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A Life Lived #1
(by HelenB)
Summary:  Adam and Joe run into trouble while away from the ranch. Will help arrive in time?
Rating:  T  (11,540 words)
A Life Lived #2 – Return of a
(by HelenB)
Summary:   Gunfighter Drew Maxwell returns to Virginia City.
Rating:  T    (13,900 words)
(by HelenB)
Summary:  Joe feels responsible for the death of a friend and with Christmas not far away, it doesn’t look like it will be a happy one.
Rating:  T    (16,265 words)
(by HelenB)
Summary:  A WHN for First Born.  Clay returns to the Ponderosa. Will trouble follow him again? Rating:  T  (8,330 words)
Decisions Made
(by HelenB)
Summary:   A ranch hand and decisions made could change the lives of the Cartwrights forever.
Rating:  T  (6,725 words)
Revenge of the Stranger
(by HelenB)
Summary:   A  WHN for the episode, The Stranger
Rating:  T   (9,775 words)
The Closed Door #1
(by HelenB)
Summary:  Ben says something to Joe that he didn’t think he would ever say to one of his sons.
Rating:  T
The Closed Door #2 – Door to the Past
(by HelenB)
Summary:  Joe crosses paths with the men who were involved in his kidnapping. And what is the secret Joe’s family are keeping from him?
Rating:  T  (24, 025 words)
The High Cost of Pride #1
(by HelenB)
Summary:   A young Ponderosa ranch hand learns that sometimes the cost of pride can be too high.
Rating:  T   (10,950 words)
The High Cost of Pride #2 – The Seeds of Hate
(by HelenB)
Summary:  When someone with a grudge against a friend of the Cartwrights starts causing trouble, the Cartwrights are drawn into it.
Rating:  T    (9,570 words)
The Murder of Callie Shaw
(by HelenB)
Summary:  Adam and Joe arrange to meet. When Adam fails to arrive, Joe sets out in search of him.
Rating:  T   (8,350 words)
The Past Returns
(by HelenB)
Summary:  After taking over the Army contract and seeing it through to completion, Joe is given a week vacation.  Nothing to worry about, right?  That is until Men from the past have other ideas.
Rating:  T  (21, 170 words)
The Runt
(by HelenB)
Summary:  The Cartwrights learn that sometimes the best things really do come in small packages.
Rating:  T  (3,150 words)
The Unbearable Choice
(by HelenB)
Summary:  Adam makes a decision that could cost his brother his life.
Rating:  T    (14,180 words)
Thunder’s Echo
(by HelenB)
Summary:  A WHN for the episdoe, The Thunderman.
Rating:  T    (15,425 words)
(by HelenB)
Summary:  Adam allows five year old Joe to bring home a stray dog, not knowing the heartache that will follow.
Rating:  T   (5,260 words)


Stories co-written with JennyD

Between Life and Death
(by HelenB & JennyD)
Summary:  A WHN for Between Heaven and Earth
Rating:  T   (15, 170 words)
Mercy or Murder
(by HelenB & JennyD)
Summary:  WHN for the episode The Quality of Mercy
Rating:  T  (21, 110 words)
Payback for a Kill
(by HelenD & JennyD)
Summary:  A WHN for Credit for a Kill.
Rating:  T   (15,700 words)


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