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Cold Harbor (by HazelMom)

Summary:  The Union army conscripts one member from every family to fight in the burgeoning war between the State.   How is it that all three Cartwright sons become involved in the war?
Rating :   T (45,770 words)

Doing the Right Thing (by HazelMom)

Summary:  Word reaches the Ponderosa that Hoss was legally hung, setting off a chain of events that sets the law against justice when it comes down to doing the right thing.
Rating :   K+ (11,035 words)

Geneva (by HazelMom)

Summary:  A series of letters combined with a deadly illness set the Cartwrights against each other and the town when Roy takes one of their own into custody.
Rating:  K+  (25,230 words)

Half a Man (by HazelMom)

Summary:  Hoss fights his family while they fight for his life.
Rating:  K+  (15,371 words)

The Long Picnic (by HazelMom)

Summary:  They blamed everyone but themselves, and  dragged the Cartwrights into their revenge.
Rating:  T  (22,340)

The Most Beautiful Poem (by HazelMom)

Summary: The family is in tatters; one brother promising to kill another, while another drinks his way to oblivion.  What happened and can anything be done to redeem  family?
Rating:  T  (30,620 words)

The True Character of a Man (by HazelMom)

Summary:  It is never wise underestimate the middle man, whether you’re ‘society’, a kidnapper, or family.
Rating:  T  (17,540 words)


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