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A Father’s Love
(by AnneG)
Synopsis: A young Joe Cartwright must live with the fact that he’s killed his father while playing with a pistol while Adam must learn to live with his younger brother in the aftermath.
Rating: G  (11,000 words)
Bear Hunt
(by AnneG)
Synopsis: While trying to catch a bear, a young Little Joe and a friend incur Adam’s wrath. Both brothers try to resolve what being a brother means and in the end, come to realize how important they each are to the other.
Rating: T (due to language)  (9,470 words)
Bonanza Christmas Story
(by Anne G)
Synopsis: The four Cartwrights, separated just before Christmas, keep running into this family that make it possible for them to once again understand the true meaning of Christmas.
Rating: G  (9,160 words)
The Hidden Hurt
(by Anne G)
Synopsis: Problems for Little Joe in school are a reflection of something else that is troubling him.  A trip in the mountains with Adam reveals the problem.
Rating:  G  (24,280 words)
What Child is This?
(by Anne G)
Synopsis: The Cartwright’s hire a new hand and his wife.  A young Little Joe is especially drawn to the wife.  The true meaning of Christmas revealed once again.
Rating: G  (24,300 words)

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