Phoenix Chained – Part 1 of the Phoenix Trilogy (by the Tahoe Ladies)

Summary:  The boys thought they would have some fun, only their fun brought down dire consequences for one of the Cartwrights.  He reacted based on how he was taught; now he stands on the precipice between justice and revenge.  Which will win?

Rated T  Word Count:  61,990

The Phoenix Series:

Phoenix Chained
Phoenix Rising
Phoenix Freed

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Solitary Witness (by Puchi Ann)

Summary:  A day of skipping school turns tragic for Little Joe, who must then find the courage to stand alone in the defense of justice.  This story is based on a little known incident in the annals of Virginia City justice.  While I do not know the outcome of the actual case, this is what I think might have happened had Little Joe Cartwright been the only witness.

Rated: K+  (9,500 words)

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