2018 Ponderosa Paddlewheel Poker Tournament

Welcome to the 2018 Ponderosa Paddlewheel Poker Tournament!   In June, Brand members were invited to contribute words that were assigned to each card in a normal poker deck (52+2 jokers).   Each table had its own deck, but the words were the same.

The cards were dealt, the hands played, and 14 stories have been written for your reading enjoyment.

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At Odds (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY: In this story, Adam has returned home but is not sure of what to do and if he should stay. It’s a romance, but a bumpy one as there are detours involving all consuming work, tragedy, and life threatening trouble that will fully engage his mind and his heart until he has found his place and his future.

rating = T word count = 27599

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