440 words)

Settling the Score (by Julee)

Summary:  Ben discovers his fair method of doling out the least desirable jobs isn’t as fair as he’d thought.  With their “match trick” gone astray, Adam and Little Joe have reason to worry!
Rating: K  (Word Count: 8,748)

Settling Up (by Starlite)

Summary: After his brother is injured in a brutal attack, Hoss seeks retribution.
Rated:  PG  (8,540 words)

Seven Times in a Day (by DebbieB)

Summary: An unfortunate incident that involves his father, leaves Joe with feelings of guilt and fear that Ben may never forgive him for what happened. Adam shares a long kept secret with his youngest brother that helps Joe accept the fact that his father can and will forgive him.
Rated: G (7,000 words)

Seven Words #1 (by Calim11)

Summary: Ben has disappeared after Marie’s death leaving Adam in charge. It may be proving too much for the 17-year old.
Rating: T (4,900 words)

Seven Words #2 – Those Who Remain (by Calim11)

Summary: This is the sequel to “Seven Words” but could be read on its own. Marie’s died and Ben’s run away but now it’s time to come home. Does he have the strength to come home and face the loss of his wife and the boys he left behind?
Ratings: PG-13 (28,790 words)

Sex on the Beach (by jfclover)

Summary:  This is a missing scene from Season 10’s Emily, written for the “dirty word” challenge for Brand’s 10th anniversary.  Warning:  sexually explicit!
Rated:  MA  Word Count:  2100

Shades of War (by Krystyna)

Summary:  Joe departs with a light heart to attend a friend’s wedding little knowing that Frederic Kyle has a longer shadow that any in the family realize and it isn’t long before Joe, and Adam, are drawn into the War between North and South.
Rated: K+ (32,815 words)

Shadow (by Nanuk)

Summary: This was written after a discussion about what happened to Adam after his disappearance from the series. I heard some many depressing stories about the rest of the family; friends told me that at first Ben sometimes referred to Adam, but later on in the series told everyone that he had only two sons… So, this “two sons” was what set me off. I wondered what could have happened that Ben said something like this, and here it is, an “in-between Adam´s disappearance and …two sons.”
Rating:  K+ (4,200 words)

Shadow Enemy (by DJK)

Summary: After leaving the Ponderosa, Adam has an enlightening encounter with someone from the past.
Rating: PG Word count: 1,999  Warning: mention of corporal punishment

Shadow of the Noose (by KateP)

Summary: Adam races against time to save Joe from hanging.
Rated: K+ (16,400 words)

Shadow on the Mountain (by JennyG)

Summary: A hunting trip turns into an ordeal and an exercise in endurance when Joe and Adam are captured by the Shoshoni.
Rating:  T  (150,200 words)

Shadows (by freyakendra)

Summary: Men who hide in shadows can be the worst kind of monsters, as Joe discovers one night when he’s home alone.
Rating: T Word Count: 13,500

Shadows of Friendship (by AC1830)

Summary:  In The Paiute War, Adam and Young Wolf, son of Chief Winnemucca, were once friends. What made Young Wolf end his friendship with Adam, although Winnemucca continues it with Ben and Adam?
Rating – T, Word Count – 4799

Shakedown (by Gillian)

Summary:  Adam finds being an adult isn’t all good.
Rating:  G  (9,575 words)

Shame (by pbeaking)

Summary:  The loss of Marie has caused Ben to lose his desire for life itself. He has withdrawn from his work, his friends, and most importantly his family. He has taken his anger out in town and now must face the consequences for his actions. Can Roy Coffee and his boys help Ben realize that life is still worth living?
Rating:  K+ (4,820 words)

Shanklin:  The Unedited Version — a REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary:  A missing scene that ended up on the cutting room floor of Shanklin.
Rating:  T  (2,233)

Shared Guilt (by DebbieB)

