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Hi! My name is Bree and I’m in my early 20s. I have been writing stories on various topics since I was 11, though I have been creating stories in my head for as long as I can remember.

My writing really began thanks to my little brother. He begged me each night to tell him a story and so I did. After doing this for awhile, my family convinced me to put them down on paper. Once I started writing, I soon found I was hooked.

My family and I run a kennel raising hounds (blueticks, bassets, and bloodhounds). I enjoy dabbling in photography and my other hobbies include reading, cooking, sewing, and other crafts of various kinds.

Newest:  A Mother’s Treasures — see summary below.

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A Journey Against Time (by puppycuddles)

Summary:  While trying to foil a land grab scheme, Joe is wounded. Despite her own injuries, can his younger sister, Sierra, get him to a doctor in time? A sister fic, with a plot based loosely around the episodes of Land Grab and My Brothers Keeper. Word count :   13,354   
Rating:  T

A Mother’s Treasures (by puppycuddles)

Summary:  A golden curl tied with a pink bow; a broken arrowhead; a crudely carved wooden horse; and a rough sketch of a two story log house… What do these things have in common? And what makes each one so special? Most people would say nothing, but to a mother’s heart, each of these symbolize something- or rather someone- very special.
Rating:  K    Word count :   5,643