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Wagon Train to Hell (by Rona)

Summary:  After a disaster in a nearby township, Joe goes along on a mercy mission. However, nothing goes quite as smoothly as he expected.
(9,875 words)  Rated:  T

Waitin’ on Joe (by Frasrgrl)

Summary: Joe is given the responsibility of meeting Adam at the freight office with a load of lumber. There’s a lot riding on Joe meeting the deadline, not just for the lumber, but for Joe also.  The inspiration came from a song by Steve Azar, Waitin’ on Joe.
Rating K+   Word count 5,126

Waiting (by Dodo)

Summary: Joe’s thoughts as he waits to die.
Rated: K+  Word Count: 10663

Waiting for the Stage (by JoanS)

Summary: When Ben’s stage is delayed, Adam has his hands full trying to keep himself and his brothers out of trouble while they wait for it.
Rated: K+ (19,185 words)

Waiting on the Wolf #2 – Staying for Supper (by dbird)

Summary: Sequel to “Waiting on the Wolf.” Coming home is hard. Staying is even harder…
Rated: K+ (12,330 words)

Waiting on the Wolf (by dbird)

Summary: WHN for “My Brother’s Keeper” What if Adam left the Ponderosa after all and didn’t return until two years later? What if Joe never forgave him for leaving? What if Adam never forgave himself?
Rated: K+ (13,850 words)

Waiting to Sleep (by Mamse5)

Summary:  Ben isn’t really a worrier. Then again, who knows what a parent thinks about, when beloved sons haven’t returned after a Friday night dance.
Rated: K+  WC 2000

Wall of Darkness (by Gwynne)

Summary:   When an accident leaves Adam suddenly blind, he and his family must come to terms with his drastically altered status.  A poker game and a forest fire both have their impact.
Rating:  soft R  (26,450 words)

Wandering Stars (by debpet)

Summary:  Adam’s friend, the actor Edwin Booth, visits the Ponderosa seeking escape from scandal, and his visit provides a catalyst for Adam to make a decision about his own future.
Rated: K+   WC 16,000

Wanderlust (by Indyanna130)

Summary: Contributed for the Ponderosa Paddlewheel Poker Tournament 2015
Words:  1326     Rated:  G

Wanna Go Fishing? (by deansgirl)

Summary:  Adam and Hoss disobey Pa and go fishing
Rated: K+ (2,130 words)

Wanting Whiskers (by DJK)

Summary: While trapped by a snowstorm, the Cartwright brothers learn a little something about each other.
Rated: T   Word count: 1696

War and Peace (by faust)

Summary: Adam decides to join the Federal Army and has to deal with the consequences. A story of losses and miracles, told in ten vignettes.
3,300 words, rated T

Was There A Man? (by Hart4Ben)

Summary: Ben tries to make sense of Jennifer Carlisle’s sudden reintroduction into his life. Some of Ben’s thoughts during and following the season 11 episode “Is There Any Man Here?”
Rating: K+  Word Count: 1125

Wasps (by BettyHT)

Summary:  My entry for the Camp In the Pines 2018, the story grew from a pinecone about wasps attacking.  If you read it, you will find the ending familiar.  The rest of the story is a backstory for how that came to be.  This is mostly a Hoss story but all members of the family play roles in the story.
Rating =T    word count = 6643

Waste Not, Want Not (by the Giggly Sisters)

Summary: We all know that thrift is a virtue, but the Cartwrights seem to take it to extremes, as the Giggly Sisters show.
Rated: K+

Watching ‘Ponderosa’ – a REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary:  It couldn’t beat the original, but sure was good for a REALLY Lost Episode.
Rating:  T  (1,110 words)

Water and Oil (by DebbieB)

Summary:  Joe Cartwright, fun loving, adventurous and free-spirited has been out of brother Adam’s good graces for sometime and wants desperately to restore their relationship. One brother water…the other brother oil. Can they find the mixing ingredient?
Rated G  WC 10,280

Water Nymph (by DJK)

Summary:  Little Joe is searching the river when the memories come.
Rated: T  Word count: 2592

Water, Fire, You May Say They’re Incompatible (by mumu74)

