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Dead Horse in
(by RandyS)
Summary:  Becky Sims issued the following challenge in a writer’s group:
“Perhaps Randy would be willing to give us a two-page story on the moment Chad Cooper [Laredo] walks into a saloon yelling ‘Joe!  Your horse just keeled over and died in the middle of the street!’ and Joe Cartwright is standing at the bar?”
Rating:  K  (2,000 words)
Griff and the
Irish Dancer
(by RandyS)
Summary:  A little look at Griff King many years away from prison.
Rating: T  (4,990 words)


Co-Written by RandyS & KarenF

The Murder of
Joe Cartwright
(by RandyS & KarenF)
Summary  Co-Author’s note: This final season story has a cameo appearance by a character created by Karen for her original-cast story, The Luck of the Draw.
Rating T (59,355 words)
The Pleasure of
Their Company
(by RandyS & KarenF)
Summary:   Thanks especially to Vickie who supplied Scott Lancer’s voice of reason which was of so much help to poor Griff especially.  This is a later seasons Bonanza/Lancer cross-over.  Main characters are Joe, Candy, Griff, Jamie and Scott Lancer with brief appearances by Ben, Murdoch and Johnny.  We don’t own them, but if we did, this is pretty much what we’d do with them.  Thanks to Stephen King from whom we borrowed a little incident from his childhood.
Caution:  mostly PG for sexually suggestive situations, but it does cross-over into R in several places toward the middle where the suggestions are carried out.  (47,365 words)


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