Thenceforward and Forever Free – Book 3 of A HOUSE UNITED series (by pulitzer2016)

Summary: As 1861 draws to a close, the Cartwrights enjoy their first Christmas with Josie on the Ponderosa.  But 1862 brings a number of challenges, from Adam disappearing in the desert to an influenza epidemic that threatens the entire town.  Meanwhile, Simon Croft continues to express romantic interest in Josie, much to Adam’s consternation.  Parts inspired by “The Crucible.”

Rating: T   Word Count: 50,379

A House United Series:

The Hardest Goodbye – Book 1 of A House United
And the War Came – Book 2 of A House United
Thenceforward and Forever Free – Book 3 of A HOUSE UNITED

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Born For Adversity (by BettyHT)

Summary:  There’s lots of shocking trouble for Adam right from the start, but there is also a plan for revenge, subterfuge, false identities, fraud, financial difficulties for Ben and the Ponderosa, stunning developments for the family to absorb, and then a climatic confrontation between two villainous siblings and the Cartwright family.

rating = T  (WC = 40,705)

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