Summary:  When Ben decides to marry again for the fourth time, things as they had always been suddenly start going haywire, especially for Little Joe.  But when a buggy accident claims the life of Nora Cromwell, leaving Little Joe fighting for his own life, both Ben and Joe end up blaming themselves for the other’s pain and sorrow.  There once close relationship suddenly starts to decline, causing more stress and even more guilt for both.  Can the warm, loving relationship that father and son once shared, be saved before it becomes lost to them forever?
Rated PG  WC 14,600

Sharp Draw (by BettyHT)

Summary:  Ben has to accept that his youngest is growing up.  His older sons help him and Little Joe make that transition with one very important lesson that Little Joe has to learn from Adam and Hoss.
Rating = PG  WC = 1153

She Brought Happiness (by MonicaSJ)

Summary: A bracelet…a trinket from a time past and the memories it carried…Adam helps a young mother running from a legacy of sorrow.
Rated: K+ (17.830 words)

She Left (by DJK)

Summary: Adam’s love is leaving him.
Rated: T  Word count: 599

She’ll Always be There, Like the Stars (by mumu74)

Summary: A prequel
Rating K, (1,050 words)

Shelter (by pony)

Summary: Adam and Joe Cartwright are lost in a blizzard. Their only hope … shelter.
Rated: K (1,390 words)

Shenanigans (by LC)

Summary:  The best mishaps are the ones you can laugh about.
Rating: K          Word count: 660

Shepherds (by Sierra Girl)Shepherds was included in the 2017 Advent Calendar Collection.  Click ‘Comments’ or “Leave a Comment” above to leave comments for the author.  Or click Read More … below for a link to the story. Summary:  Christmas greetings.
Shield (by lminzer)

Summary:  A story from Hoss’ point of view. Joe has always counted on his big brother Hoss to get him out of trouble, but soon the time comes when Hoss can’t save him.
Rated: K+  WC  9500

Shirtless Joe (by JC)

Synopsis: One man’s “Field of Dreams” is another woman’s fantasy.
Rating PG  (1,010 words)

Shoe Leather (by BettyHT)

Summary:  This is a prequel in which Adam is at odds with Ben and with Hoss because of events that occur and words that are spoken in anger. A master manipulator is at work and needs to be stopped before things get any worse.
Rating = T  WC = 13,369

Short Stories #1:  Little Joe, Tornado Cartwright (by mumu74)

Summary:  Some short-stories , prequels with the whole family (even Marie) . Young years of Cartwright boys, especially the little Tornado named Joseph.  No special warning, just a few moments with an angry Ben…
Rated: K+  WC 3700

Short Stories #2 (by mumu74)

Summary:  Next Set of Stories.  Short-stories about the Cartwright, being young or father.  I’ m waiting for reviews and comments, please.
Rated: K+  WC 6000

Short Trip Home (by Arien)

Summary: What could possibly happen to the Cartwright boys between home and Virginia City?
Rating: K+   Word Count: 908

Shortcut to Terror (by DebbieB)

Summary: Ben and Joe choose what they believed to be the shortest way home, but instead, they found themselves on the shortcut to terror…terror such as they had never known.
Rated PG  WC 14,900

Showdown (by Rona)

Summary:  What would have happened if Pardoe wasn’t really dead?
(10,370 words)  Rated: T

Silence in the Storm (by Rona)

Summary: An accident brings new realisations to Joe and Adam.
(10,920 words) Rated: K

Silent Heartache (by DebbieB)

Summary:  When 14-year-old Little Joe over hears a conversation between his father and two older brothers, Joe’s world begins to crumble as he struggles to make right his wrongs.
Rated PG  WC 11,900

Silent Night (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: After an unusually hectic day, there is only one wish requested on Christmas Eve.
Rating: K (2,600 words)

Simeon Bridge (by Wrangler)

Summary: The Family worries about an injured Hoss.
Rated T WC 19,000

Singing Lessons (by DJK)

