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MA-Rated /R-Rated Stories – May contain explicit language and adult themes; and are not intended for readers under the age of 18.  Please heed our rating guidelines.

Action / Adventure

AU – Alternate Universe / Stories outside the normal bounds of the show (e.g. modern, fantasy, a Cartwright sister, Adam staying beyond season six.)

Crossover – Stories that combine Bonanza with another TV show, a movie, or a book.


French – stories written in French

German – stories written in German




Missing Scene – written to fill in the blanks between episode scenes




Ponderosa – Stories based on the 2001 prequel series entitled Ponderosa.

Prequel – Anything before A Rose for Lotta


Short Stories – Bonanza Short Stories from 500-999 words in length.

WHB – What Happened Before – Stories that explore what happened before the episode.

WHI – What Happened Instead – Stories that explore an alternative scenario for an episode.

WHN – What Happened Next – Stories that continue from where an episode ended.

Writing Challenges


Tags are broken down into the following divisions: