The Darker Angels of Our Nature (by McFair)

Summary: An angel. A messenger. Sent to bring news, sometimes good, often bad. Which was this, the one who gazed at me? Had she come to reward or punish me? To return me to my family or cut me down as I deserved? Forgive me, Adam, Pa. Mama, forgive your little Joseph. If only, I had known….

Rated PG-13 for brutality and violence, minor torture, and some uncomfortable language.  Story contains words in use by some people in the South during the 1860s such as ‘dusky’, ‘bright’, and so on when referring to African Americans.

Word count: 71,074

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The Washington Affair (by Ahdavis)

Summary: Just as the Civil War is coming to a close, Ben Cartwright arrives in Washington DC at the request of his old friend President Lincoln. Lincoln makes him an offer that could change his life, taking him away from this sons and the Ponderosa forever. If he refuses the offer, the powers that be have other plans to make him comply. But after a fateful night at Ford’s Theater, a medical emergency sends Ben into the lair of a vengeful doctor and an experience far worse than any amount of political scheming.

Rating T/PG 13: Contains brief coarse language (Word count: 24,448)

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Revelations (by BettyHT)

SUMMARY:  It’s December of 1864 and Joe is conscripted, but Adam goes in his place.  It is a tumultuous ten months and that scripture reading that seemed so ominous seems to come true.  Chapter 1 is my NaNoWriMo novel, Revelations, for 2015 and just barely made the minimum number of words at 53,434 and that’s why there’s that little romance at the end. It’s a little lightness too in a story that has a lot of darkness in it.  The second chapter is the sequel, Love Never Ends, with the emphasis on Adam’s adjustment to being at home and being in a romantic relationship that has to develop amid turmoil and threats to his life.

Rating = T  (72,932 words)

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Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? or The Art of Love and War (by faust)

Adam embarks on an adventure his family had not expected him to — although maybe they should have. And now they all have to watch helplessly as their once peaceful world shatters around them. Part of the series, but can definitely read as a stand-alone.

74,600 words, rated T

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