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Love Hurts
(by Home Alone)
Summary:  Hoss rides up to Ima Hogg’s goat farm to deliver a message and barely escapes an unwanted marriage.
Rating:  K+/G    Word Count:  2,148
Other Plans
(by Home Alone)
Summary:  Ben has met a woman in town with a tragic past.  Drawn together by a common thread of lost love, their friendship grows until one night one of them makes a proposal for a closer relationship.
Rating:  MA/R  Word Count:  1755
Take Me Home #1
(by Home Alone)
Summary:  Adam is called home from Boston for a family emergency after a ten-year absence. Will he be able to win back the love of his life he left behind?
Rating:  MA/R   WC 19208
Take Me Home #2 – Letters from Home
(by Home Alone)
Summary:   Adam has left for Boston, leaving his wife Ellie behind while he makes ready for her to join him.  This is a collection of their letters to each other during their separation.
Word count: 5,169   Rating:  K+/G

Updated:  7.8.2017

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