Summary:  Life is full with adventures. A lot of good things and bad things may happen. Life is like a river, not Sea of Tranquility. People plan things and hope, they will get that and that but they always find that there is twisting and turning. Sometimes people seem even to have forgotten that the hazards of the life can  at times cause accidents in spite of all the precautions that one can take. Life is full of chance and luck, for good or ill. Everything depends on what people decide to do with so-called coincidences.  Because accidents may provide ideas and opportunities of benefit to people who are enough sharp-sighted to see them.
Rating:  K+   Word Count:  13,084

Waterlogged (by Rona)

Summary:  Branding is a busy time on the Ponderosa. But the weather brings problems that couldn’t be foreseen.
(10,420 words)  Rated: T

Wats-Wats (by faust)

Summary: A young widower, a small child, and a wonderful gift.
840 words, rated K

Wavering #1 (by Arien)

Summary: A trip to Yerington has tragic consequences for the Cartwrights.
Rating: PG (Warning: Character Death) 4,270 word

Wavering #2 – Silence (by Arien)

Summary:   This story follows “Wavering.”
Rating:  PG (Warning:  Character Death) Word Count:   4,339

Wavering #3 – Whispers (by Arien)

Summary: Final installment of Wavering series, Hoss’ POV.
Word Count: 3208  Rating: K+

We Dance (by Miss Judy)

Summary:  This was a poem I wrote shortly after Pernell Roberts’ death, remembering his accomplishments and wonderful character. It’s not sad! Those who love Adam or Pernell or any of his other characters will understand exactly what I’m writing about. Sweet dreams!
Rated: K+  WC  250

We Done Our Share (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY:  My entry for the March 2018 poetry challenge — It’s a little discussion among the brothers about loves lost which is spoken in three voices.
rating = PG13    word count = 282

We Meet Again (by sklamb)

Synopsis:  Adam Cartwright is home again, but not everybody seems pleased about it….
Rating:   K+   Word Count:   827

We’ll Be Home for Christmas (by Puchi Ann)

Summary:  Having promised Pa that they will be home for Christmas, the three Cartwright brothers are ahead of schedule as they return from a late-season shopping trip in San Francisco. A sudden snowstorm in the Sierras, however, may make keeping that promise or even staying alive – impossible.
Rated: K+ WC  15,000

Wedding Announcement (by JoanS)

Summary:  The announcement of Joe’s wedding to Alice brings a variety of reactions from some of his old girlfriends.
Rated: K (7,735 words)

Weekend Dad #1 (by Adam’s Lover)

Summary: A modern day Adam Cartwright story, but all of the Cartwrights are also included throughout.
Rating: MA (93,000 words)

Weekend Dad #2 – Seasons Of Change (by Adam’s Lover)

Summary:  Seasons of Change is a continuation story from Weekend Dad, a modern day Bonanza story featuring Adam.  The story begins ten years after the end of Weekend Dad, and Jason is getting ready to head to college.  The story will continue the four years Jason is in college until he graduates.
PG-13:  Very mild language and implied sexual situations  (201,225 words)

Weekend Dad #3 – When They Were Young (by Adam’s lover)

Summary:  This story is a modern day story with Adam as the featured character and is a prequel to “Weekend Dad.”
PG-13:  Very mild language and implied sexual situations  (113,407 words)

Welcome Back, Adam Cartwright (by mumu74)

Summary:  This is a short story : Romantic evening at the Ponderosa : Adam is back.
Rating:  K+  (2,130 words)

Welcome Home (by Starlite)

Summary: How I believe it would have been.
Rated: G  (1,460 words)

Welcome Home Pa (by Harper)

Summary: “…it ain’t your usual situation, and I ain’t sure how to explain—”.
Rated: K+ (1,220 words)

Wells and Wishes (by bahj)

Summary: Little Joe has a high price to pay for a very expensive wish.
Rated: Family Friendly / Word count: 1025

Wenn Ein Löwe sein Haupt senkt (by angelina)

Summary:  Ben hat seinen Lebenswillen verloren. Erst als ein tragischer Unfall geschieht, wird ihm bewusst wie sehr er gebraucht wird.
Rated: K+ (2,930 words)

Wet Bottom, Warm Heart #1 (by McFair)

