Library User’s Guide – Readers

Welcome to the Bonanza Brand Fan Fiction Library!

We hope you’ll pull up a comfortable chair and come back time after time to immerse yourself in our ever-growing Library.

With over 3,000 stories and over 185 authors, our Fan Fiction Library offers Drama, Alternate Universe, Action/Adventure, Comedy, Prequels, Mystery, Romance, and stories that explore the darker side of humanity. Included are stories that address What Happened Next, What Happened Before, Missing Scenes or What Happened Instead. Our Library also contains stories written in French and German.

The Bonanza Brand Library includes stories that have been assigned a Mature (MA) or R-Rating by their respective  authors.   These stories may contain explicit language, violence, and/or adult themes; and are not intended for readers under the age of 18.  Please head our rating guidelines.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is being made. This site is purely for fun.

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Due to the change in policy with Photobucket related to posting images to third party sites, Brand has been forced to remove the User’s Guide from the Library.  However, these directions are available by request.  Please send an e:mail to:

One of the Librarians will be more than happy to forward the directions via e:mail.

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Please note, that even though the Library and the Forums share the same home page, they require separate registrations to fully participate.

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Bonanza Brand encourages all readers to consider registering for membership in the Library; however, membership is not required.  For those who do not register but wish to leave a comment/review for a story, the system has a few requirements — complete the name and e:mail address, as well as answer a simple equation (to prove not a robot/spammer).  If the reader is a member in the Bonanza Brand Forums, please use your User Name in the name field, if not logged in.  Also, note that the e:mail address provided will not be publicly posted.

NOTE:  All comments left in the Brand Library are routed through a moderation process, the Library reserves the right to delete any spammer or any inappropriate reviews.

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Our authors love to read feedback on the stories they’ve spent countless hours creating.  Brand encourages all readers to leave a review/comment to let the authors know how much their works were enjoyed.  We only ask that when leaving comments, if a twist or a situation in the story took you by surprise, please don’t spoil the surprise for future readers by stating exactly who or what happened.

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During August 2017 a new Post View / Read Count was installed for the Library.  Unfortunately, this updated version reset all the counts to Zero.  Please do not take the low number or absence of Post Views as an indication the story is not worth the time to read.

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During July, 2017, the Brandsters and Librarians began working behind the scenes to update the look of the Library.  As with anything computer, keeping up to date on maintenance is paramount to a properly working system.  Check out our new theme; however, more work is still required before the job is completed.  The Library will remain open during our remodeling process.

In the new theme, the ‘excerpts’ appearing on the Front Page are snippets from the story posting.  If the story is part of a series, all the stories which are a part of it are listed and linked.  To read the previous titles, readers may use the search field (top of page) or click Read More… to reach the working links.

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In early 2014, Brand moved to a new platform to house all the stories in our ever-growing Library.  Due to circumstances beyond our control, most of the comments were lost during the transition.  So please, do not take the lack of / low number of comments as an indication that the story is not worth reading.  Brand also continues to upload older stories (only after obtaining permission) from authors who have not previously posted in the  library; and every now and then we find a ‘lost story’ written by one of our authors to include.


Thank you,

   The Brandsters & The Librarians


updated:  8.16.2017