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Kicks Like a Mule
(by Gwynne)
Summary:  A seriously injured Adam must deal with the urgent need to get the ranch ready for winter, and try to solve a domestic mystery while coping with insistent pain that immobilizes and distracts him.
Rating:  T  (21,700 words)
Private Lessons
(by Gwynne)
SummaryAn unconventional older woman; an exceptional young man – everybody has to learn from someone, and Adam is fortunate to find the perfect teacher.
Rating:  T (6,245 words)
The Contract #1
(by Gwynne)
Summary:  Desperadoes and a contract with the Army spells trouble for those on the Ponderosa.
Rating:  T  (16,650 words)
The Contract #2 – The Price of Courage
(by Gwynne)
Summary:  The following script, based on the story The Contract, was submitted to Bonanza in early 1963 by a kind agent willing to take on an unsold writer.  The script was rejected as ‘well done, but too expensive in production.”
Rating:  PG-13  (19,427 words)
Wall of Darkness
(by Gwynne)
Summary:   When an accident leaves Adam suddenly blind, he and his family must come to terms with his drastically altered status.  A poker game and a forest fire both have their impact.
Rating:  soft R  (26,450 words)
When the Time Comes
(by Gwynne)
Summary:  Deeply troubled after his return from the Civil War, Adam finds redemption in helping a Rebel seek justice.
Rating:  T  (21,780 words)


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