Summary: Deep inside 17 year old Little Joe Cartwright there’s an angry beast waiting to get out. It makes him say and do things he always regrets, like talking back to his Pa.  After one such incident, his shame drives him away from the Ponderosa, straight into the arms of trouble – and the waiting rifle sight of a little golden-haired girl named Elizabeth Carnaby.
Rating: PG    Word Count:  13,300

Wet Bottom, Warm Heart #2 – Sunshine with a Little Hurricane (by McFair)

Summary:  After 11 year old Elizabeth Carnaby saved Little Joe’s life, he promised to bring her to the Ponderosa. She arrives along with a sudden winter storm that blows in not only a little fun but a whole lot of trouble, including a killer named Fleet Rowse who is looking to make easy money by lightening the load in Ben Cartwright’s safe.
Rating:  T  (82,825 words)

Wet Bottom, Warm Heart #3 – In the Darkness as in the Light (by McFair)

Summary:  A burned out stagecoach lies on its side, the victim of an Indian raid. There’s a name on the coach manifest that makes Joe Cartwright’s heart stand still. Can it be that Elizabeth Carnaby is dead? And, as the man who robbed the coach seeks personal vengeance against Ben Cartwright’s youngest son – can Joe himself survive?
Rated M.   (101,760 words)

Wet Bottom, Warm Heart #4 – Doubt that the Stars are Fire (by McFair)

Summary:  Eight years have passed since Joe and Bella met. Both have experienced great tragedy. A letter from Ben Cartwright paves the way for them to meet again. But is it too late for their love?  This story takes place post-canon.
Rated: M for adult situations, language, and intense emotional drama.  (62,200 words)

What are These We Call Dreams (by BluewindFarm)

Summary:  Nightmares or metaphors, it all depends on the interpretation.
Rated:  K   Word Count:  1540

What Ben Saw out the Window (by debpet)

Summary:  What is it that Ben has spied out the window?   And what are the Cartwrights going to do with it?
Rated: K+ WC 2000

What Child is This? (by Anne G)

Synopsis: The Cartwright’s hire a new hand and his wife.  A young Little Joe is especially drawn to the wife.  The true meaning of Christmas revealed once again.
Rating: G  (24,300 words)

What Did He Say? (by Krystyna)

Summary:  It pays to listen.  After the fact, the family tries to figure out what Hop Sing said before returning to his kitchen.
Rating K  (1,240 words)

What Do You Want in A Man? (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: A poem I wrote for the Man In Black’s birthday.
Rated: K+ (260 words)

What Ever Happened to the Lovely Mothers (by the Giggly Sisters)

Summary: Ben Cartwright reminisces about his three wives: Elizabeth, Inger, and Marie and their untimely deaths.
Rated: K+

What Fate Decrees (by Terri)

Summary: The tragic events that devastate two families, bring them together once more twelve years later.
Rated: K+ WC 6300

What If He Never Forgives Me? (by Bonanzaluver)

Summary:  a WHN to “My Brother’s Keeper”. Adam suffers the guilt of accidentally shooting Joe even after Joe recovers. Can Joe forgive Adam and will things ever be the same between them?
Rated: K+ (3,255 words)

What Kind of Man (by Cheaux)

Summary:  Joe has become unusually introspective, much to the consternation of his brothers.
WC 1600  Rated: K

What Nobody Saw (by Devonshire)

Summary: After a tragic accident Joe struggles with guilt and rejection. When his life is threatened and in despair he seeks refuge with a kindred spirit.
Rated K+ (9,960 words)

What the Vultures Will Bring #1 (by Calim11)

Summary:  What Happened Next – The Crucible
Rating:  T  (9,985 words)

What the Vultures will Bring #2 – The Light Home (by Calim11)

Summary:  WHN – The Crucible
Rating:  T  (22,225 words)

What the Wind Blew In (by McFair)

Summary: One day the wind blows in a woman claiming to be Ben Cartwright’s daughter. As her claim appears to be valid, Belle moves into the Ponderosa bringing trouble from her past in the form of a man who is obsessed with her and who blames Ben Cartwright for taking her mother away. Before the end the lives of the Cartwrights and the Ponderosa itself are in danger of going up in flames.
Rated: PG-13    Word count: 59, 034

What We Didn’t Choose (by BluewindFarm)

Summary:  Exploring what makes you who you are?  The first sentence was the May 1, 2016 Pine Cone prompt to use.  The original submission has been expanded so the story would meet the minimum word requirements for the Library.
Rating:  K  (635 words)

