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Brand is pleased to include these stories in the Library.  They were written in the early 2000’s for Becky’s own pleasure, and she hopes you will enjoy them.  Please note, Becky no longer writes Bonanza Fan Fiction and requests that readers refrain from asking for ‘more’ of any story when leaving a comment.

From the Brandsters / Librarians — Any reader not respecting the author’s request will have their comment deleted.

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A Camping Trip
(by BeckyS)
Summary:   Adam takes four-year old Little Joe on a camping trip and a lesson in vocabulary.
Rating:  G  (2,400 words)
(by BeckyS)
Summary:  The vignettes contained within were written in response to challenges issued in the long-gone Bonanza World website.
Rating:  G
Christmas Presents
(by BeckyS)
Summary:  A last-minute shopping trip almost ends in tragedy.  Christmas morning finds all marveling in the blessing of family.
Rating:  G  (2,740 words)
Daughter of the Night
by BeckyS)
Summary:  This story takes place approximately twenty years after the events in the episode “Bushwhacked” and was written after the Tahoe Ladies Story, Borrowed Time.
Rating:  T  (1,520 words)
(by BeckyS)
Summary:  Understanding finally trumps anger and hurt after a Cartwright rights a wrong.
Rating:  G  (660 words)
Field of White
(by BeckyS)
Summary: Shortly after his 16th birthday, Joe finds himself taking on responsibilities he couldn’t foresee.  And now, it’s up to him to help his oldest brother out of a deadly situation.
Rating:  T  (24, 700 words)
Ghosts of Christmas Past
(by BeckyS)
Summary:  A Later-season story with Candy and Jamie, and memories… or are they? 
Rating:  G  (3,700 words)
Mountain Eagle
(by BeckyS)
Summary:  Hoss and Joe work to figure out what’s troubling Adam.
Rating:  G  (2,000 words)
The Cave-in
(by BeckyS)
Summary:  I wrote this as a Ponderosa story, but it fits in the Bonanza world as well.  Warning for claustrophobics.  Which I nearly was after finishing writing it
Rating:  T  (6,100 words)
The Least Dreaded
(by BeckyS)
Summary:  He used what he had at hand to save himself; now he pleaded, “Don’t let him kill me.”
Rating: T (1,460 words)
The Pure Heart
(by BeckyS)
Summary:  The strength of ten in one.
Rating:  G   (1,430 words)


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