Summary:  This is my contribution to the Dan Blocker Birthday Challenge. Hoss and Adam learn more than just a song.
Rated: K+ Word count: 2315

Singled Out (by Rona)

Summary: As the only witness willing to testify to a murder, Joe finds himself singled out.
(10,095 words) Rated: T

Sins of the Father (by SusanG)

Summary:  Ben outbids a competitor to win a lucrative contract, setting the man’s son on a course of vengeance.
Rating:T  (29,455 words)

Siren Song (by sandspur)

Summary:  What if Ben hadn’t seen Adam pulling Kane through the desert just before abandoning the search? And what if the only thing keeping Adam going…stopped?
Rated:  T    Word count:  5403

Sitting Wolf (by Rona)

Summary: An army captain’s ignorance leads to fear for the Cartwrights and an unexpected ending.
(10,540 words) Rated: T

Six Candles (by JoanS)

Summary: A snapshot of each of the Cartwright boys on their sixth birthdays.
Rated: K+ (4,765 words)

Six Feet Deep (by freyakendra)

Summary:  For a brief moment in time, Amy’s death brought Little Joe and Luther Bishop together. But when the moment ended and Luther realized he had nothing left to lose, burying the hatchet with Ben Cartwright took on a new level of meaning.
A What Happened Next Story for The Truckee Strip.
Rating:  K+  (6,855 words)

Skeletons Unleashed (by DebbieB)

Summary:   Plagued with a haunting memory, Joe refuses to open his heart and face reality.  Ben searches desperately for a way to help his son before life becomes so unbearable for the boy, that Joe takes drastic measures.
Rated:  PG13 for death of young person.  (9,025 words)

Skipping Stones (by pbeaking)

Summary: Life is like skipping stones, Sometimes you sail freely through it, Sometimes you bump and recover and Sometimes you simply falter. This story highlights all the Cartwrights on their journey through life and how they influence each other.
Rating: K+  WC 3900

Slack Reins (by dbird)

Summary: The Cartwrights struggle to come to terms with tragedy.
Rated: K+ (3,265 words)

Sleigh Bells Ring (by bahj)

Summary:  A Cartwright Christmas comedy told in three part harmony.
Rated: Family Friendly / Word count: 4296

Sleigh Bells, Rotgut, and other Miracles (by dbird)

Summary: In the middle of a snowstorm on Christmas Eve, in a line shack stocked with beans and rotgut, the Cartwrights are reminded of what truly matters. Written by dbird and pjb.
Rated K+ (10,920 words)

Sleigh Bells, Rotgut, and Other Miracles (by pjb)

Summary:  In the middle of a snowstorm on Christmas Eve, in a line shack stocked with beans and rotgut, the Cartwrights are reminded of what truly matters.
Rated: K+   WC 10,900

Slings and Arrows… and Snowballs (by freyakendra)

Summary  Sad news drives Ben to a quiet hilltop, where he finds a moment of grace in a silent snowfall. (This story links with the events as told in “And This Gives Life to Thee,” but can easily stand alone.)
Rated: K  WC 1900

Slipping Through My Fingers (by Krystyna)

Summary: This is the story of Jane Halcrow and the way she met and fell in love with Adam Cartwright? Does she marry him? Not if Laura Dayton has anything to do about it, but then….?!
Rating:  T (32,395 words)

Small Gifts (by EPM)

Summary:  An accident only a few days before Christmas reveals the meaning behind the thought of Small Gifts.
WC 3300 Rating  K

Smelling A Rat (by Heike)

Summary:  Rats in the classroom? Miss Jones sent her students home early, but is little Little Joe to blame for it?
WC 1700

Snake Catch (by DanceDiva)

Summary:  Twelve year old Joe is bitten by a rattlesnake, but things get uglier faster than expected.
Rated: K

Snake in the Grass (by Patina)

Summary: Paradise is almost gained for one Cartwright. Written for a Halloween challenge. My words were: Paul Martin, chains, snake.
Rating: T. Word count 761