What Would Adam Do? (by BettyHT)

Summary:  On the occasion of Mark Twain’s death, Adam tells his grandson a story that Mark told him about Adam’s brothers.
rating: K+   WC = 1091

What’s in a Name (by Terri)

Summary: When Hoss falls in love it causes a rift between him and his youngest brother, which effects all the family. Unbeknown to the family, the girl’s uncle has a dark secret that threatens to destroy all their lives.
Rated: T WC 23,000

What’s Keeping Them Now (by DJK)

Summary:  The Cartwright boys’ belles are left wondering what has happened this time.
Rated: T   Word count: 1182

What’s Right? (by EPM)

Summary: Adam risks his life in trying to follow his father’s teaching in doing right, but others have ulterior motives that thrust the Cartwrights into the middle of a fight they can’t afford to lose.
Rating: K+ (11,510 words)

Whatever It Takes #1 (by Wrangler)

Summary: Whatever it Takes is the first story in this series. When Joe is seriously injured, the remedy serves to be much more harsh than anyone expected.
Rated: T  WC 22,000

Whatever It Takes #2 – Absolute Faith (by Wrangler)

Summary: Absolute Faith is the second story in this series.
Rated: T WC 32,000

Whatever It Takes #3 – A Part of the Main (by Wrangler)

Summary: A Part of the Main is the third story in this series.
Rated: T  WC 22,000

Whatever It Takes #4 – Mustard Seed (by Wrangler)

Summary: Mustard Seed is part 4 of this series.
Rated: T  WC 45,000

Whatever It Takes #5 – To Help a Stranger (by DebF)

Summary: This is the 5th story of this series.
Rated: T WC 19,000

Whatever it Takes (by Rona)

Summary: A ruthless mining baron takes on the might of the Ponderosa, prepared to do whatever it takes to get what he wants – including murdering the sons of Ben Cartwright.
Rated:  T  (9,030 words)

Whatever the Cost (by faust)

Summary: To what length will Adam go to prove a stranger’s innocence?
Word count: 9,499

When a Child is Born (by Rona)

Summary: Mary, two Josephs — one extremely jealous of the other, a baby waiting to be born, Christmas morning and a fight.
Rating: K+ (3,570 words)

When Darkness Falls (by alyssajoy64)

Summary:  A stranger stumbles onto the Ponderosa, bringing changes, healing, heartache, and a secret past that will haunt them all. This story, in a very roundabout way, is a WHN for the “The Crucible”.
Rated: K WC 15,700

When Death Comes Callin’ (by DebbieB)

Summary:  When a young friend and Joe play hooky from school, Joe won’t tell his father the real reasons, until it’s too late.  Ben then has to find the words to comfort his son and explain why God allows such things as an untimely death, to happen.
Rated G  WC 15, 300

When Hope and Fate Collide (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: Everything was progressing smoothly, right up until it went so wrong. The brothers and their men drive their largest herd ever to Sacramento, California.
Rating:  T (32,520 words)

When I Wake Up (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary:  One of the Cartwright boys finds himself in a tight spot.
Rated: T (3,050 words)

When Love and Hate Collide #1 (by Rona)

Summary: A woman looking to buy horses sees the start of a new romance for Joe.
Rated: T (14,080 words)

When Love and Hate Collide #2 – How Do I Love Thee? (by Rona)

Summary: The sequel to ‘When Love and Hate Collide’. Leigh decides to reclaim Joe as her own.
Rated: T (9,000 words)

When Pa Comes Home (by JoanS)

Summary: Adam tries to keep the family together while Ben is away
Rated: K (8,845 words)

When Sorrows Come (by Doolittle)

Summary:  WHN “The Crucible”
Rating:  T  (9,925 words)

When Spring Comes Again (by Foreverfree)

Summary:  Two years ago, the girl Joe Cartwright loved moved away and married another man without an explanation or even a goodbye. Now she is back – as a young widow.
Rating:  T    Word Count:   5,543

When the Big Man Falls (by DJK)

Summary:  A young girl must save Hoss’ life when he is left to die.
Rated: T  Word count:  6479

When the Dawn Seemed Forever Lost (by patina)

