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A Cry for Freedom #1 (by JennieA)

Summary:  It started with Ben giving Little Joe more responsibility for the Ponderosa.   Little did the family realize the course Ben was setting in motion.
Rating:  R (65,725 words) Due to subject matter contained in this series, this stories are only available via e:mail from the author —

A Cry for Freedom #2 – Freedom from Fear (by JennieA)

Summary:  The aftermath of Joe’s kidnapping and subsequent rescue.
Rating:  R (33,760) Due to the subject matter contained in this series, the stories are only available via e:mail from the author —

Adventures Inn (by JennieA)

Summary:  Little Joe gets lost in a blizzard but finds out being by himself really isn’t so bad. Features the entire family.
Rating:  G (9,850 words)

Believe in Me (by JennieA)

Summary:  Ben realizes that he does not have to earn the trust of his son, it was always there to begin with.
Rated: G  (9,500 words)

Home at Last (by JennieA)

Summary: Wanting to go home after missing, a little boy suddenly has a change of heart.
Rated: PG  (5,475 words)

In My Father’s Image (by JennieA)

Summary: Unhappiness befalls the Cartwright family when Ben’s personality suddenly spirals downward. Features the entire family.
Rated: PG-13

The Devil and Miss Jones (by JennieA)

Summary: Little Joe’s first days of school isn’t what he thought it would be.
Rated: G  (15, 510 words)

Where There is Love (by JennieA)

Summary:  Unforeseen circumstances finds the Ponderosa falling into devious hands making the entire Cartwright family victims of an evil scheme.
Rated:  PG-13 (some violence)  (25,475 words)


Stories co-written with DebbieB

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Cupid’s Messenger (by JennieA & DebbieB)

Summary:  Cupid delivers a Valentine’s message. Let’s see if Adam can worm his way out of this one!
Rated :  G (11,540 words)

Fountain of Youth (by JennieA & DebbieB)

Summary:  With Marie away in San Francisco, Ben is left to the mercies of his three young sons. Will he survive or die of embarrassment first? Will his resolve stand strong or will he crumble under the pressure? Can he out think a three year old when his older sons provide no moral support and seems to always be laughing at  him behind his back? Ben has asked himself these same questions more than once since Marie went away.
Rated:  PG  (5, 300 words)

Go Tell it on the Mountain (by JennieA & DebbieB)

Summary:  It’s Christmas Eve and Little Joe tries to make a trade with the Virgin Mary.
Rated:  G (6,050 words)

Hallow’s Eve (by JennieA & DebbieB)

Summary:  Just when you think it’s safe to go to a Harvest Barn Dance.
Rated:  PG  (10,080 words)

Once Upon a Christmas (by JennieA & DebbieB)

Summary:   With Christmas fast approaching, the Cartwrights race against time to prolong the magic of Christmas from fading on the Ponderosa.
Rated: G (16,570 words)

Topsy Turvy (by JennieA & DebbieB)

Summary:  When seventeen year old Joe wakes, the sun is shining bright, the birds are singing and everything is prefect in his world, that is until his bedroom door is pushed opened by a strangle little kid who looks somewhat like his older brother, Hoss. Ben suddenly appears, babe in arms and when his father refers to the infant as Little Adam, Joe realizes that his world has just been turned Topsy Turvy.
Rated:  G  (9,300 words)

Turkey Day on the Ponderosa (by JennieA & DebbieB)

Summary:  Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and something isn’t quite right…Adam fears that his favorite holiday will be a disaster…and he has no one to blame, except Hoss and Little Joe.
Rated G  WC 10,250

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