So This is Christmas (by mumu74)

Summary:  Written for the 2016 Bonanza Brand Advent Calendar.
Rating:  K (311 words)

Sojourner (by BettyHT)

Summary:  In this story written in three acts, Adam’s involvement with a young woman leads to discord within his family and when that is resolved in the first part (chapters 1-6), he leaves on a journey that affects him greatly in the second part (7-13). He will need his family once more to face the future in the third part (14-17).
rating T  WC = 46,215

Solace (by Cheaux)

Summary:  Adam, alone and hurt in the desert, is comforted by a stranger.
WC  1700  Rated:  K

Sold! (by Rona)

Summary:  Home alone, Joe is kidnapped, but then events take an unexpected turn. Will Joe survive until his family finds him?
(9,270 words)  Rated: MA

Solitary Witness (by Puchi Ann)

Summary:  A day of skipping school turns tragic for Little Joe, who must then find the courage to stand alone in the defense of justice.  This story is based on a little known incident in the annals of Virginia City justice. While I do not know the outcome of the actual case, this is what I think might have happened had Little Joe Cartwright been the only witness.
(9505 words)

Somebody Else’s Dog (by Inca)

Summary:  There’s been some gossip in Virginia City about Ben Cartwright’s new wife.
Rating: K  Word count: 581

Someone to Watch Over Him (by Cheaux)

Summary:  (A What Happened Instead for the episode “Bushwhacked” written by Preston Wood)
Word Count:  8974         Rated K+

Someone to Watch Over Me (by SusanG)

Summary:  Joe has a close call with his guardian angel.
Rating:  T   (4,615 words)

Something Important (By Questfan)

Summary: Adam is forced to consider what is important to him, especially when he may have lost someone that is very important to him. A Bonanza prequel story, set just after Adam returns home from college.
Word Count: 16231   Rating: T

Something Inside So Strong (by Sue)

Summary: It’s been a good day for The Cartwright boys…until they get home.
Rated: K+  WC 43,500

Something So Savage (by freyakendra)

Summary:  Two unexpected visitors arrive at the Ponderosa within hours of each other: Adam’s favorite professor from college and a blue-eyed Indian with a skewed understanding of Paiute ways and a twisted view of good vs. evil. Join the Cartwrights as they struggle to get through a night of savage terror that marks Little Joe as a target—and his scalp as a trophy.
Rated: T  WC 28,000.

Somethin’ Worth Fightin’ For (by AC1830)

Summary: Written for the 2018 Missing Man Challenge – Add Adam into an episode after Season 6 as if he has always been there. I chose The Fighters, Season 7, Episode 30.
Rating – T, Word Count – 4662

Something Worth Fighting For (by Tauna Petit-Strawn)

Summary: Adam’s been believed dead for two years; then the Cartwrights learn different. Getting him to the ranch is not a problem…keeping him there may be.
Rating: K (7,180 words)

Son for a Son, Brand Edition (by freyakendra)

Summary:  A man from one of Ben Cartwright’s previous lives has come to take revenge on his oldest son, Adam–but it’s Joe who pays the price.
Rated: T  WC  14,000

Son, Don’t Take Your Gun to Town (by DebbieB)

Summary: An angry gunslinger, a pretty lying girl, an irate father…what more does Little Joe need to keep himself in trouble?
Rated PG  WC 8300

Sorry Ain’t Enough (by DebbieB)

Summay:  Is saying I’m sorry ever enough, or do actions speak louder than words? Can Little Joe find forgiveness from Adam? Or does he have to earn it?
Rating:  G  (11,670 words)

Soulmates (by Dodo)

Summary: A chance remark leads Joe to remember his first love.
Rated: T Word Count: 29197

Spanish Gold (by DJK)

Summary:  A schoolyard bet leaves Little Joe in desperate need of some Spanish gold.
Rated: K+   Word count: 1150

Spanish Gold (by SusanG)