Summary:  In the wake of Marie’s death, the Cartwrights cope with the loss of the woman who was like spring year-round.  Adam is 15, Hoss is 11, and Little Joe is 4.
Rating: K+  Word Count=26,509

When the Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big Ponderosa Pie — A REALLY Lost Episode (by Robin)

Summary:  Inspired by the famous song sung by Perry Como and Dean Martin.
Rating:  T  (1,500 words)

When the Storm Passes (by DebbieB)

Summary: More than dark clouds are brewing for the Cartwrights. Joe’s been accused of being involved in the recent trouble about town and the accusations have a grave affect on all his family, but mostly for himself.
Rated G  WC 20,300

When the Time Comes (by Gwynne)

Summary:  Deeply troubled after his return from the Civil War, Adam finds redemption in helping a Rebel seek justice.
Rating:  T  (21,780 words)

When Will I See You Again? (by Claire)

Summary:  Secrets from the past are revealed and cast new light on all the Cartwrights and cause them to re-evaluate their relationships with one another. But some secrets should remain hidden…
Rated: T (16,70 words)

When Words are Hard to Find (by Miss Judy)

Summary:  Adam’s return from college has Ben saying and doing everything wrong, with no clue as to why he’s acting that way, yet unable to make any adjustments in his behavior to stop the building crisis. The tension in the house comes to a head as Adam is severely injured in a fall and Ben finds out that his son has made plans to leave the ranch and take a job as an engineer in San Francisco. As Adam’s condition unexpectedly worsens, Ben finds the right words to say, but fears it may be too late to make a difference. Paul Martin and Hop Sing play important roles in easing these two powerful Cartwrights back together.
Rated: K+   WC  9200

Whenever You’re in Trouble (by Rona)

Summary: Sometimes you don’t have to ask for help — it’s always there.
Rating: PG (6,235 words)

Where Angels Fear to Tread (by pkmoonshine)

Summary:  A certain Cartwright must find within him the wherewithal to face his greatest fear. The life of another may well depend on it.
Rating K+

Where Ghosts Walk (by Ellie248)

Summary: Joseph Cartwright returns to the Ponderosa to find everything has changed in his absence – for the worst
Rating K  (4,116 words)

Where Love Once Lived (by DebbieB)

Summary: After a stampede scatters the herd, the only one missing is Little Joe. What happens afterward turns out to be a living nightmare for all the Cartwrights.
Rated PG WC 20,100

Where Spiders Fear to Tread (by Annie K Cowgirl)

Summary: “Don’t look down, don’t look down, don’t look down…” I repeated the phrase over and over again under my breath, as I took another careful step forward. A Little Joe story.
Rating: K+ for mild swearing and angst  1,475 words

Where There is Life, There is Hope (by DebbieB)

Summary:  It was a trying time when Joe got sick on me and then both of us were held prisoners by a gang of thugs who were seeking revenge on our father for something that happened long ago.  I was afraid that Joe was dying…but something somebody once said to me came to mind, ‘where there is life, there is hope’…I clung to that.  Come on in, I’ll tell you all about it.  Adam.
Rated G  WC  8,350

Where There is Love (by JennieA)

Summary:  Unforeseen circumstances finds the Ponderosa falling into devious hands making the entire Cartwright family victims of an evil scheme.
Rated:  PG-13 (some violence)  (25,475 words)

Where There’s a Will (by JoanS)

Summary: Ben decides to update his will, which causes his sons some anxiety
Rated: K (10,855 words)

Where There’s Life There’s Hope (by Terri)

Summary: Disobedient sons, worried brothers, irate fathers, twins, rustlers, suffering and repentance all go together to make the following story.
Rated: K WC 25,000

Where’s Jake? (by DonnaM)

Summary:  Characters from TV’s “Highway to Heaven” visit the Ponderosa and help Joe get ready for a cattle drive.
Rating:  K  (5,910 words)

Where’s Little Joe (by Frasrgrl)

Summary: Adam was put in charge of watching two year old Little Joe while Ben and Marie are in town, but there’s a problem. Where did he disappear to?
Rated: K

Where’s My Horse? (by ViveAdam)

Summary: Daisy Lovecraft can’t help borrowing every others’ belongings. One day, she borrows Cochise…
Rated: K  WC 1100

