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Dragon Dance (by LissaB)

Summary:  Hop Sing adjusts to his first year with the Cartwright family.
Rating :   K+ (9,990 words)

Love’s Labours (by LissaB)

Summary: It’s spring, and we all know what a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of. But we also know that the path of true love never doth run smooth, so one way or another, all the Cartwright brothers find themselves with “wimmin trouble”.
Rating: K+ (81,935 words)

Native Land (by LissaB)

Summary: Adam’s grandfather writes, leaving him with a difficult choice to make. My first Bonanza story written back in 1999.
Rating: K+ (33,460 words)

Odyssey (by LissaB)

Summary:  As Ben travels to see an ill Adam at Harvard, he recalls a similar journey they made together so many years ago, from Boston to what was eventually to become the Ponderosa.
Rating:  K+  (101,875 words)

The Friendship – A Parody (by LissaB)

Summary:  What happened after the director yelled cut, or worse yet, what was left on the cutting room floor.
Rating:  K+  (1,185 words)

The Rubicon (by LissaB)

Summary:  Adam returns from college to find that fitting in back at the Ponderosa isn’t as easy as he’d hoped.
Rating: K+ (57,600 words)

Vengeance – WHN (by LissaB)

Summary:   A continuation of the episode Vengeance, taking up the story after barn scene between Adam and Joe, and Red Twilight.
Rating: T (67,830 words)


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