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NEWEST STORY:  Cartwrights Forever — See summary below.

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A Day in the Life – A Bonanza of a Tale
(by JC)
Synopsis: A tongue-in-cheek view of a typical day for the Cartwright brothers, currently on the trail of a confidence man who suckered them during their Pa’s absence. Bonanza aficionados will find 105 episode titles embedded in the story.
Rating:  T  (2,550 words)
Beginning Again
(by JC)
Synopsis:  Ben Cartwright has twice known love and loss. Will the third time be the charm?
Rating: T (1,015 words)
Cartwrights Forever
(by JC)
Summary: A tribute in rhyme for everyone who loves the Cartwrights, especially those who love to write about them.
Rating:  G  (560 words)
Night Trilogy
(by JC)
Synopsis:   Strange things are afoot on the Ponderosa in these three after-dark comic vignettes.
Rating: K  (1,040 words)
(by JC2)
Synopsis: Sometimes life takes a man in a direction he never intended to go.
Rating: T    1682 Words
Pride Before a Fall
(by JC)
Synopsis:   A poem about what can happen when a man’s pride gets in the way of love.  If the subject is a Cartwright, it’s bound to be Adam.
Rating: T  Word Count: 400
Shirtless Joe
(by JC)
Synopsis: One man’s “Field of Dreams” is another woman’s fantasy.
Rating PG  (1,010 words)
Stanger in the Night
(by JC)
Summary: A Bonanza Gothic poem written for the “Once Upon A Midnight Dreary” challenge honoring the birthday of Edgar Allen Poe.
Rating K+     Word Count 251
The Guardian – What the Heart Knows
(by JC)
Synopsis: A fateful encounter at the river leads to a revelation for Adam Cartwright.
Rating:  T  (3,475 words)
Ties that Bind #1 – Imperfect Memory
(by JC)
Synopsis:  A conversation overheard at a party evokes Adam’s memories of Marie and his own first love.
Rating: PG-13 for adult situations, mild language  (47,550 words)
Ties that Bind #2 – A Pearl Without Price
(by JC)

Synopsis: Adam Cartwright knows well there are some things in this world that money can’t buy, and other things are priceless. (Part of the AU series Ties That Bind)
Rating K+    (1,425 word)

Ties that Bind #3 – A Piece of Cake
(by JC)

Synopsis:  How hard can it be, taking care of two little boys for one day?  That’s what Joe thinks….
Rating K    WC 1,661

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