Which Brother? (by southplains)

Summary:  Which brother is Adam closest to? It’s a question that seems to keep popping up, and when I saw it come up again on a forum thread on another site, Adam told me it was time to set people straight. He’s ready to talk.
Rated: K+  WC 2000

Which World Survives (by Donna)

Summary: Joe’s life as he knows it has changed ~ and when he finds himself living in the world he knows along with the life of his past, which wins?
(19,725 words) Rated K+

While Holding a Colicky Baby at Night (by dbird)

Summary: The Cartwright family learns that trials and blessings sometimes go hand in hand.
Rated: K+ (5,715 words)

While I Was Away (by DebbieB)

Summary: With Marie freshly buried and Ben locked away in his room, the boys are left alone to deal with their own grief.
Rated G  WC 7,760

While Shepherds Watched (by JoaniePaiute)

Summary:  “Real shepherds can be downright ornery,” Hoss tells his little brother, but 6-year-old Joe is determined to see for himself.
Rated: K+  WC 2900

White (by Justafan)

Summary:  Written for the 2016 Bonanza Brand Advent Calendar.
Rating:  K  (1,800 words)

White Christmas (by Frasrgrl)

Summary: The 2013 Christmas challenge was to write a story that reflects on your favorite Christmas Carol. One of my favorites is White Christmas.
Rated: K

Who Did It? (by bahj)

Summary: There’s a broken window on the Ponderosa but who’s guilty?
Rated: Family Friendly / Word count: 1025

Who Kidnapped Joseph Cartwright? (by lolo1999)

Summary:  Annie, Sarah, and Katie kidnap Little Joe while he’s on business.
Rated: K+ (875 words)

Who Spake by the Prophets (by the Giggly Sisters)

Summary:  The Biblical properties of Bonanza are scrutinised by the Giggly Sisters, as only they can do.
Rated: K+ WC 1700

Who? (by DJK)

Summary:  A mystery to be answered in your own mind.
Rating:  T  (1,955 words)

Who’s Child is This? (by Starlite)

Summary: It’s Christmas on the Ponderosa and the Cartwrights have an unexpected visitor.
Rated:  G  (5,950 words)

Whose Child is This? (by DebbieB)

Summary:  When Joe turns up missing, Ben must confront his past if he ever wishes for a future with his son.
PG  WC 27,000

Why Didn’t She Love Me? (by DebbieB)

Summary:  In real life, it’s a question many adopted children ask in regard to their birth mothers, mine did…and I told him the truth…she loved him very much, that’s why she made the ultimate sacrifice…to ensure that he would always be protected and well cared for.  For Joe Cartwright’s friend, it was no different.
Rated G  WC 10,000

Why I’m Thankful for my Brother (by patina)

Summary:  Joe is out of school for Thanksgiving vacation. Of course Joe can’t stay out of trouble and causes headaches for Adam. As punishment, Ben makes both sons write essays concerning why they are thankful for the other. Read their essays and see if they truly are thankful for each other.
Rating: K   Word Count=3541

Why Jesus is Better than Santa (by DebbieB)

Summary: As explained to Little Joe by his father and brothers.
Rated G  WC 1,780 words

Wild Justice (by PonderosaCartwrights)

Summary: All is quiet on the Ponderosa, until two strangers show up. Now, things start to twist and turn. Join in as Little Joe & Hoss, along with Ben & Adam, try and figure out how to get themselves out of yet another jam.
Rated:  T (33,685 Words)

Wild Oats (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary:  On a cold winter’s night, with help from a bottle of Bear Paw Johnson’s white lighting, what could the Cartwright boys ever find to talk about while their pa was sleeping soundly on the only bed in a ratty old line shack?
WC: 7425    Rated:  R

Wildfire (by Barbara)

Summary:  Adam fights wildfire in more ways than one when he has a chance encounter with an Indian boy while riding home through the desert
Rated: T (9,060 words)

Wildflowers (by Calim11)

Summary:  Ben and Adam are waylaid and left to die. Will all be lost or will unexpected help keep that pale rider at bay?
Rated: PG-13 for Western-style violence  (9,355 words)

Wind Beneath My Wings (by DebbieB)

