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The Bonanza Brand Library is pleased to include these stories by Grimesgirl in our Library.

According to her son, from all the Forums she was a member, she constantly printed off material to read.  He was pleased that her life could be so full of fun.  His only regret — all the money spent on paper and ink.  He has five file folder cabinet drawers full of ‘stuff’ printed by his mother.  He never could convince her to read off a laptop or tablet.

Though her pen has been silenced, the few stories she wrote will live on.
We thank her son for allowing Brand to help preserve these stories.

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Adam and the Stagecoach
(by Grimesgirl)
Summary:  What could be so difficult in helping out a friend?
Rating:  K  (1,090 words)
Square Deal Sam…
A Missing Scene
(by Grimesgirl)
Summary:  Drawing the ‘short straw’ without the benefit of the match, Adam finds it left to him to explain Hoss’ ‘strays‘ to Hop Sing.
Rating:  K  (980 words)
The Jury…
A Missing Scene
(by Grimesgirl)
Summary:  Just what was Adam supposed to do when he returned to Virginia City only to hear malicious talk concerning Hoss?
Rating:  K+  (1,400 words)


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