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A Job for Jasper
(by Gillian)
Summary:  Seventeen year old Adam risks his father’s anger when he brings home yet another stray, but help comes from a surprising source.
Rating:  G (3,990 words)
A New
(by Gillian)
Summary:  Hoss’ birthday present goes missing, and retrieving it gives both Adam and Ben an opportunity to find a new perspective on  important matters in their lives.
Rating:  G  (9,745 words)
A Very Present Help
(by Gillian)
Summary:  A stranger hired on to help when the Cartwrights find themselves shorthanded has a secret.
Rating:  T (5,925 words)
All For Nothing
(by Gillian)
Summary:  14 year old Adam tries to help Hoss out of trouble, but things, of course, go wrong.
Rating:  G (9,350 words)
(by Gillian)
Summary:  Adam’s best friend from college comes for a visit.
Rating:  G (11,000 words)
Death at Dawn…A Missing Scene
(by Gillian)
Summary:  This is the missing final scene that I would have liked to see-the one that tied up all the loose ends. A story in 4 voices.
Rating:  G  (10,090 words)
Distant Fears
(by Gillian)
Summary:  Ben comes home from San Francisco early because he has an uneasy feeling about his home and his sons. But is it just his imagination or is there really something to worry about?
Rating:  G  (16,500 words)
No Question About It
(by Gillian)
Summary:  This is a pre-Inger story. Ben, with four-year-old Adam in tow, takes a job on a farm  but he is offered something he never expected.
Rating:  G (11,200 words)
(by Gillian)
Summary:  Adam finds being an adult isn’t all good.
Rating:  G  (9,575 words)
The Art of the Possible
(by Gillian)
Summary:  written to explain how it was that Adam and Ben were both on the four-man Virginia City Council in “No Less a Man  ” –  but it doesn’t spoil the episode if you haven’t seen it yet.
Rating:  T  (17, 750 words)
The Light of His Life
(by Gillian)
Summary:  After ten years in Boston, Adam is forced to return home with his family. He finds giving up his dream very difficult, but something wonderful happens to give him the peace he has always desired. Has all the family in this one.
Rating:  G (20,210 words)
The Mark of a Man
(by Gillian)
Summary:  As the weeks turn to months, Ben’s indifference weighs heavy on Adam’s shoulders.  Will it take a tragedy to bring him home?  And once home, will he see his son in a new light?
Rating:  T (14, 025 words)


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