The Great Baby Switch (by Puchi Ann)

Summary:  Bored boys, left to their own devices, can come up with wild ways of passing the time, and when the bored boys are Little Joe Cartwright and his friends, Virginia City is in for quite a fright. 

Rating: K Words: 5,068

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Joe Cartwright – Magician! (by Questfan)

SUMMARY: A Bonanza story celebrating that fun side of Michael in his role as Joe Cartwright. Make it scary, funny, or dramatic . . . or all three!

Rating: K Word Count: 660

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The Most Eligible Bachelor in Nevada (by DJK)

Summary: “Adam is going to kill me.”  A school-age Little Joe tells you why in this modern era Cartwright story.  Warning: references to literal corporal punishment and figurative fratricide

rating: teen for mature references  word count: 4584

The Most Eligible Bachelor Series:

The Most Eligible Bachelor in Nevada
There’s Gold Diggers in Them There Hills

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