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March 5, 2014 | Comments Off on Welcome

Note: Visitors to the Library wishing to leave comments on the stories must register.  This registration is separate from the registration for the Forums; however, the same username and password may be used.

Welcome to the Bonanza Brand Fan Fiction Library!  <– Click to reach our Stories

With over 2,100 stories and over 150 authors, our Fan Fiction Library offers Drama, Alternate Universe, Action/Adventure, Comedy, Prequels, Mystery, Romance, and stories that explore the darker side of humanity. Included are stories that address What Happened Next, What Happened Before, Missing Scenes or What Happened Instead. Our Library also contains stories written in French and German.


We hope that you’ll take a moment or two to register before you begin reading.

Detailed instructions on how to register and use our Library. – User’s Guide – Reader.


New Authors are always welcome.

Effective July 1, 2016, any author wishing to publish a story in the Bonanza Brand Library must become a member of the Bonanza Brand Discussion Forums.  As a forum member, a potential author must post a minimum of 100 times before being considered as an author in our Library. Once a member has reached the required 100 posts, they will be granted author status and be permitted to post stories in our fan fiction library, subject to approval by our Librarians. Note that all stories published must adhere to our library guidelines.

We strongly suggest that any new author use a beta reader before submitting a story for posting; it can be someone of their choosing or they can use a Bonanza Brand beta reader.

An exemption to this rule is given to those established authors invited to join the Bonanza Brand Library by the Brandsters or Librarians.

Potential authors should also register as a reader in the library. (Please fill in Name to show that you are human and not a spambot.  If you leave this field blank, there is a chance your account might be deleted during one of our routine spambot purges.)

Please be sure to include your Library username when submitting a story for approval.

If you have any questions, please contact our Librarians at

Once a story is approved, detailed instructions on how to post stories can be found here – User’s Guide – Author.

 Enjoy our library and Happy Reading!