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NEWEST STORY:  Of Little Boys and Puppy Dog Tails — see summary below

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A Ponderosa Christmas Carol
(by Questfan)
Summary: My version of Charles Dickens’ famous story, as written for the 2016 BoNaNo Challenge. Thank you to the fun group of writers who participated as it was the first time I have done anything like that.
Word Count: 7111    Rated: T
Chasing Shadows
(by Questfan)
Summary: Ben had taught his boys a code of honour that extended to others. They lived by it and he was proud of them, but would that code sustain him if it cost him one of his sons?
Word Count: 7208    Rating: T
(by Questfan)
Summary: When Ben leaves on a cattle drive with two of his sons, he has no idea that when he returns home, Joe will be gone. After searching for him, he has to face the very real possibility his son will never return.
Word Count: 13,562      Rating: T
Of Little Boys and Puppy Dog Tails
(by Questfan)
Summary: It has only been a short time since the family lost Marie and each of them is struggling to come to terms with it. None of them could have foreseen the impact one small, stray dog would have on the whole family.
Word Count:  5846     Rating: T
(by Questfan)
Summary: When Joe returns home with a child that he claims is his, the story is not quite what anyone expects.
Rating – T   Word Count – 14,709
Repent at Leisure
(by Questfan)
SUMMARY:  When Joe and Mitch befriend two orphaned boys and try to help them, Ben has no idea where this new friendship will lead his youngest son. It would actually prove to be Ben’s spur-of-the-moment decision that would lead to disaster. All parents have acted in haste and he just prays he has time to set things right again.
Rating:  T   Word Count: 60,173
Second Chances
(by Questfan)
Summary:  An alternative version of the episode, The Trap. Joe accidentally shoots and kills Burk Shannon, but all is not what it seems.
Rating:  T  Word Count: 8079
Something Important
(By Questfan)
Summary: Adam is forced to consider what is important to him, especially when he may have lost someone that is very important to him. A Bonanza prequel story, set just after Adam returns home from college.
Word Count: 16231   Rating: T
(by Questfan)
Summary: At sixteen, Joe was champing at the bit to be counted as a man. Until the day where his choices could have dire consequences for both his brothers.
Rating: T Word Count: 33,779
The Prodigal Sons #1
(by Questfan)
Summary: Pitching brother against brother is a cruel game, but turning father against son is even better. Long buried hatred resurfaces in an unexpected way with devastating consequences for the whole family.
Word Count: 39,833     Rating: T
The Prodigal Sons #2 – A Friend in Need
(by Questfan)
Summary: When Adam receives an urgent telegram, calling in a marker, he has no idea what he is riding into. A tale of brothers and the bonds that hold them together, no matter what comes against them. This story does go into OC territory, but it all ties in with our favourite family along the way.
Word Count: 39,542     Rating: T
Three Halves Make a Whole
(By Questfan)
Summary:  When seven-year-old Little Joe gets the wrong end of an idea and twists it out of shape, it’s up to his family to straighten things out. An early prequel story before Adam has left for college.
Rating: K   Word Count: 3041


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