A Switch in His Shoe (by McFair)

Summary: Written in honor of Dan Blocker’s birthday. The Hoffmeisters have come to the Ponderosa for their annual December visit bringing tales of Germany’s Wienachsten and its mystical creatures. As strange things begin to happen, young Hoss Cartwright becomes convinced that St. Nick’s man-servant, a feller he calls ‘K-necked Rupert’, has come to bring judgement on them all.

Rated: G (14,550 words)

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A Ponderosa Christmas Carol (by Questfan)

Summary: My version of Charles Dickens’ famous story, as written for the 2016 BoNaNo Challenge. It doesn’t strictly follow the original story in style or detail, but rather borrows from the idea. Thank you to the fun group of writers who participated as it was the first time I have done anything like that.

Word Count: 7111

Rated: T

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One-Way-Ticket for the Pleasure (by mumu74)

Summary:  I hope, you’ll have so much pleasure reading it as I had, writing it… The handsome Adam Cartwright will be in the middle of an amazing adventure. R-Rated, because that story was written for the 2016 R-Forum Brand Anniversary writing challenge.

Rating:  MA  (2,250 words)

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When They Were Young (By Adams_lover)

Summary:  This story is a modern day story with Adam as the featured character.  It is a prequel to “Weekend Dad.”

PG-13:  Very mild language and implied sexual situations  (113,407 words)

Thank you, Sherriboo, for your pre-read and comments which gave inspiration within some of the chapters.  Your feedback was invaluable!

Weekend Dad Series:

Weekend Dad
Seasons of Change
When They were Young – a prequel to Weekend Dad

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