Prodigal Sons (by Questfan)

Summary: Pitching brother against brother is a cruel game, but turning father against son is even better. Long buried hatred resurfaces in an unexpected way with devastating consequences for the whole family.

Word Count: 39,834 Rating: T

Prodigal Sons Series:

Prodigal Sons
A Friend in Need

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Sense of Smell can be so Evocative (by mumu74)

Summary:  This story was written for the Challenge “Lorne Greene’s birthday”. It’s not a poem, it’s not a 102 words text, it’s a 2915 words short story about Ben during one very special moment of his life. I wrote this text in french, the translation was not an easy one because I wanted to keep the special atmosphere of that romance. I was helped by my English friend, who reread and corrected the text. Now you’ll be able to discover it ; I’m glad to share it with you.

Have you ever experimented that sensation that one special smell could bring so many memories ?

Rating:  K+ (2,915 words)

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One Step Closer #6 – Changes in Fate (by MissJudy)

Summary: Ben, Hoss and Little Joe head to Boston to be with Adam after receiving the devastating news that the entire Wadsworth family had perished at sea.  The Wadsworths had adopted Adam into their family when he’d been a student, and they’d renewed their support and friendship when he’d returned to marry Melinda and start a family twelve years later. Ben and the two brother find Adam coping, but staggering under the weight of his pain. Adding to his loss, Adam may lose his command over Wadsworth Engineering–the firm he’d helped make into a thriving business–when Frank Wadsworth’s will names an heir. Will this accumulation of loss be the final straw for Adam? Can the love and support of his family: his father and brothers from the West, and his grandfather, wife and children in the East, sustain him as he faces the absence of even more people he’d loved?

Rating: PG  (52,135 words)

One Step Closer Series:

For Love’s Sake Only
Til Death Do Us Part
Two Hearts Broken
In Search of Safety
From Two to Three
Changes in Fate

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I’m Giving Myself to You, Adam (by Sierra Girl)

Summary:  Written for the Anniversary “R” Forum Literary Challenge, this story chronicle’s Adam’s encounter with a young lady described by Virginia City’s upstanding citizens as ‘trouble’, ‘not the right sort of girl’, ‘a cat on heat’. A tale of what happens when a pair of hot-blooded young people with fire in their souls meet and throw caution to the wind to be together.

Rated: MA (for explicit sexual content) Word Count: 12,031

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