And Then Along Comes Rupert (by BluewindFarm)

Summary: Long-distant cousin Rupert brings greetings and glad tidings to the Ponderosa.

Rating: T (2,225 words)

A submission for the 2018 Ancestry Challenge: Several relatives of the Cartwrights have turned up from time to time. Are there more and what affect do they have on the Cartwrights?

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I Loved Rachel, but Benjamin I Hated (by Ahdavis)

Summary: Ben is anything but delighted when his mother and two sisters arrive at the Ponderosa for an unannounced visit. But as his mother and sisters stay on at the ranch, he must confront the past and try to make sense of a very bitter feud between them. But when he faces total ruin by a member of his only family, he just might find the healing he’s been searching for and finally make peace with the past and with his family at the same time.

Rating: T/PG-13 (Word Count: 18, 978)

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The Falling Out (by Miss Judy)

Summary: The Cartwright family should have returned to normal after Señor and Delores Tenino left for Mexico, but it hasn’t. Hoss, Adam and Joe have been surly and avoiding one another since the lovely young woman left, and Ben can’t understand what’s driving it. He senses that what had started as a competition to win the young lady’s heart, had left some unexpected wounds behind. When circumstances and harsh words fracture his family even more, Ben decides he must force his sons to take stock of what they’re about to lose, in the one way he thinks will work. A What Happened Later story, for Ponderosa Matador.

Rating: K Word Count:  22,960

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Gently, Full of Grace (by JC)

Summary:  Two Cartwright lives take a tragic turn during a trip abroad.  Will they ever be able to go home again? (Part of the Ties That Bind AU series)

Rating: K+  (4372 words)

Ties That Bind Series

Ties That Bind
Imperfect Memory
A Pearl Without Price
A Piece of Cake
Something About Amy
Guarding the Henhouse
When Angels Cry
No Ordinary Day
Gently, Full of Grace

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