Summary:  Just wait until Pa finds out Joe gave up his seat on the stage to a pretty girl, and then is left stranded in the deserts by a band of Apache teens.
Rating:  T   (25,225 words)

Speaking of Love (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY:  This started with a pinecone and has been expanded to have all four of the family members involved in conversations with another about love.  Each learns and passes on that wisdom.
Rating = T  word count = 1923

Spice Ladies in Town (by mumu74)

Summary: Ben decides to update his will, which causes his sons some anxiety
Rated: K (10,855 words)

Spirit Canyon (by Belle)

Summary:  The brothers are pursued into Spirit Canyon where they face a powerful and unpredictable foe.
(8,820 words)  Rating k+

Spirit Child (by AC1830)

Summary:  On his way home, Joe encounters a Spring snow storm and has to wait it out in a line shack. He has a visit from an unusual child who tells him troubling things about Adam, who has been gone for years.  Adam, in the mean time has suffered a great loss and has returned home. He and Hoss head into the mountains to meet with Joe.  Joe is desperate to get to Adam when he learns from the child that Adam has been injured on his way to the shack.  The brothers reconnect but soon learn the child is part of a terrible tragedy in Adam’s life. Will Adam find healing or more sorrow on his way home with his brothers?
Word count – 8814  Rating K+

Spirit Thief #2 – A Series of Vignettes (by Nanuk)

Summary:  I wrote a couple of little stories that somehow fit into the time frame of my story Spirit Thief. The first two are the ones that made me write Spirit Thief, the other ones came into existence because I wasn’t able to let go of my favourite family.
Rating:  K  (9,650 words)

Spirit Thief #3 – the Marriage Bed (by Nanuk)

Summary:  A vignette companion to Spirit Thief.  A new bit featuring Adam and Becky.
WARNING: This bit is rated MA  (590 words)

Spirit Thief (by Nanuk)

Summary: A journey with tragic consequences.
Rated: K+ (16,685 words)

Spirits of the Dead (by JennyG)

Summary:  Forced to overnight in an ancient burial ground, the Cartwright sons meet up with the unexpected – living and dead. A Halloween story.
Rating:  T (11,410 words)

Spot Christmas (by sklamb)

Summary:  When Adam brings his family back to the Ponderosa, his daughter Elizabeth’s first Christmas in Nevada is far from idyllic. But in 1903–in St. Louis!–Adam and the rest of her family make an upcoming Christmas truly special for her.
Rated: K   WC  2600

Spring Fever (by GinnyF)

Summary:  In the episode “the Pure Truth” Hoss is suffering from spring fever (the family is also suffering from the effect on Hoss ).  Joe remarks to Ben and Adam that Hoss could step on you and not realize it and mentions Hoss breaking his, Joe’s, leg the previous spring.  I thought there should be a story behind that.
Rating: T   Word Count:  3,105

Spring Flowers (by DJK)

Summary: Adam doesn’t want anyone to know he’s picking a bouquet.
Rated: K+ Word count: 1118

Spring Forward (by the Giggly Sisters)

Summary:  Paschal Musings from the Ponderosa.
Rated: T WC 1250

Springtime Memories (by Frasrgrl)

Summary:  It’s the day before a big event, past and present, in Joe’s life, and he shares it with someone special.
Rated: K

Squad 51 on the Ponderosa (by Rider)

Summary:  Bonanza & Emergency! Crossover Paramedic Firefighters John Gage & Roy DeSoto from Station 51 in LA wind up on the Ponderosa, along with Dr. Kelly Brackett, Dr. Joe Early, & Nurse Dixie McCall of Rampart General.
Rated: K+ (6,670 words)

Square Deal Sam… A Missing Scene (by Grimesgirl)

Summary:  Drawing the ‘short straw’ without the benefit of the match, Adam finds it left to him to explain Hoss’ ‘strays‘ to Hop Sing.
Rating:  K  (980 words)

