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After the Storm
(by MaryS)
Summary: Adam comes to terms with what happened and his responsibility  for his actions during The Crucible.
Rated: G   (17,150 words)
Blind Faith
(by MaryS)
Summary:  Ben is reunited with a boyhood friend who’s less than honorable reputation precedes him.   Adam does some investigating for his father’s sake and finds himself wishing he’d left well enough alone.
Rated:  G  (18,000 words)
(by MaryS)
Summary:   While on their way home after a cattle drive, the boys run into some trouble in the form of a ruthless gang of thieves! Also I wanted to dedicate this story to Andy who always believed I could write even when I didn’t.
Rated:  G  (21, 770 words)
For the Love of a Child
(by MaryS)
Summary:   Adam befriends Sarah, and discovers the lengths one will go to when there is a child to care for.
 G   (35,160 words)
(by MaryS)
Summary:  Adam returns home after a long absence and find things quite different than he left them.
Rated: G  (25, 300 words)
In the Face of Fear
(by MaryS)
Summary:  After being injured in an accident Little Joe is forced to battle a demon he can’t even see.
Rated: G   (16,000 words)
Out of Discord
(by MaryS)
Summary:  Joe and Adam find are at odds after a misunderstanding, but soon find the themselves with only each other to rely on for survival.
Rated: G  (16,900 words)
The Decision
(by MaryS)
Summary: Joe meets a young woman and her family, and suspects she is in trouble. She is too frightened to ask for help so he decides to do what he can to help her anyway.
Rated: G   (20,950 words)

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