When They Were Young (By Adams_lover)

Summary:  This story is a modern day story with Adam as the featured character.  It is a prequel to “Weekend Dad.”

PG-13:  Very mild language and implied sexual situations  (113,407 words)

Thank you, Sherriboo, for your pre-read and comments which gave inspiration within some of the chapters.  Your feedback was invaluable!

Weekend Dad Series:

Weekend Dad
Seasons of Change
When They were Young – a prequel to Weekend Dad

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Lessons in the Art of Negotiations (by BluewindFarm)

Summary:  It’s time for Adam to introduce Little Joe to the… um… fine art of negotiating.  And at least for the night, what better way to forget that Pa is probably going to ‘kill him’ when he finds out the whole truth. Written for the 2016 Bonanza Brand 10th Anniversary, Ranch House R Forum ‘Dirty Words’ Challenge.  If sexually explicit scenes offend you, please do not continue to the story.

Rating: R   (5,095 words)

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Howl of the Wolf (by southplains)

 Summary:  This R-rated story is an expansion on a short scene described in my story ‘Glory,’ a WHN for ‘My Brother’s Keeper.’ Written in response to the ‘Dirty Words’ Literary Challenge in the R-forum for the 2016 Bonanza Brand 10th Anniversary.

WARNING: This story contains very strong sexual content and language which might be offensive to some readers.

Rating:  R  (2,965 words)

Glory Series:

Howl of the Wolf

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Repent at Leisure (by Questfan)

Summary: When Joe and Mitch befriend two orphaned boys and try to help them, Ben has no idea where this new friendship will lead his youngest son. It would actually prove to be Ben’s spur-of-the-moment decision that would lead to disaster. All parents have acted in haste and he just prays he has time to set things right again.

Word Count: 60,173 Rating: T

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They Do Dream Things True (by McFair)

Summary:   When 10 year old Joe Cartwright awakes screaming his pa’s name in the night, his brothers assume the young boy is afraid since their pa is away in Placerville. What they can’t know is that Joe’s nightmare is all too real and their brother’s reaction to it will catapult all four Cartwrights on a journey that will end with both their father and little brother losing their lives – unless Heaven intervenes.

Rating:  K+  (41,980 words)

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Spirit of a Wild One—Part 1 (by MissKitty4Adam)

Summary:  In this first installment of the sequel which takes place after the events of “Smoke Rings In The Dark”, Adam Cartwright has more difficulties and intrigues to deal with along with a few unexpected but welcome twists to his future and life. Along the way, with his family’s and his fiancée’s support, he discovers the need to let go of his painful past in order to move on with his future wife and, quite possibly, a child in desperate need of his help and love.

Rating: T  Word Count: 33,738

The Healing Hearts Series:

Smoke Rings In The Dark
Spirit of a Wild One – Part I
Spirit of a Wild One – Part 2

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