St. Nicholas Day (by Cheaux)

Summary:  Written for the 2016 Bonanza Brand Advent Calendar
Rating:  K  (1,350 words)

Stampede (by DJK)

Summary:  A cattle drive, a stampede, and one guilty Cartwright make for a simple little tale.
Rated: K+ Word count: 1211

Standing on Principles (by DebbieB)

Summary:  Hoss is faced with a difficult decision…should he turn his brother over to the local sheriff or not?  His decision takes a change twist as each of the Cartwrights unknowingly seem to be working toward the same goals.
Rated PG  WC 13,000

Standing Watch (by DJK)

Summary:  He only wanted to protect himself and his family.
Rating:  G    (2,170 words)

Standoff (by DJK)

Summary:  Two brothers, one killer, and only one way to end the standoff.
Rated: T  Word count:  684

Star Of The Sea (by Claire)

Summary: Adam and Joe embark upon a perilous sea voyage
Rated: T (17,200 words)

Stay out of Trouble (by JennyG)

Summary:  Mrs. Hennesey’s Trading Post and Whiskey Emporium provides the Cartwright boys with shelter from some nasty weather and quite a lot more than they expected, or Adam wanted. A comedy of errors.
Rating:  T (9,800 words)

Staying the Course (by Cheaux)

Summary:  Ben learns from Adam that there is more than one way to reach a goal.
WC 1700  Rated:  K

Stephenie (by KateP)

Summary: Adam has met the girl of his dreams.
Rated: K+ (8,800 words)

Sticking Close (by dbird)

Summary: Protecting his brother from a posse could cost Adam the ultimate price – his life.
Rated: K+ (8,345 words)

Sticks and Stones (by DebbieB)

Summay:  Name calling really does hurt. Adam helps Little Joe understand why people do such things and tries to help him over the hurt.
Rating:  G (14,000 words)

Still His Father (by pjb)

Summary:  “. . . because some things are never over.”
Word Count 1550  Rated K

Still the Best Story in Town (by southplains)

Summary:  Just where did David Dortort get the ideas for his characters in the best television show ever made? Written as an exercise to get the creative juices flowing…
Rated: T  WC 4500

Sting of Death (by DebbieB)

Summary:  Ben learns a lesson in trust when an accident that claims the life of a young woman leaves him believing that Joe has lied to him.
Rating:  PG  (12,900 words)

Stocking Orange (by faust)

Summary: Adam recovers after having been ill at Christmas. Enter Hoss’s bedside manners, lots of Britishness, a little boy, and an orange. Bliss.
1,225 words, rated K

Stocking Up (by Rona)

Summary: A trip to stock up for the winter takes an unexpected turn, leaving Joe and Hoss facing danger and possibly death.
(9,010 words) Rated: T

Stone Roses (by Krystyna)

Summary: Eli Prowse fell in love with a beautiful young girl, but she chose to marry Ben and ‘live happily ever afterwards.’ Years have passed and Eli has journeyed to the Ponderosa to destroy those whom he holds responsible for Elizabeth’s death … Ben, and her son, Adam.
Rated: T (74,980 words)

Stop Crying Your Heart Out (by Sue)

Summary: Little Joe is in no hurry to get up this morning. A story about brothers looking out for each other.
Rated: K+  WC 5800

Storms and Anchors (by DJK)

Summary:  Little Joe needs an anchor in the storm.
Rated: K+ Word count: 1097

Stranger in our Midst #1 (by Rona)

Summary:  The prequel to ‘Payback Time’. A college friend of Adam’s comes home with him. 12 year old Joe is jealous. Or is he?
(5,745 words)  Rated: T

Stranger in our Midst #2 – Payback Time (by Rona)

Summary:  Follows Stranger in our Midst.  Teenage boys resembling Joe are going missing in Virginia City. When Joe, too, vanishes, Adam defies his father to save Joe. But will either of them survive?
(11,030 words)  Rated: T

