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Welcome and thank you to any and all who read my fan fiction. I have written over a period of 20 years for Star Wars, Blakes 7, Nightwing and the New Titans, Daniel Boone, The Young Rebels (1970s), Robin of Sherwood and Doctor Who. I am currently focusing on Bonanza and Little House on the Prairie. I am an historic interpreter, artist, doll restoration artist, and independent author.

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NEWEST:  The Biggest Miracle of All — see summary below.

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A Switch in
His Shoe
(by McFair)
Summary: Written in honor of Dan Blocker’s birthday. The Hoffmeisters have come to the Ponderosa for their annual December visit bringing tales of Germany’s Wienachsten and its mystical creatures. As strange things begin to happen, young Hoss Cartwright becomes convinced that St. Nick’s man-servant, a feller he calls ‘K-necked Rupert’, has come to bring judgement on them all.
Rated: G (14,550 words)
A Tale Told by an Idiot
(by McFair)
Summary: It is 1875. Two years later, Joe Cartwright’s inability to cope with his wife’s death is ruining his life. His Pa thinks getting away might be the answer. Little does Ben know that his decision will put Joe’s life in danger, as well as the lives of the Ingalls’ family who take a wounded Joe in and bring the wrath of a man who hates him down on their heads.
Rated PG-13 for violence, brutality and adult situations (54,680 words)
Belly of the Whale
(by McFair)
SUMMARY: 14 year old Joe Cartwright was just trying to do something nice for a friend. Older brother Adam didn’t see it that way. An argument between brothers sets off a series of events that turns into an unstoppable torrent of trouble, which leaves one of Ben Cartwright’s sons with a terrible task to perform and another near death, trapped in the Belly of the Whale.
Rated: PG-13 for mild language and implied adult situations, which do not occur.    WC 76.500
Blood and Bread #1
(by McFair)
Summary:  Twelve-year-old Little Joe is late for supper. Hop Sing is hopping mad and Adam is none too pleased. When he heads for the stable to look for his brother, Adam expects an argument – what he gets is something else entirely. Something that begins in terror and rolls on toward tragedy. Will the Cartwrights ever be the same?
Rated PG-13 for typical standard episodic TV Western violence and brutality.  (92,480 words)
Blood and Bread
#2 – Keep Your
Eyes on the Sun
(by McFair)
Summary:  A sequel to ‘Blood and Bread’. Nearly a year after Little Joe was kidnapped by Wade Bosh a new threat arises born of an old pain. Can the Cartwrights survive being drawn into the tangled web woven by the choices Rosey O’Rourke made long ago?
Rating:  T  (69,970 words)
Blood and Bread #3 – Thirty-Six Ways to Get Out of Trouble
(by McFair_58)
Summary:  Continuing the story of Ben and Rosey O’ Rourke.
Rating:  83,100  Rating  PG-13
Bootless Cries
(by McFair)
Summary: Who would have thought that a pair of missing boots would propel the Cartwrights into the nightmare world of a madman? One morning Joe wakes up to find his boots gone and the mystery of how he lost them – and who is wearing them – leads to a series of events that could cost not only Joe’s life, but Adam and Hoss’ as well.
Rated PG-13 (58,335 words)
Gully Washer
(by McFair)
Summary:  With a storm approaching, Little Joe heads out to find the prize foal his father is so fond of and is caught in a flash flood. While his brothers deal with their own fears, Ben Cartwright fights a battle to overcome despair and grief and face the very real fear that Joe may never be found.
Rated: PG-13  Word count: 38,190
(by McFair)
Summary: 12 year old Little Joe Cartwright loves black horses, especially the new black mare his brothers found and brought home. Though their father disapproves, Little Joe knows she’s the one for him and sets out to prove it. What do an apparition, a burned out ranch, a stolen fortune, a group of desperate outlaws, and Little Joe Cartwright have in common besides trouble? Mystery.
Rated PG for frightening images and western violence  (25,100 words)
One Little Two
Little Three Little Thunderbirds
(by McFair)
Summary:  A friend of Ben’s comes for a visit, bringing with him his three daughters and a dark secret from his past. At first it appears the greatest danger the visit presents lies in the insanity of a trio of young females in the Cartwright household. All too soon it becomes apparent that Gil Jenkins’ demons have not been laid to rest and threaten not only him, but the Cartwrights as well.
Rated: PG-13  WC 79,400
Same Pines
Different Wind
(by McFair)
Summary: This story is a sequel or WHN for the wonderful episode ‘Different Pines Same Wind’.  As Joe Cartwright helps the old woman Carrie Pickett prepare for winter, the arrival of a beautiful young woman at the Ponderosa spells disaster. Her appearance serves as a catalyst for an unexpected series of events that culminate in a showdown in the Piney Woods in which not only Joe, but Hoss and Ben, must face and overcome Marks deep seated need for revenge.
Rated PG-13   Word Count: 50,528
The Biggest
Miracle of
(by McFair)
Summary:  Just before Christmas Ben Cartwright makes a choice he will soon regret. He allows his twelve-year-old son, Joseph, to help the young woman who is filling in for Abigail Jones over the holidays find her way home. Little does Ben know that the blue sky of morning will soon become the deep gray of an approaching snow storm, and that his son and his teacher will need a miracle to survive.
Rated: PG-13 Word Count: 12,321

