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A Day in the Life –
A Bonanza of a
(by JC)
Synopsis: A tongue-in-cheek view of a typical day for the Cartwright brothers, currently on the trail of a confidence man who suckered them during their Pa’s absence. Bonanza aficionados will find 105 episode titles embedded in the story.
Rating:  T  (2,550 words)
Beginning Again
(by JC)
Synopsis:  Ben Cartwright has twice known love and loss. Will the third time be the charm?
Rating: T (1,015 words)
(by JC)
Summary: A tribute in rhyme for everyone who loves the Cartwrights, especially those who love to write about them.
Rating:  G  (560 words)
More Than
a Memory
(by JC)
Summary:   Adam re-assesses his life in the aftermath of his broken engagement to Laura Dayton. (WHN for “Triangle”)
Rating:  T    Word Count:  4,184
Night Trilogy
(by JC)
Synopsis:   Strange things are afoot on the Ponderosa in these three after-dark comic vignettes.
Rating: K  (1,040 words)
(by JC2)
Synopsis: Sometimes life takes a man in a direction he never intended to go.
Rating: T    1682 Words
Pride Before a Fall
(by JC)
Synopsis:   A poem about what can happen when a man’s pride gets in the way of love.  If the subject is a Cartwright, it’s bound to be Adam.
Rating: T  Word Count: 400
Shirtless Joe
(by JC)
Synopsis: One man’s “Field of Dreams” is another woman’s fantasy.
Rating PG  (1,010 words)
Stanger in the Night
(by JC)
Summary: A Bonanza Gothic poem written for the “Once Upon A Midnight Dreary” challenge honoring the birthday of Edgar Allen Poe.
Rating K+     Word Count 251
The Best Little
Bed & Breakfast
in Nevada
(by JC)
Summary:  The Cartwrights entertain house guests.  Again.  Joe has a better idea.
Rating: K++, or maybe T-    (4512 words)
The Guardian – What the Heart Knows
(by JC)
Synopsis: A fateful encounter at the river leads to a revelation for Adam Cartwright.
Rating:  T  (3,475 words)
There is a Season
(by JC)
Summary: A man’s life and the things that matter most are revealed in a series of Christmas Eve vignettes. (Mind you, this is not a Bonanza story.  It is a piece of original fiction featuring a character born many years ago in a Bonanza World journal—an actor named Jack Richards, not-so-loosely based on the real life of Pernell Roberts. If that intrigues you, or if you’re just in the mood for an easy read in keeping with the season, you may enjoy this. I hope so.)
Rating: T    (11,083 words)
Ties that
Bind #1
(by JC)
Summary: An exploration of perhaps the most controversial subject in Bonanza fanfiction — what if Ben and Marie also had a daughter? But this is not a story about a Cartwright sister.  Though viewed through a different lens, it’s a story about a family we all know and love, whose relationships are tested and reaffirmed in the face of the inevitable.
Rating: K+ (27,820 words)
Ties that Bind #2 – Imperfect Memory
(by JC)
Synopsis:  A conversation overheard at a party evokes Adam’s memories of Marie and his own first love.
Rating: PG-13 for adult situations, mild language  (47,550 words)
Ties that Bind #3 – A Pearl Without Price
(by JC)

Synopsis: Adam Cartwright knows well there are some things in this world that money can’t buy, and other things are priceless. (Part of the AU series Ties That Bind)
Rating K+    (1,425 word)

Ties that Bind #4 – A Piece of Cake
(by JC)

Synopsis:  How hard can it be, taking care of two little boys for one day?  That’s what Joe thinks….
Rating K    WC 1,661

Ties that Bind #5 – Something About Amy (by JC)

Summary:  Tennyson said, “It’s better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.”  What would Joe Cartwright say? (WHI/WHN for The Truckee Strip and part of the Ties That Bind AU series) Rating K+   (1782 words)

Ties that Bind #6 – Guarding the
Hen House
(by JC)
Summary:  A too-pretty girl, a Saturday night dance, and a little moonlight mischief.  Not to worry—Adam’s got it covered.
Rating: T  (2859 words)
Ties that Bind #7 – When Angels Cry
(by JC)
Summary:  The arrival of a range detective in Virginia City means trouble for Adam in more ways than one.  (A WHI for The Flannel-Mouth Gun, part of the Ties That Bind series)
Rating: T  (13,258 words)
Ties that Bind #8 – When Worlds Collide
(by JC)
Summary:  Unexpected guests arrive at the Ponderosa on Halloween night. Written for the Michael Landon 2017 Birthday Challenge, it includes a re-imagining of events depicted in “The Strange One” (Season 7).
Rating:  K+ (3702 words)

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