Stranger in the Night (by JC)

Summary: A Bonanza Gothic poem written for the “Once Upon A Midnight Dreary” challenge honoring the birthday of Edgar Allen Poe.
Rating K+     Word Count 251

Stranger on the Stage (by BnzaGal)

Summary:  A chance meeting on a stage could spell disaster for Little Joe.
Rated: K+ (18,070 words)

Stranger Things (by Rona)

Summary: Returning home from Placerville, Joe is attacked and left to die.
(6,915 words) Rated: T

Strawberries (by HelenA)

Summary:  The family spends an afternoon together.
Rating:  K  (9,515 words)

Stray (by dbird)

Summary: When Joe disappears during a cattle drive, the Cartwrights must follow a disturbing trail to find him.
Rated: K+ (17,025 words)

Strength of Conviction (by southplains)

Summary:  Vengeance WHN. When Red Twilight breaks out of prison, Adam is forced to reexamine the wisdom of his moral convictions.
Rated: T  WC 9400

Strong, Yet Sensitive on the Comstock – A REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary:  A behind the scenes look at the second longest running western series, Bonanza.
Rating:  T (2,250 words)

Stubborn (by Sibylle)

Summary:  WHIB/WHB to “The Ride”
Ben remembers his first argument with a three-year-old Adam.
Rated: K  WC 650

Stubby Smith and Duffy Duff – A REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary:    This was one of those episodes that came along every once in a while that focused more on the guest stars and didn’t have enough screen time for the Cartwrights.
Rating:  T  (3,890 words)

Stuck (by DebbieB)

Summary:  While scouting for strays along the rim rocks, Joe finds himself literally stuck between a rock and a hard place. Not far from where his life hangs in the balance, Adam and Hoss find they’re stuck as well…only in another type of predicament. Sort of makes you wonder who’s gonna save whom this time.
Rated PG  WC 13,000

Suffer the Children (by lminzer)

Summary:  Joe’s new friend has a terrible secret; and when Joe steps in to defend his new friend, he finds himself in a dangerous situation….
Rated: T  WC  11,000

Suffering in Silence (by csb)

Summary:  This story is set after The Magnificent Adah continuing on after Ben, Adam and Hoss leave the saloon. Ben says “Come on, let’s go see Little Joe.”
With the added responsibilities of running the ranch, they didn’t notice that their little brother was withdrawing further and further from them each day.
Rated: K+ (18,020 words)

Sui Generis (by MissKitty4Adam)

Summary: A WHN & WHB for the episode “Song In The Dark”.
Rated K+ (2,704 words)

Summer Vacation (by HelenA)

Summary: Joe feels like an afterthought in his brothers’ lives, but Ben comes up with a solution to his problem.
Rated: K (20,640 words)

Sunbeams in a Spell (by MissKitty4Adam)

Summary:  His younger brother, a Swedish children’s rhyme and a secret memory—together, will all of these variables be enough to bring hope to an injured and paralyzed man?  WHIB for “The Triangle” episode.
Rated K+ (2,622)

Sunny, With a Chance of Rain (by Miss Judy)

Summary:  A stage crash has killed everyone on board…including Adam Cartwright. While Paul Martin has made a “best guess ID” of the “remains,” and even though Adam’s most personal possessions were found in the wreckage, Ben refuses to believe it is Adam. Hoss and Joe begin a journey of discovery with their father as a mystery develops that includes another man in black, attempts at blackmail and the eventual acceptance of what seems obvious – that Adam is gone. It becomes the story of two families facing the loss of a child and a woman who’s care of a deathly ill stranger may restore one of these families to completeness.
Rated: T  WC  45,000

Sunrise (by Sierra Girl)

Summary:   When Adam, Hoss and Little Joe sneak out in the early hours for Adam’s last childhood adventure, their father’s reaction is not what they expect.   A prequel set in the months before Adam leaves for college.
Rating: K    Word Count: 3,527