The Curse of
(by McFair)
Summary: In 2269 an archaeologist digging in the ruins of the Bodie mine on Earth discovers skeletal remains dating to 1876. On the wrist of the dead man, who is wearing a green jacket, is an alien device. Its discovery sends the crew of the Enterprise into the past to Ben Cartwright’s Ponderosa where the eddies of time and an alien menace are moving together to doom Ben’s youngest son.
The Curse of Bodie – A Bonanza-Star Trek Crossover
Rated: PG-13 for western violence and adult situations  (77,500 words)
The Devil’s in the Details
(by McFair)
Summary: This grew out of a discussion on Bonanza Boomers regarding all the conflicting info about Joe’s mother and his birth. Ten year old Joseph Cartwright has been assigned a project by Miss Jones to write a paper about his mother. The trouble is, he’s not quite sure what he knows so he asks for her help.
Rated G  (2,100 words)
The Lantern Man
(by McFair)
Summary: That baby brother of his, he could talk him into anythin’. They shoulda been home, but instead they ended up campin’ out near 13 year old Little Joe’s little gal’s house. All would have been well and good if’n only Joe’d have stayed put. But this was Joe and he didn’t. When he asked him how come, his baby brother said he didn’t know. Was it a nightmare, Hoss wondered, that called Little Joe out into the mist and got him nearly drowned? Or was it somethin’ else?
Rated PG 7, 666 words
The Real Man Smiles in Trouble
(by McFair)
SUMMARY:  Joe is attacked. At first it seems the motive was robbery, but all too soon it becomes clear that something devastating has happened to the youngest Cartwright son. As the truth comes out, the Cartwright men face a challenge none of them could have conceived; one that calls upon them to look deep within themselves to find a way to save Joe.

RATED M: This story is rated M for adult situations and themes including sexual assault, sexual innuendo, abusive behavior, violence and brutality.   (72,000 words)

They Do Dream Things True
(by McFair)
Summary:   When 10 year old Joe Cartwright awakes screaming his pa’s name in the night, his brothers assume the young boy is afraid since their pa is away in Placerville. What they can’t know is that Joe’s nightmare is all too real and their brother’s reaction to it will catapult all four Cartwrights on a journey that will end with both their father and little brother losing their lives – unless Heaven intervenes.
Rating:  K+  (41,980 words)
Wet Bottom, Warm Heart #1
(by McFair)
Summary: Deep inside 17 year old Little Joe Cartwright there’s an angry beast waiting to get out. It makes him say and do things he always regrets, like talking back to his Pa.  After one such incident, his shame drives him away from the Ponderosa, straight into the arms of trouble – and the waiting rifle sight of a little golden-haired girl named Elizabeth Carnaby.
Rating: PG    Word Count:  13,300
Wet Bottom, Warm Heart #2 – Sunshine with a Little Hurricane
(by McFair)
Summary:  After 11 year old Elizabeth Carnaby saved Little Joe’s life, he promised to bring her to the Ponderosa. She arrives along with a sudden winter storm that blows in not only a little fun but a whole lot of trouble, including a killer named Fleet Rowse who is looking to make easy money by lightening the load in Ben Cartwright’s safe.
Rating:  T  (82,825 words)
Wet Bottom, Warm Heart #3 – In the Darkness as in the Light
(by McFair)
Summary:  A burned out stagecoach lies on its side, the victim of an Indian raid. There’s a name on the coach manifest that makes Joe Cartwright’s heart stand still. Can it be that Elizabeth Carnaby is dead? And, as the man who robbed the coach seeks personal vengeance against Ben Cartwright’s youngest son – can Joe himself survive?
Rated M.   (101,760 words)
Wet Bottom, Warm Heart #4 – Doubt that the Stars are Fire
(by McFair)
Summary:  Eight years have passed since Joe and Bella met. Both have experienced great tragedy. A letter from Ben Cartwright paves the way for them to meet again. But is it too late for their love?  This story takes place post-canon.
Rated: M for adult situations, language, and intense emotional drama.  (62,200 words)
What the Wind Blew In
(by McFair)
Summary: One day the wind blows in a woman claiming to be Ben Cartwright’s daughter. As her claim appears to be valid, Belle moves into the Ponderosa bringing trouble from her past in the form of a man who is obsessed with her and who blames Ben Cartwright for taking her mother away. Before the end the lives of the Cartwrights and the Ponderosa itself are in danger of going up in flames.
Rated: PG-13    Word count: 59, 034


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