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A Few Changes
(by DianaG)
Summary:  Adam wakes to find a stranger in the house and and not everything as it was before he fell asleep.
Rating:   G (2,300 words)
A Man’s First Duty
(by DianaG)
Summary:  Adam argues with his father and decides that he must leave the Ponderosa.  Will being away from his family allow him to find what he is looking for?
Rating:  PG  (24,775 words)
A Summer Affair
(by Diana G)
Summary:    Adam, Hoss and Little Joe stop to help a woman travelling alone.  Their act of kindness brings with it a storm of emotions, and a revelation for their father.
Rating:  G  (30,615 words)
Carried on the Wind
(by Diana G)
Summary:  As Adam recovers from an accident, he wants to thank his rescuer, but that proves easier said than done.
Rating:  G  (29,310 words)
(by Diana G)
Summary:  Jake Tattersall comes to the Ponderosa looking for revenge.  Will his actions destroy the unity of the Cartwright family?
Rating: PG-13 for violence  (16,140 words)
Days of Discovery #1
(by DianaG)
Summary:  The boys find that a day’s work does not turn out as any of them expect.
Rating:  G    (9,740 words)
Days of Discover #2 – Journey to Heartbreak aka For the Love of Jamie
(by Diana G)
Summary:  Adam befriends a young woman and her son.
Rating:  G   (26,680 words)
Memories of Love #1
(by DianaG)
Summary: Adam meets the love of his life.
Rating:  T  (14, 095 words)
Memories of Love #2 – The Future of Love
(by DianaG)
Summary:  A continuation of Adam and Becky.
Rating  T   (9,150 words)
Memories of Love #3 – Love’s Reward
(by DianaG)
Summary:  A continuation of Adam and Becky.
Rating:  T   (14,400 words)
Memories of Love #4 – A Time to Heal
(by DianaG)
Summary:  Adam takes Becky away to help her recover from her illness. As Becky regains her health, they both find renewal. But then Adam is forced to accept that some wounds are so deep that they can never be truly healed.
Rating:  T  (21,265 word)
Memories of Love #5 – The Unlooked for Saviour
(by DianaG)
Summary:  Hoss and Joe are full of good intentions when they try to help Adam out of his desolate mood, but it is wisely said that ‘the road to Hell is paved with good intentions’.
Rating:  T  (1;9,870 words)
Memories of Love #6 – To Rage in Heaven
(by DianaG)
Summary:  Adam has to return to his wife with a secret that may destroy their marriage. How will Becky react when he tells her?
Rating  T  (36,900 words)
More Than Money
(by Diana G)
Summary:    Adam is determined to protect the payroll, but loses something more precious.
Rating:  T  (33,500 words)
Out of Mind
(by Diana G)
Summary:  When Adam is found with a bullet in his back, Roy’s explanation is unbelievable.
Rating:  T   (20,720 words)
Taken on Trust
(by DianaG)
Summary:  Caught between ‘a rock and a hard place’, Adam is forced to help rustle a Ponderosa herd.
Rating:  T  (16,885 Words)
The Best Laid Scheme?
(by Diana G)
Summary:  Adam decides that it is time for him to leave the Ponderosa, but things don’t work out quite the way he plans.
Rating: T   (46,590 words)
The Best Medicine
(by Diana G)
Summary:  Adam must take desperate measures to get Joe out of his depression.
Rating:  G  (8,785 words)
The Better Man?
(by DianaG)
Summary:  Adam goes undercover to help capture a group of rustlers.
Rating:  T   (25,800 words)
The Birth of a Man
(by DianaG)
Summary:  Tired of being told he’s too young, Joe takes off to hunt a cougar on his own, leaving Adam to follow him into danger.
Rating: T    (29,075 words)
The English Rose
(by Diana G)
Summary:  Adam rides into the mountains seeking to regain control of his emotions.  But a meeting with a stranger leads to events that he cannot control.
Rating:  T  (29,285 words)
Trouble in Trigo #1
(by DianaG)
Summary:  After a cattle drive, Adam and Joe rest for the night in the quiet little town of Trigo, but events lead them both to regret their decision to stop there.
Rating:  PG  (14,050 words)
Trouble in Trigo #2 – Treasure from Trigo
(by DianaG)
Summary:  Continuing the story of Adam and Bridey.  Joe helps Adam to face his feelings for Bridey and persuades him to return to Trigo.
Rating:  PG  (13,380 words)

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