Sunset (by Questfan)

Summary: At sixteen, Joe was champing at the bit to be counted as a man. Until the day where his choices could have dire consequences for both his brothers.
Rating: T Word Count: 33,779

Sunset on the Ponderosa (by pony)

Summary: We all know the Cartwrights will live forever in our hearts. This is the simple story of how they reached that destiny.
Rated: K (6,985 words)

Sunshine and Shadows (by Rona)

Summary: A WHN for Shining In Spain. Joe is pining for Wendy, so Ben finds a reason to send him to San Francisco. But things don’t go exactly as Joe planned.
(12,330 Words) Rated: T

Sunup at Dawn (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: A WHN for Five Sundowns to Sunup / WHL for Death at Dawn story.
Rating:  K  (2,185 words).

Superstition (by Jayne)

Summary:  When Hoss and Joe decide to keep the black cat that crossed Adam’s path, it proves to become Adam’s bane.  Genre: Humor
Rated: K  WC 2000

Sur les rives du lac Tahoe (by rozenn)

Summary: Adam rencontre une jeune femme orpheline alors qu’elle est accusée d’un vol. Il va l’aider à sortir de prison et à entrenir sa ferme. Les sentiments vont l’emporter, ils vont tomber amoureux. Mais Caroline Cooper, une amie d’Adam, ce révéle particulièrement jalouse.
Rating:  MA (3,240 words)

Surprise! (by AC1830)

Summary:  Young Hoss and Joe have decided that Ben deserves a day off so they plan a special day with him, but Ben soon discovers it’s more special than anyone anticipated.
Rating K  Word Count 678

Surrender To Your Fate (The tale of a bullheaded brother and his keepers) (by Stetson1859)

Summary: A WHN for Escape To Ponderosa
Rated: K

Survival (by Barbara)

Summary: Adam learns the hard way to stay on the beaten path when he is the unfortunate victim of foolish child’s play.
Rated: T (6,650 words)

Survival (by SusanG)

Summary:  Joe and others are taken captive by a band of Indians, what does it take to survive?
Rating:  T   (27,600 words)

Susie #1 (by Rona)

Summary:  Joe has fallen for a pretty new saloon girl. Is she just a tart with a heart, or is there more to Susie than this?
(12,375 words)  Rated:  T

Susie #2 – The Godfather (by Rona)

Summary:  The sequel to ‘Susie’. Susie is married and asks Joe to be her baby’s godfather. When Susie’s husband is attacked, Joe is blamed.
(8,100 words)  Rated T

Suspicion (by Rona)

Summary:  Adam’s cousin appears out of the blue for a family visit. He and Joe don’t take to one another at all. Is Joe right to be so suspicious?
Rated: T  (9,210 words)

Sweet Annie (by SusanG)

Summary:  It’s all about friendship.
Rating:  T  (10,050 words)

Sweet Innocence (by Krystyna)

Summary: Joseph Cartwright has to deliver a letter to an old friend of Bens which plunges him into romance, and murder.
Rated: K+ (32,465 words)

Sweet Revenge (by Inca)

Summary:   Joe’s Casonova lifestyle lands him in trouble with the girls of Virginia City.  When they decide to exact their revenge, Joe finds himself in an embarrassing predicament.
Rated: K+ WC 3300

Sweet Tooth (by DJK)

Summary: Memories are sometimes the sweetest things of all.
Rated: K+ Word count: 538

Sweeter Than Pie (by DJK)

Summary:  A simple vignette about Little Joe, a girl, and a watchful big brother.
Rated: K+  Word count: 624

Sweeter than Wine (by SusanG)

Summary:  A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do, when it comes to affairs of the heart.
Rating:  T  (1,360 words)

Swimming (by pjb)

Summary: When a friend dies unexpectedly, fourteen-year-old Joe struggles with grief, loss, and the age-old question: “Why?”
Rated PG WC 18,000

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