Summary:  We all know how Adam felt towards his youngest brother. But have you ever really known how he felt, deep, deep down into the very core of his heart and soul? Adam pays tribute to his baby brother after Joe fights for days keeping him alive.
Rated G  WC 13,500

Wings of Eagles (by jfclover)

Summary:  Ben’s youngest son and five other children are taken during a school outing in May of ’56.  Little Joe is thirteen years old and discovers a new and different way of life.  Can he accept the changes and survive the ordeal without his Pa and his brothers by his side?
Rated:  MA  (47,000 words)

Winkin, Blinkin, & Nod (by Starlite)

Summary: Hoss negotiates his first big contract, with a little help from his family.
Rated:  G  (8,550 words)

Winter (by Krystyna)

Summary: A story of the events leading up to Adam’s illness that led Ben to reflect on his first wife in Elizabeth, My Love.
Rating: K+ (8,188 words)

Winter at Tahoe (by Rona)

Summary: Unexpected guests in the depth of winter bring trouble in their wake.
Rating: PG (9,800 words)

Winter Night (by Nanuk)

Summary: just a flight of fancy
Rating:  G  (1,275 words)

Wisdom Comes with Age (by patina)

Summary:  All Adam wanted was a quiet evening at home to mark his birthday. Was that too much to ask?
Rating: K+  Word Count=5209

Wish (by Belle)

Summary: Adam and Joe are fighting again. This time they learn to be careful what they wish for!
(11,424 words)  (Rating: K+)

Wishing on a Star (by Dodo)

Summary: A few lost hours for Adam and Joe during the episode ‘A Stranger Passed This Way’.
Rated: K+ Word Count: 7494

Witches Coven #1 – (by Rona)

Summary: Joe is invited to a birthday party on Hallowe’en. Spooky goings-on culminate in near tragedy.
Rated: T (10,465 words)

Witches Coven #2 – Witch Hunt (by Rona)

Summary: A sequel to The Witches Coven
Ben returns home with bad news for the family, but Joe in particular. Patty is once more at large.
Rated: T (9,850 words)

Witches Coven #3 – Jock (by Rona)

Summary: This is the story of the mysterious Jock, the ranch hand mentioned in The Witches Coven and Witch Hunt.
(7,405 words)  Rated: T

With the Dawn Comes Mourning (by Calim11)

Summary: Civil War – The morning’s coming and there’s only one place Captain Adam Cartwright needs to be.
Rated: K+  (6,220 words)

With this Ring (by patina)

Summary:  The Cartwrights attend a wedding.
Rating: K  Word Count=1301

With this Ring (by Rona)

Summary: The sale of a couple of horses leads to a frightening ordeal for Joe.
(10,535 words)  Rated: T

Without Malice (by DebbieB)

Summary:  Little Joe’s best friend is killed in an unfortunate accident and Joe holds himself responsible.  How will he ever overcome his guilt?
Rated G  WC 8200

Without Sin (by Inca)

Summary:   Adam and Joe fall in love with the same woman, and Ben has a secret that may well tear the Cartwrights apart.
Rated: T  WC 30,200

Without You (by PSW) 

Summary: The brothers share a bittersweet day.  Written for the July 15 Pinecone Challenge and (very slightly) expanded for inclusion here.
Rating: K   WC: 576

Wolf in the Wind (by freyakendra)

Summary: Seeking shelter in a line shack during an early spring ice storm, Joe encounters a family of moonshiners he doesn’t stand the chance of fighting. He can do nothing but hold to the thin hope that his family will reach him in time.
Rated: T Word Count: 25,000

Worth Fighting For (by No1ButJoe)

Summary:  A What Happened Instead to The Crucible. What if Joe went with Adam? WARNINGS: Rated due to bad language, descriptive violence, and extremely harmful injuries.
Rating:  T   Word count: 58390

Worth Fighting For (by Rona)

Summary:  After falling out, Adam and Joe discover what is worth fighting for.
(6,865 words)  Rated:  T

Wrapped in Wild Snow (by Rona)

Summary: Going to try and rescue a neighbour, the Cartwrights find themselves to be the ones in need of rescue. Can the courage of one of them save the others?
(5,865 words) Rated:  T

Wrong Side of the Law (by chellek)

Summary:  When their stagecoach comes under attack, Joe and Adam struggle to protect their fellow passengers.
Rated: T (10,710 words)

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