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Hi! I’m Carly Bradley, but for the longest time, mt friends have called me Josephine or (Little) Jo, because of my huge crush on Little Joe Cartwright.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to meeting some awesome Little Joe fangirls like myself.  I’m extremely romantic and love horses almost as much as I do men.  I’m also proudly left-handed, and I’m an aspiring actress.   🙂

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Just a Taste of Vengeance
(by Little Jo Cartwright)
Summary:  After Adam Cartwright is shot down by an old enemy of Ben Cartwright’s, Joe swears to get even with the man who seriously injured his brother. Joe travels to Carson City in pursuit of Jed Clemens, his brother’s would-be murderer. But after Joe manages to locate Clemens, things start to go wrong…
Rating  T  (7,050 words)


Latest Update:  6.16.2016

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