A Debt of Honour (by Questfan)

Summary: My entry for BoNaNo 2017. A trip back from Sacramento takes a deadly turn and Joe is separated from his brothers. Believing he caused their deaths and left traumatised, Joe is picked up by a father and daughter who are heading for California.

Rating: T Word Count: 23,769

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The Squirrel’s Stash – Part 2 (by Questfan)

Summary: Some more Pinecone Challenges for my pet squirrel to chew over. Each chapter has a lyric prompt and had to be no more than 500 words.

Word Count: 6315  Rating: T

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The Long Way Home (by Questfan)

Summary: My entry for the 2018 Camp in the Pines. At fifteen, Joe thinks he knows what it is to be a man. Unexpected events tip his ideas upside down and he finds the road home is a lot longer than he thought.

Rating: T Word Count: 10856

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The Lilies of the Field – Book 1 of the Lilies Series (by sandspur)

Summary: With Ben away, the Cartwright boys face down poachers, a train robbery, a fire that nearly destroys the Ponderosa, a strange new school teacher and a lost dog. But when Ben returns, the biggest problem of all is gossip.  

Rating: T (mild language, mature themes, violence)   WC 109,300

The Lilies Series:

The Lilies of the Field
The Lilies of the Valley
One Scarlet Lily
The Strawberry Roan

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The Pain and the Fury (by justafan)

Summary:  WHN for The Magnificent Adah.  Joe was assaulted by one of Ben’s rivals.  Hoss dealt with the gentleman and the episode ends with Ben, Hoss, and Adam returning from the saloon to check on Joe.

13,957 words   Rating:  K+ (has some description of physical assault)

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Right Where He’s Supposed to Be (by freyakendra)

When tragedy strikes twice in as many months, the Cartwrights discover that the strength of love, the bonds of family and the sense of wholeness can truly transcend mere mortality.

Rated: K+  WC  9000

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One Bullet & Holding to Hope (by freyakendra)

One Bullet->: Wounded and running out of time, Joe’s only hope is his ability to believe that a single bullet can make any difference at all.

Holding to Hope->: (Sequel to One Bullet.) In the wake of Annie Grainger’s murder, Joe’s family and hers are brought together in bitterness, compassion, and a shared need for hope: one, for survival of the body; the other, for survival of the soul.

WC  10,200

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