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Bunnies, Bulls, and Brothers (by ChristyG)

Summary:  Hoss tells is like it is.
Rating:  K (10,353 words)

Cartwright Identity Crisis (by ChristyG)

Summary:  Is Adam really facing the prospect of an arranged marriage?
Rating :   K+ (5,270 words)

Home Invasion (by ChristyG)

Summary:  A broke-down stage plus a hotel filled to capacity equals visitors at the Ponderosa.  Just another day at the ranch.  Oh, was it mentioned that Ben was away and the visitors were of the female persuasion?
Rating:  K+ (3,087 words)

Hoss and the Saloon Girl (by ChristyG)

Summary:  He swears he hasn’t had a drink, but his vision has to been seen to be believed.  And you won’t believe it.
Rating:  K+ (2,100 words)

Joe’s Dilemma (by ChristyG)

Summary:  It’s love at first sight… again.
Rating:  K+ (4,060 words)

Life’s Lessons (by ChristyG)

Summary:  Just how much trouble will they be in, when Pa learns what he did?  Sometimes the end doesn’t justify the means.
Rating:  K  (11,080 words)

On the Warpath (by ChristyG)

Summary:  Everyone take cover .  Someone’s on the warpath.  Just how will they rescue themselves?
Rating:  K (1,645 words)

The Curse of the Faceless Fiend (by ChristyG)

Summary:  Convinced the Ponderosa is haunted, Little Joe, Hoss, and Hop Sing join forces to resist the ancient evil, despite Adam’s protestations.
Rating:  K+ (3,985 words)

The Inheritance (by ChristyG)

Summary:  After learning the contents of his father’s will, Hoss’ behavior changes radically.
Rating:  K (3,313 words)

The Mark of Despondency (by ChristyG)

Summary:  Is Adam suicidal? And can his brothers step in to save his life?
Rating  K+  (4,290 words)

The Murder of Little Joe Cartwright (by ChristyG)

Summary:  Did Adam finally succumb to his baser instincts and murder his little brother?
Rating:  K+  (4,745 words)

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