More than a Mountain Lion (by A-P)

Summary: Elizabeth Steward has known the Cartwrights for a long time. When she is going to their ranch one day she finds something that isn’t all that pleasant, especially for Little Joe. What she doesn’t realize is that that will set off a chain of events that might lead to the death of a Cartwright or maybe even herself. Will they all survive? (This is in a non-cannon character’s POV)

Rated- K+  Word Count- 3,072

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Oh, Ducky! (by BettyHT)

Summary:  Because of a misunderstanding, Ben offers Adam as an escort for Clementine Hawkins’ niece for a week starting on a Sunday. Things quickly get difficult for Adam until there’s a problem with potential lifetime consequences. Remorseful, Ben steps in to help his son out of that one, and then helps Adam get some revenge on his brothers too. It’s all in good fun, or mostly it is.

rating = T  word count = 4146

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