That’s What We Do Best (by jfclover)

Summary:  A WHI for Season 10’s Emily. A Missing Man story. There are men who are easily broken and destroyed. Some men are too weak to come out ahead of the game. Is my young brother one of them? Can he finish the dance and survive with his head held high?

Rated K ~ WC 11,800

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Fear No Evil (By Questfan)

Summary: Written for The Missing Man Challenge – Based on The Kingdom of Fear episode. Ben, Hoss, Joe and Candy are captured and illegally found guilty of trespassing so they can be used as slave labour in a gold mine. There is no hope of escape and no hope of parole.

Word Count: 9621 Rating: T

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Hello Darkness — or, the Sounds of Silence (by PSW)

Summary: Written for the Missing Man Challenge — Add Adam into any Season 7-14 episode as if he never left.  My story is a WHI for ‘To Die In Darkness’ — Season 9.

Rating: K+  Word Count: 14,737

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