Never Quote Me the Odds (by McFair)

Summary: Ben Cartwright had thought the worst thing that could happen was that his son, Hoss, was shot in back by mistake.  But like the other time Hoss was shot – by Red Twilight – Little Joe was in danger too.  His brother could be dying and Joe is nowhere in sight.   What’s going on? 

Rated PG – references to drunkeness

Word Count – 4406

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The French Piano Player – #2 – Be Still, My Soul (by pjb)

Summary: This is the sequel to “The French Piano Player.” Joe’s return to the Ponderosa proves to be more difficult than he or his family expected, to the point where questions arise as to whether he can stay on the Ponderosa, or whether he will go back to his life as a piano player in San Francisco.
Rated: T  WC  26,000

The French Piano Player Series:

The French Piano Player
Be Still My Soul
The Love of His Life

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