The Cup of Bitterness (by Questfan)

Summary: After being cleared for shooting Zach Crenshaw in self-defense, Joe tried to square things with Zach’s father. While he thought he was helping Amos Crenshaw to dig a well, Amos had other plans for that hole. A WHI for “The Wormwood Cup.”

Word Count: 9,689 Rating: T

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Kings Over Aces (by freyakendra)

Summary: A businessman is tired of playing by the rules and uses Ben’s sons to manipulate Ben, himself. It falls to Sheriff Roy Coffee, Deputy Clem Foster and a very determined Hop Sing to prevent the Cartwright family from falling like a house of cards. What results is a high stakes game in which Ben must gamble his full house against his rival’s hidden aces.

Rating:  T   (33, 700 words)

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