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A Rose for Abigail
(by Sierra Girl)
Summary:  A year following the marriage of Abigail Jones and Hank Myers, the services of Cupid and Cupid Unlimited are called into action once again when the Myers’ marriage hits a rocky patch. And once more, Adam finds himself an unwilling participant—or should that be victim—in Hoss and Joe’s uproarious schemes.
Rated:  K+   Word Count:  9105
I’m Giving Myself to You, Adam
(by Sierra Girl)
Summary:  Written for the Anniversary “R” Forum Literary Challenge, this story chronicle’s Adam’s encounter with a young lady described by Virginia City’s upstanding citizens as ‘trouble’, ‘not the right sort of girl’, ‘a cat on heat’. A tale of what happens when a pair of hot-blooded young people with fire in their souls meet and throw caution to the wind to be together.
Rated:  MA for explicit sexual content
Word Count:  12,031 words
Out of the
(by Sierra Girl)
Summary:  The murder of a friend, and the ensuing trial, lead an exhausted Adam to confront deeply buried fears and long-held guilt about events in his past. Will he come out the other side unscathed and able to face up to his father?
Rating: T   Word Count: 23,980 words
(by Sierra Girl)
Summary:  Created for the 2017 Advent Calendar.
(by Sierra Girl)
Summary:   When Adam, Hoss and Little Joe sneak out in the early hours for Adam’s last childhood adventure, their father’s reaction is not what they expect.   A prequel set in the months before Adam leaves for college.
Rating: K    Word Count: 3,527
The Eighth Day
(by Sierra Girl)
Summary:  When Adam encounters a mysterious woman on the shores of Lake Tahoe, his whole world will be changed forever. And just what is the woman’s involvement in the abductions taking place around the lake? This is my take on how and why Adam left the Ponderosa. An AU fantasy set in the ‘real’ world of Bonanza. A story where the lake is the star of the show.
Rating: T (36,890 words)
The Gingerbread Man
(by Sierra Girl)
Summary:  On a wintery Christmas Eve, five-year-old Little Joe learns the meaning of trust and brotherly love. And discovers that when a family member leaves, it doesn’t have to be forever. Written for the 2016 Advent Calendar
Rated:  K  Word Count:  2877 words
The Man of Many Spirits
(by Sierra Girl)
Summary:  Adam’s life is turned upside down after an attack on a wagon train leaves him alone and injured in the desert. He is helped by an unlikely saviour. But what has become of his family? And why is his rescuer so keen to keep the truth from him.
Rating: T (83,320 words)
The Many Spirits #2 – Man Who Lost His Heart
(by Sierra Girl)
Summary:  The sequel to ‘The Man of Many Spirits’. For two years Adam had been living in a village of Ute Indians believing his family had died in a wagon train attack. He was settled in his new life until the day he was abducted and left to die in the desert. Now, with help from some old faces, he embarks on a desperate search for his wife, before a heart-breaking decision has to be made.
Rating: T (54,802 words)


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