The Darker Angels of Our Nature (by McFair)

Summary: An angel. A messenger. Sent to bring news, sometimes good, often bad. Which was this, the one who gazed at me? Had she come to reward or punish me? To return me to my family or cut me down as I deserved? Forgive me, Adam, Pa. Mama, forgive your little Joseph. If only, I had known….

Rated PG-13 for brutality and violence, minor torture, and some uncomfortable language.  Story contains words in use by some people in the South during the 1860s such as ‘dusky’, ‘bright’, and so on when referring to African Americans.

Word count: 71,074

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Of One Man’s Blood (by DebbieB)

Summary:  Ben’s three sons have vanished, but where could they be?  Months of worry and fear leave him devastated over his loss.  When Ben offers the Ponderosa for sale, a reformed criminal comes to Ben’s aide and together they set sail on the high seas in search of Ben’s most cherished of life’s gifts, his three sons.

Rated:  R  Subject matter hints at sexual content, contains cruel and inhumane treatment to certain individuals and deals with white slavery.  May not be suited for all readers…proceed accordingly.  By clicking into the story, you are adhering to the warning that has been posted.

(42,600 words)

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